That Time We Tried… Snacks From Colombia!

Atoucan bird in the trees of Columbia

Columbia is known for their coffee and pop queen Shakira, but what else does this South American country have to offer?

Good evening Twisties,

Not too soon after my snack-tasting from the USA, our next box arrived. In our first selection we got to taste North America, and this time we got a little taste of the South! I really love SnackCrate already and it is such a taste adventure to go on. Nearly all of the snacks (so far!) have been really delicious and we’ve learned tonnes of fascinating facts from the countries we’ve tasted. Our next box is on it’s way, so of course I will be sharing our thoughts and feelings on those once they arrive. We’re also getting ‘original’ rather than ‘mini’, giving us at least twice as many snacks to try!

If you’ve never heard of SnackCrate before, it could be something new and exciting to subscribe to. Sign up and choose a box size here, and after a few simple questions, you can be on your way to receiving snacks from a new country each month. You can choose to only receive sweet snacks, savoury snacks or a combination of both. Once you have registered, snacks are prepared and shipped to you from a mystery country once per month, with a new country each month so you will never be bored! There is also the opportunity to buy other snacks from the box on the website and, if you’re really lucky, even find an Adventure Ticket which enables you to visit the country you have received your SnackCrate box from!

And now, onto today’s box..

I have to be honest with you, my geography is awful! So shameful in fact, that even in spite of one of my favourite singers (of course that’s Shakira!) being from Colombia, I still thought Colombia was somewhere off of the coast of Northern Africa! SnackCrate has not only been a culinary adventure for me, it’s been a geography lesson, too!

Okay, so with that guilty confession aside, let’s get stuck in.

Tostacos Picante Corn Chips

I’m not sure what I was expecting with these. If my minimal knowledge of the Spanish language serves me correctly, then “picante” means spicy and I was expecting as much, but they were more like tangy cheese Doritos with a very slightly spicy kick at the end. A nice, crisp bite though and a cute triangular pillow shape – very enjoyable!

Supercoco Coconut Bar

In the UK we have Bounty, and for as long as I have lived, Bounty are monumentally hard to beat.. But then along came Supercoco! This chocolate bar is filled with a creamy, chewy coconut centre and covered in milk chocolate. Supercoco doesn’t feel as sticky as Bounty and it isn’t as sweet, either. I did think the chocolate on Supercoco isn’t quite of the same quality as Bounty but the coconut centre is definitely better. Overall, we preferred Supercoco to its British counterpart!

Achiras Del Huilas Crackers

Another huge hit, these cheese crackers are made with a Achira flour, a flour made from the starchy roots of the native Achira plant, instead of wheat flour. These crackers were quite dry and hard, but still delicious, crisp and apparently healthy! A really good snack for munching on the go!

SEBAROUND Cheese Rings

There were two really fun things about SEBAROUND. First of all, they come as a ring (or at least they would have!) of rings which I’ve never seen before. Secondly, ‘SEBA’ is an abbreviation for Selling Everything that is Appetizing. Unfortunately, that’s where the excitement ends with these snacks. They were extremely hard to bite and I couldn’t help but think they smelled and tasted like spoiled cheese, rendering SEBAROUND not very appetising after all. Unfortunately, it’s a thumbs down for SEBAROUND from the UK.

Chocoramo Chocolate Covered Pound Cake

I absolutely loved the name of this cake. It’s got something very fun and energetic about it that appeals to people of all ages, perhaps because the name of the product is almost exploding out at you! This cake was a little dry and the chocolate covering was quite waxy, but it has a slightly citrusy taste that is oddly familiar and reminded us both visiting our grandmothers. For us, Chocoramo tasted like a family treat and something that you would have together. Definitely very enjoyable!

Bon Bon Bum Bubblegum Filled Lollipops

Before we analyse these, can we just take a moment to revel in the sheer art that is that watermelon lollipop?! Folks, that’s not candy, it should be mounted on a wall in a golden frame! The light and dark green, the pink flesh section and the tiny black ‘seeds’, this watermelon lollipop is amazing!

Once I’d finished revelling at the art on a stick, it was time to get stuck in and give these lollies a taste. The watermelon was super juicy and apparently the mango was delicious too. We still have strawberry and passion fruit flavours to get through, but I’m sure they will be just as satisfying as the first. The bubblegum centre was plenty sweet enough and definitely chewed and popped in the way that it should. I can see that these would be very popular in Colombia!

What Surprised Me Most Was...

For so long, I was under the understanding that, given the warm climate of South America, cuisine in countries like Colombia was always quite light yet spicy, but I was surprised. Many flavours were rich and creamy, and even a handful of results from Google pointed towards cheese and fried goods, too. Perhaps what really took took me was the warmth that emanated from our little taste of Colombia. The colours – oranges, browns, reds and yellows, make you think of a warm and friendly country, which i’m sure Colombia is. Far from spicy food, the vibe I got from this experience is that Colombia is a country of community, family and sharing.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have you ever tried Colombian snacks or visited Colombia? I’d love to hear your stories. Maybe you live in Colombia? I’d love to hear from you too 🙂

I have lots of reviews coming up and as previously mentioned, our next box has been shipped. We also have a British 24 hour ration pack to try out so be sure to check back soon!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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