Onion Goggles: Do They Really Work?

Ahh, the humble onion, a staple in many dishes and the tearjerker of the vegetable world. Many a trick has been written to prevent the watery-eyed snot goblins that they inevitably turn us into, and yet the results of these attempts are nearly always in vain. On nearly every occasion, these bulbous edible villains make even the bravest warrior weep. Surely there has to be a way to chop them without the unnecessary drama?

I recently became aware of Onion Goggles with thanks to one of my favourite Youtube sensations, Emmymade. If you’ve never watched her videos, please do check her out! She’s fun, she’s energetic and she has some wonderful cooking recipes, tips and experiments. Alas, when Emmy mentioned Onion Goggles, I was curious to know more.

At first, I anticipated that Onion Goggles wouldn’t be something that I could get here in the UK as America, Japan and China seem to have all of the cool stuff, and the UK is.. well.. just the UK. We have just the basics when it comes to kitchen gadgets, you can get what you need to do what you need to do here and absolutely nothing more. Undeterred and knowing how often I cook with onions, I decided to look around.

A sidenote here, please never, ever be tempted by Amazon Prime – it is dangerous! Coupled with this previously mentioned curiosity, Amazon Prime will have you buying things you would have never once considered essential for your home, coupled with the promise of having them the very next day on top. The Onion Goggles were one such purchase, but given the combined relative ease of owning this potential problem solver and it giving me something to write about on my blog, I decided to throw caution into the wind and buy them anyway. I warned you, lovelies -Prime is dangerous!

Onion Goggles comes in a variety of colours, but I decided on Basic B*tch Black (NOT a real colour name!). It’s not that I’m particularly boring of course (okay, maybe I am), I just don’t like to look like a prat while I’m cooking dinner. Maybe I will! I don’t know, but at least my eyes won’t water.

When they arrived to me, these Onion Goggles were in some plain, non-descript packaging. The lenses are clear rigid plastic, so they aren’t even really glasses as such. They reminded me of my neighbour’s DIY safety glasses, except that these had foam, swim-goggle style cushions on the frames- a kind of weird Specsavers-Zoggs hybrid.

When I first used these goggles, I was fairly unconvinced that they would work. Several reviews said that they were ineffective, so I figured that they were perhaps more of a gag gift than they were anything purposeful or useful. Undeterred, I pushed on with trying out my purchase, regardless.

Holy cow! For once, I really could chop onions without crying! I’d tried everything before, from holding a piece of bread between my teeth, to a slice of raw potato (yuck) and chopping onions next to a bowl of ice. Nothing had worked before, nothing, at least not until now. I’ve given these goggles a whirl on several occasions, and on five of the six, they’ve worked. The only time they failed was when I hadn’t pushed them properly onto my face. The reason they work and the cause for your normally painful, teary eyes all comes down to science.

By sealing the eyes away from these irritants, we can reduce or prevent the weeping that normally ensues. What makes them work is not even the plastic lenses that covers your eyes, but rather the soft foam that cushions your eye socket and forms a seal between your face and the frame. Seal the gases out, and your eyes won’t water anymore. Amazing!

Chopping onions in my kitchen is now a serious business, but it’s something that we can have a good laugh about. There are now unwritten requirements to chopping this simple vegetable and onion-chopping has become not too unlike prepping for surgery in our kitchen. There is the chopping board, the knife and now the addition of the Onion Goggles. Still, I suppose that if they work, then nothing really is too much!

I hope you enjoyed this product review and I hope these great glasses help you as much as they’ve helped me. Have you tried Onion Goggles before, or do you have any other techniques that work? Leave your comments down below and I shall look forward to hearing from you!

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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