Is Blogging Really Worth It?

Today, I wanted to write and share with you one of my biggest burdens. Unfortunately, whenever I mention my blog to my family, the response I get is tepid. 7 likes on a post or reaching a new high of visitors in a day is nothing. In my family it seems, no pay means that blogging is not really anything to be taken seriously. If anything, it’s a hobby at best.

Any time that I mention my blog, I get vague looks. I get asked if I’ve had any payments yet. When I glumly reveal that I haven’t had any payments (because I know what’s next!), there is just an air of disinterest. I am seemingly wasting my time, I’m doing something for nothing, for free.

And that really hurts me.

For me, and to me, blogging is not a hobby. I treat my blog like I’d treat a job. I’m dedicated, committed and I work hard to make sure my posts are literate, informative and entertaining. I put effort into making sure you want to come back here and see what I’ve been up to. So when I get disinterest from those I hold closest to my heart, it really wounds me. It’s a bit like that kids’ painting that never quite makes it to the fridge.

Does the kid expect to be paid?

It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money

As a blogger, your primary focus should not be primarily on the money side of things. You have to have passion, you have to be interesting and you need to get good at what you are trying to do if you even expect to be read and noticed. You need to be committed to what you’re doing and not ‘go through the motions’ with your writing. Your primary focus should be on your audience and what you are doing for them. What is your end goal?

For me, my goal, I think, is fairly clear – I want to help you make your life easier. I want you to be happier, I want you to be more confident and I want to help you feel more on top of things. I also want you to feel like you have some idea of what to or not to buy, and where you may or may not want to go. It’s not just something to do to past the time. I really care about my blog, I really care about people.

There, I said it- I really care about you guys!

Let’s get real here, there are thousands, millions of bloggers out there, and we are all competing for your time and attention. To qualify for being read, a blogger needs to be engaging. To be engaging, you need to care about the people you are trying to engage with. If you don’t really care, you won’t really engage.

For me, my primary goal is not about more posts = more money. For me, my goal is to make a difference, even a tiny, seemingly insignificant difference, to your life. Even if you take away nothing at all from my post and you only leave feeling more positive, upbeat and a tiny bit smiley. Guess what? Huzzah! I’ve made a difference to your day.

But It Might Be

Okay, so the other flipside to this situation is that blogging can really pay, and if I’m being brutally honest, that’s what I want to do, that’s where I want to get at. I don’t want to be a blogging superstar, but I do want to do what I do well enough to go self-employed. I’m trying to get good enough at what I do to be able to do that, to be able to say “yes, I am self-employed. I am a blogger and I blog at..”

How good would that be? To be able to go from domestic goddess to another blogging housewife and earn a small upkeep?

Because of disabilities and the lack of employers who understand varying conditions, I was more or less written off by the state, so I’ve been in receipt of benefits since I was about 7 years old and honestly? I kind of hate it.

How good would it be for me to be able to say “Yeah, keep it. I’m self-employed now.” That would be amazing!

In employment, nobody gets paid for doing nothing all day. Nobody will pay you if you just turn up intermittently or serve one or two customers before packing up and leaving, and I believe that blogging is the same. Nobody is going to want to pay you for writing something that is mediocre and not particularly interesting or entertaining, or for only blogging once in a blue moon. My blog was abandoned for a while (because of dealing with grief), I know that, I accept that and so I don’t expect my blog to suddenly turn into a business overnight. However, I do want to be able to inspire enough that I can make a difference to a few peoples’ lives and feel like I’ve achieved something more than sweeping and vacuuming the floors. I don’t want fame, I just want to make a difference – even a really tiny one.


To me, blogging is absolutely worth it and the thanks I get from people for encouraging and inspiring them is payment in itself. The kind words I get from my readers and followers are the best currency and they are the reason I get up and do what I do and write as much as I write everyday.

If you expect blogging to bring in pocketfuls of cash from the offset, then blogging is not for you. It may become a job eventually, but it takes months of hard work and dedication to get there. It takes looking at what works and finding ways to make it work for you. It takes re-evaluating your methods and adjusting them to get good at what you do. Blogging is far, far more than just putting words on a computer screen.

With Special Thanks

So many of you have supported me and encouraged me in my journey and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. Even if my family aren’t really proud of me and don’t really support what I do, my husband, Wolfie, my followers and readers encourage me to get up and keep writing everyday. As my father would tell me, Rome wasn’t built in a day and so I can’t expect my blog to be making a major difference just yet. One brick at a time though, I’ll be well on the way to building my very own city.

What do you think? How has blogging been for you?

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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2 thoughts on “Is Blogging Really Worth It?

  1. I have a full time job and blog daily. Blogging is like having a second job that I don’t make money from. When I get home from work, I spend hours working on various literary works whether it be my blog, poetry or the very rough start to my novel. I love writing. It is a creative outlet, but it also puts to rest the many assumptions people have about certain aspects of my life. I think people don’t understand that it is real work. There’s the marketing that goes on behind it as well as creating content that is factual or entertaining, maybe both. I don’t do it for the money…while, it would be nice to do so, it’s not the end goal. Writing is also therapeutic. My blog is a bit of an escape. There are days when writing seems harder than usual, but those are the days I seem to need it even more so.

    1. I must admit, that is something I’ll miss about stopping the ramble posts. On the one hand, it primes my content. On the other, it kind of takes away that therapeutic outlet. My journal is about to get a whole lot longer!

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