Let’s Start the #StayHomePledge

Hi lovelies.

I’ve just started up the #StayHomePledge on Twitter – come join me!

When it comes to doing something that’s been asked of us, it can help to have a reason for doing so, a pledge of sorts. I’ve been really disheartened by the photos and groups of people that I’ve seen ignoring advice and guidance and I sprung into action with this shiny new hashtag.

Over the years, I’ve done little bits and pieces for Horfield Lodge MHA, a residential dementia care facility here in Bristol. Over the years, I have held stalls at summer fayres to help raise money to provide regular and engaging activities, but now, it seems, they need me to do something else.

Not only this but as a former NHS employee during the last pandemic, I feel it’s vital that I do my part. The brave people on the front line of this pandemic need our help, and they need us to do our part by not putting ourselves, or anyone else, in harm’s way. Even if I’m not particularly scared of Covid-19 for my own health, there are people I know who could be much more severely impacted by it.

The trajectory for Covid-19 in the UK is alarming. If we don’t act soon, we could soon see figures like those in Italy. There is no reason we can’t enjoy this glorious sunny weather, we just need to do so in our own back garden for the next twelve weeks. The more selfish we are now, the more lives lost and the worse we make it for everyone. The more we draw out social distancing now, the longer it will last in the long run. This pandemic might not affect you now, but the next one might, and it could be much worse.

So, I’m asking you to join me in getting the #StayHomePledge trending. Make your pledge and don’t forget to use the hashtag. Who will you stay home for?

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx



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