TMI Tuesday! – Robots & Love

Good morning lovelies,

Something that I’ve noticed lately on my blog is the lack of personification. I share lots of advice and tips with you, but I don’t really give you the chance to know me. So, twice a week (on Tuesdays & Thursdays), I’m going to be writing posts that are more informal, more casual and more fun. Are you ready? Let’s get stuck in!

TMI Tuesday – Robots & Love

1. Should we be worried about sex robots?

I don’t think so, no. I watched a very interesting sexumentary not long ago in which a lonely older man purchased a sex robot for companionship, and had many others like it. If that’s what works for him, that’s what works for him. Loneliness is such a prevalent emotion spanning the generations that I don’t think we should judge people for embracing technology to overcome these negative human emotions. We embrace robots to teach our children and, in the times of Coronavirus, we embrace technology to stay connected to one another. Surely then it’s just another way of us feeling some form of connection? That’s much better than feeling alone, I think.

2. A humanoid (a life-like robot) that looks like your biggest crush, and acts exactly the way you hoped your crush would act has been created. This humanoid initiates sex, with you. Would you have sex with the humanoid?

I don’t think so, I would be suspicious. For Ant Middleton to turn up randomly on my doorstep? I would be very suspicious. I have a very keen sense for when something is off. Maybe the movements just weren’t quite as fluid as they would be for real-life Ant, I would notice little things like that. Like I say, I’m very attuned to my senses. Robots don’t smell like real people, either, and I have a very good sense of smell.

3. What’s your typical sleep attire?

Normally my underwear, but a camisole rather than a bra. I’m weird, if I sleep in my pyjamas I feel too hot, but if I sleep naked I feel vulnerable to intruders. We have three security cameras, an alarm system and a noisy dog so you’d think I’d relax, but that’s just not what an anxious mind does.

4. What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have experienced in the bedroom?

Probably the ex who went about oral sex like a cat at a saucer of milk. Yeah, that’s not how this works..

Oh worse, he mentioned marriage on our second date too, we met a third time while I was on vacation to see if there was any spark, he stayed late and started getting a bit friendly in the lounge. He initially dealt a blow to our relationship’s future by purposely losing at a game of 8- ball pool so that I’d punish him afterwards and he kept calling me “Mistress” in the souvenir shop, right in front of a young family. His lack of skills were really just the coup de grace to this otherwise painful and embarrassing experience. I felt bad for dumping him because he was genuinely a sweet guy, but he was so desperate to submit to a woman at all times and he was so inexperienced in being in a relationship that it was quite awkward for us to do anything. Conversation was hard, deciding what to do or cook for dinner was hard. The last I heard he was engaged so I really hope he’s happy, but for me, I needed a man who tells me what he wants, too. Among things..

5. Are you satisfied with the amount of after-sex affection (e.g., spooning, cuddling, intimate conversation) you receive? yes or no . If no, how could it be better?

Totally, oh my goodness, my husband is such a sweetie. He always brings my water bottle in and puts it on the nightstand so if we’re thirsty after sex, we can rehydrate. We also have a fleece blanket at the end of the bed which he pulls up and over us and he pulls me over to him to snuggle. No matter how rough it gets, his after-care is always top notch!

Bonus: What is your most useless skill?

I got my Challenge badge in Girl Guides for being able to build a shelter from basic supplies and being able to start a fire with a match and when I got my badge, I was so proud to have such an accomplishment to my name. I now live in a comfortable, brick-built home and use liquid fuel lighters to light my candles or gas stoves wien I go camping.. but hey, I suppose at least I can strike a match without setting myself on fire?

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