What’s Hiding Behind Your Hair Dye?

I decided to write this post after a really interesting conversation that I had with my mother. I’m going to share a little bit about my thoughts and feelings, but I’d really welcome you to chip in – particularly if you like colouring your hair!

I am, by true definition, a natural dark brunette. I’d never had any objections to my natural hair colour until I hit my teens and twenties. Suddenly, my naturally thick, brown, straight hair was boring and I wanted to be something different, so I had it layered and dyed it a deep cherry red.

The reason for the colour change was simple. So many people thought of me as nice, sweet and innocent that I wanted a change, I wanted to be noticed for me, the slightly goth/rock chick. I started wearing more rockabilly t-shirts and darker eyeshadow, and people did perceive me differently. I was more feisty and rebellious too – perfect!

But hair dye takes work, it takes maintenance, and eventually, I grew out of love with it. Not only that, but navy blue, my favourite colour on me, just looked comical with my red hair on days when I had to be sensible. To me, I looked like an oversized Union Jack!

So I decided, I’m letting my hair go back to brunette.

As I walked through the woods, my mother and I discussed my decision;

“I think I was doing it for the attention, I wanted to be noticed, I wanted people not to see me as boring,” I said painfully. That was the truth, if you don’t have wild hair, quite often, some people regard you as a bit prudent.

My Mum laughed, “maybe I’ve been doing that, too!”

My Mum sports some rather eccentric rainbow coloured hair. She’d promised my dying father that she would live a crazy and colourful life, and her hair was a testament to that. But was it, really? She grimaced and finally spoke, “I think I was hiding the pain inside”.

You see, I won’t judge anyone for anything they decide to do in life. If you’re 100% certain on a decision, go for it! But before you do, please spend a week or two asking yourself as to the reason why?

Why do you want or need crazy hair? A new tattoo? A new piercing? What are you trying to achieve?

I have nothing against anyone who wants to try something wild and whacky to feel “more like themselves”, a tattoo to commemorate a personal achievement or a piercing to accentuate a body feature, but if you’re doing it for anything else, why do you think it will fix things?

I’m not a therapist and so I can’t and won’t label or diagnose anyone. This is where I am inviting you to chip in and share with me your stories. Have you ever dyed your hair a crazy colour? Now dig deep, what was your real reason for doing it?

I look forward to reading your comments!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

4 thoughts on “What’s Hiding Behind Your Hair Dye?

  1. serendipitioushenanigan – Recent Graduate who has a love of writing the random, ridiculous and the sublime. This is my place to share all the is interesting things that I come across along my way.
    serendipitioushenanigan says:

    For me personally I’m gonna have to disagree. I have time through a long period of ill health and my hair feels like I’m part of my body that I have control. Also as a woman of colour I don’t actully dye my hair I weave or braid all different colours in my hair ( I currently have a blue/green weave in)
    I just love playing with my hair and having different colours and lengths and styles while I desperately try and convince my natural hair it wants to grow.
    But I do understand where you are coming from. Sometimes just a change of hair colour can make you feel stronger and more confident

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