Quorn Chicken Nugget Challenge: Can A Meat Eater Tell The Difference?

a wooden plate of kitchen nugget with a pot of ketchup

One of these is not a real chicken nugget, can you tell? We put Quorn nuggets to the test.

One of these is a real, air-fried chicken nugget. The other is a Quorn vegetarian decoy. The question is, from the photo, can you tell which is which? Find out at the bottom of this post!

An experiment with a Quorn nugget and a Bird's eye chicken nugget. The nuggets are labelled 'A' and 'B' with pieces of paper, there is a small pot of ketchup between them. They are on a white plate on a grey granite worktop.

Not so long ago, I made the transition to Quorn meat-free nuggets as an alternative t chicken nuggets. In part, they were part of an effort to eat healthier, also coupled with a conscious decision to eat less meat for environmental and conscience reasons. I couldn’t go meat-free completely, but even one small step was a big step towards reducing my carbon footprint.

I was so impressed by these Quorn nuggets, I decided to put my husband to the challenge. Matt is a die-hard meat lover and I wanted to see if he could tell the difference. Could a meat-lover really tell the chicken nugget from the cheat?

The really interesting thing was, as Wolfie explored these two nuggets, he used four of the five senses available to him. Sound wouldn’t have give him much, but nonetheless, watching him use the other four was most interesting from a scientific point of view.

So how did he do?


At first glance, the Bird’s Eye chicken nugget had clearly been shaped with some sort of cutter, while the Quorn nugget was a more regular, rounded nugget shape. At first appearances, I wondered whether that would be enough to throw Wolfie off the scent, owing to the fact that the true chicken nugget didn’t really look like a chicken nugget at all.

“Okay, well from sight alone, that’s larger” he said. pointing to nugget A, “so I’m going to say that’s Quorn”. Rats, was he onto me already?


“Hmm, okay” Wolfie mused, lightly squeezing each nugget in turn. “That’s quite greasy, so I think A is definitely Quorn, and B is chicken.” Shit, some experiment this turned out to be.

Quorn is mycoprotein, a kind of fungi with a typically firmer texture than chopped chicken. The guys at Quorn have really paid attention, and their nuggets even break apart like real chicken breast!


The smell was where things really got interesting. Having decided that A was most definitely Quorn and B was most definitely chicken, Wolfie gave them both a sniff.

“Interesting. That’s quite greasy, while that’s quite dry” he said, pointing at the real deal. Finally! My fateful nuggets had thrown him a curveball. “But after smelling it, I’ve changed my mind. So I think A might be chicken, and B might be Quorn.” I tried to stifle a smile. Now it was really game on!


Wolfie had a really hard task distinguishing the real deal from the impostor and it took several him bites to decide. “That is so tough, wow! They are very, very similar, aren’t they?” he declared, struggling to make his final verdict.

“I’m going to go for.. A Quorn, B is chicken” he said, after much deliberation. Each nugget required several small bites, just to be sure.


“There’s just no fooling you meat-lovers!” I laughed.

Indeed, A really was the vegetarian Quorn nugget, and B really was the Bird’s Eye real chicken nugget.

“I can see why you like them, texturally and taste wise they are very, very similar” Wolfie said. Triumphant for a correct guess, he was astounded at quite how similar they are.

As a former chicken nugget fan myself, the transition to Quorn nuggets has actually gone completely with ease, They are much, much better for you and definitely satisfy a craving. Paired up with a dollop of ketchup, your kids could easily be fooled!

I hope this taste test gives you some inspiration for some meat-free dinners. Have you tried Quorn before? Why not share your views in the comments?

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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