Meet Eugenie, The Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Changed My Life

As I write this post, Eugenie is tackling my bedroom floor. While I was out walking with my Mum yesterday, Eugenie made light work of most of my lounge.

Eugenie is a 30C Max robotic vacuum cleaner from Eufy. I decided on the name by merging Eufy and “cleaning genie” (which she basically is to me) to create Eugenie. Eugenie now bumbles around my floors and does her thing, happily and contently.

Yesterday started out in a not very good way. When my mother invited me dog walking, I was exhausted, stressed and defeated. I’d tried to save the world and had so much still that I needed to do, the last thing I wanted to do was go dog walking.

“I don’t understand why you bought that thing, you live a very sedentary lifestyle..” my Mum began. I was appalled. I do all the cleaning, and I used the exercise bike for 45 minutes a day!

I also bought some hiking sticks so I could join her for some more enthusiastic walking..

My issue is not that I am lazy. My issue is that I’ve got so many things that I want to do and achieve that I simply can’t (and don’t want to) be always cleaning. I’ve got my blogs, I’ve got my dog. my family and downtime just for me.. somebody had to help me with something. I’m also trapped in the home much of the time, imprisoned to four walls because of seemingly endless amounts of cleaning. I enjoy being a housewife, but there is a difference between being a happy housewife and an aching, burdened maid.

Enter Eugenie.

Setting Eugenie up was a bit of a challenge. Every time I tried to connect her to the internet, Eugenie refused to play ball. I got frustrated with her and my general ineptness with technology. Why could my husband always do it, but I couldn’t?

Well, it turns out, I really was having a technology bad day. When I plugged in our new handset, I skipped the Sky filter out and plugged the new phone directly into the wall. In doing so, I took our home offline and shut down everything with WiFi configuration, including my mobile phone, which I was depending on to try and find answers. If nothing appears to be working, then the issue probably isn’t the newcomer in the home.

Alas, it took me ten minutes to notice.

With my dodgy wiring rectified and my smart home a little smarter than it was before, setting Eugenie up was a breeze. Within two minutes of fixing my internet, she connected to the internet and was ready to do her first clean.

With most of the errands that I wanted to do done, I agreed to go dog walking with my Mum. Sure, I was tired, but I wanted her to see why I wanted Eugenie in my home. It had nothing to do with being lazy, it was all about saving time and cutting corners so that I could do the things that I wanted to do, that wasn’t back-breaking manual labour.

Within 10 minutes, I had an error warning come up – Eugenie had her side brush stuck. I decided I’d have to clean her when I got back and so I sent her ‘home’, back to her charging port. Again, Eugenie refused to move. When I got home, she was caught up in a fraying edge on the living room carpet.

The Robovac comes with a handy little tool for cleaning. On one end is a brush for cleaning out the dustpan and mechanics, on the other is a comb for cleaning the brushes and on the side is a cutter for cutting through tangled on items. With the carpet thread snipped and Eugenie now free, I pulled the thread from her roller and let her carry on with her job. Frayed carpet sounds awful, but the damage Eugenie caused is fortunately negligible, and certainly does not warrant lifting up our living room.

Our other little incident came when Eugenie disappeared under the coffee table. I cooed and ahhed as she bumbled underneath, off to see what she could find to consume. I was greeted by the most horrendous sound and the beep of an error warning. Oh no! Eugenie’s in trouble!

When I retrieved her and turned her over, Eugenie had a piece of florist wire stuck in her roller. The silly minx! Wire isn’t edible. With some loving help and a tap of the ‘play’ button, Eugenie was on her merry little way again.

One of my biggest concerns with robotic vacuum cleaners was the price. A Roomba will set you back around £600 and the reviews are far from favourable. Eufy RoboVacs cost about a quarter of that and were ranked as a bestseller on Amazon.

The RoboVac also comes with 4 programmes- Auto, Quick Clean, Spot and Edge Clean, and 3 settings – Standard, BoostIQ and Max. Standard is intended for hard floors and BoostIQ for carpets. In spite of that, I’ve found Eugenie delivers a more than satisfactory standard clean on carpets, even rugs about 30mm thick!

The dust compartment is a doddle to empty and slides right out of the back of the machine. Unless you’re changing or emptying the filter, the bin can be flipped open and clipped shut. From there, simply slide the compartment back into the machine, make sure the roller cover is in place (it did come loose once) and away. No bags, no difficult or clunky manoeuvring. The glass top on the machine is also aesthetically pleasing, though it does get dusty very quickly.

The most interesting thing about having Eugenie in my life is that Eugenie has encouraged me to keep on top pf my cleaning. Upon seeing my lovely clean lounge floor, I was encouraged to organise my junk and do more than a rudimentary wipe down of my kitchen. Instead of feeling burdened and overwhelmed, I felt optimistic and rejuvenated. Instead of seeing my home as a roof over my head and a place to sleep, I’m beginning to feel proud of my humble abode again. Instead of vacuuming and trying to keep the floors clean, I was able to do the organising and make other parts of the home look clean and tidy. Thanks, Eufy, and thankyou, Eugenie!

What does Hugo think of Eugenie?

Something so many of you have been asking is “what does Hugo think?” and honestly, he seems more curious about Eugenie than he seems scared of her!

Check out the video below of the first time that Hugo and Eugenie meet 🙂

Until ext time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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