Blogging & Social Media: Which Platform Is Right For You?

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Facebook or Twitter? Instagram or TikTok? You want to get your name out there, but how?

Good afternoon Twisties,

I hope you’re all well and the sun is shining for you. As I listened to the birds in the garden, I wanted to talk about something that often goes hand in hand with blogging: social media.

If there is something I’m all too familiar with on blogs, it’s the number of us who have several different ways in which we can be found and contacted. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, to name but a few. More recently, quite a few people are also on TikTok. That’s great, but the real question is, do you need to be on all of them?

When I started blogging, one of the most daunting prospects was social media. Sure I can write, but I’m hopeless at social media! I hate Twitter (we’ll get onto that in a moment), and I don’t always share my goings-on. Although I’m getting better, I’m far from perfect. There are a lot of social media platforms for you to stay on top of!

Do I need to use them all?

You’ll be relieved to know that the simple answer is no. Instead of trying to use all social media platforms, you should just stick to two or three that work for you.

But how do I choose?

When I decided which social media platforms to use, I considered a few things, the first being how many users each platform has. From my research, here are the top 6 platforms that bloggers typically use, ranked:

  1. Facebook (2.23 billion users)
  2. Youtube (1.9 billion users)
  3. Instagram (1 billion users)
  4. Tumblr (642 million users)
  5. TikTok (500 million users)
  6. Twitter: (192 million users)

Secondly, I worked out which platforms I was realistically most likely to use. I write statuses quite often, and I like to share on Facebook, so it seemed logical that I would use it. I also like to take photos of things, so again, Instagram seemed logical. Although I’ve shied away from Youtube to date, I have been leaning toward creating some videos of my aquarium. More users should not be your sole logic behind choosing a platform. Instead, you should choose the platforms that you are likely to consistently use over time. Remember, consistency inevitably means more followers.

What are you using them for?

Finally, you should consider what you are using the platforms for. Educational videos? Youtube is good for that. Promoting a product? Instagram may be ideal. Before choosing a platform to use, take some time to consider what you’ll be using it for. Take some time to consider the content you want to create, or why. For example, a long status might look completely out of place on Instagram, but would be fine on Facebook.

Trust your gut

I’m a firm believer in our gut instinct, and I firmly believe that if our gut tells us that something is wrong, that’s probably because it is wrong. If your gut instinct tells you that you won’t get along with Facebook, for example, please don’t just use it just because it has the most users. Only you know yourself, and only you know what your quality content will look like, or where it’s likely to be. If Facebook doesn’t work out for you, please focus the fruits of your labour elsewhere. Make social media work for you.

You’ll remember earlier that I said I’d fallen foul of Twitter, and really, my break-up with Twitter has been three-fold. For one, I’ve just never had any reaction or interest in any of my ‘tweets’, and that lack of response alone can make you realise that perhaps it’s not working out. Secondly, I find that Twitter is so frequently used to stir up opinions and create divides, and I want no part in that. Need I mention anyone other than Donald Trump? I use social media for sharing, not antagonising. It seems that unless you’re tweeting about the next thing out of Trump’s mouth, your Tweet gets kind of disregarded, so I just stopped being so consistent about it. As I mentioned above, a lack of consistency will almost guarantee you fewer followers and as I was stuck in a loop of using a platform that I just didn’t think much of, I was unlikely to be successful. My biggest fear with Youtube is that I might not post content nearly enough to be successful there either, and that fear is also perhaps what holds me back. Whatever you do, you need to do it well to be successful.


Of course, I cannot tell you which platforms you should choose, nor can I tell you which platform is right for you. When it comes down to blogging and social media, it’s a lot more than just going wherever your friends are. Take some time to consider each platform and perhaps weigh up the pros and cons of each one. Listen to your gut instinct and choose your platforms carefully. Nobody can decide for you, but with enough careful planning, your hard work can really pay off.

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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