My First “Covid Cut” Haircut (Meet Mr Wolfie!)

Good evening lovelies!

I hope that those of you from my tiny nation have had a great Bank Holiday Monday. It’s been relaxed and busy for me, carrying out water changes on my fish tanks, running errands around the home and watching the news come in on the outrageous case involving Dominic Cummings. In amongst all of this, however, has been my beloved husband badgering me to do what I dreaded to do. It was time for the unthinkable: The dreaded “Covid Cut”.

As a rule, Wolfie is a short back & sides kind of man, but folks, I’m a blogger, not a stylist, there was no way that was going to go well. I promised that I would give it a go, but the result was unlikely to end well, so how badly did I do?

Before we go on, let me introduce you to my husband, Matt, who is hiding underneath this great mop of hair. Matt has thick, curly hair when it’s not maintained, and I nag him prolifically to get it cut often because it’s so damn thick if he doesn’t. Like his father, his hair doesn’t grow down, it grows up, is loose waves and curls.

Matt got his nickname, “Wolfie” from his old favourite games character and gamertag, Nightwolf, from Mortal Kombat. It was something that I started to use in the early months of our relationship, and he’s been my “Wolfie” ever since!

You can see here that it’s been a while since he had a haircut, I’d say at least 3-4 months, to be exact. We didn’t realise the face that he accidentally pulled in this photo until afterwards, but I think it’s safe to say that it very accurately portrays the hesitation that we were both feeling inside! I’ve never cut hair before apart from my own, and even then, that had only been my fringe. One slip, and Wolfie would be bald on top. Just how well would I do?

I’ll start off by saying that I managed to get it a bit wrong with the combs and didn’t give enough variation between “top” and “back and sides”. With only one grade between the two, short back and sides quickly became short all over. My poor husband, who had been buried under all of this mop, was about to be sheared alive.

As I committed to my first stroke, I realised that there was no going back now. I’d done the unforgiveable and given my husband the first stripe along the back of his head. A visible stripe ran from the nap of his neck to the top of his head. No turning back, I was comitted.

Are you ready for the result?

You have to promise not to laugh..



What a handsome smile! With all of those curls shaved off, I was able to rediscover the gorgeous man that I married! I’ve seen some truly terrible Covid Cuts, but you know what? Despite it being more of a “short all over”, I think I did okay!

What do you think of my first haircut attempt? Do let me know in the comments!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

PS. I know, ladies, I am punching well above my weight 😉

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3 thoughts on “My First “Covid Cut” Haircut (Meet Mr Wolfie!)

  1. Lol. The first time I had to cut a man’s hair (my now ex) I accidentally balded him. Crap! It was horrible. He got positive feedback from friends and liked the look in the end, but it was comical to start with. I’m much better now, and cut all my men’s hair (hubby\Master + sons).

    1. I was really worried because I have chronic pain in my right wrist so I had to keep swapping hands, but I think all things considered I didn’t do a bad job. At least he kept his ears lol.

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