Raunchy Ramble: Saved By The (Door) Bell

Following on from my naughty purchase, a lucky visitor saved me from having to tell all.

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

I fell into one of those twenty-minute naps just after six, the kind of naps you don’t even know you had until you wake up disoriented. Wolfie only compounded my confusion as I looked at him, still at his computer.

“Good morning” he said airily, I blinked at him. Was I really asleep that long?

In true early morning fashion, I did what I normally do and consulted my phone for today’s agenda. There wasn’t one, but only then did I realise I’d been had: 18.41. I glowered at him for his games.

On my phone, I noted an email from Royal Mail. Your Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed item is on its way, it read. I was puzzled for a moment, now what was I being sent?

From Nagook LTD it read, a little further along in the email.

Nagook LTD. The postal address of Bondara. My latest gizmo was now shamefully in the post.

“Oh right, yeah” I said under my breath, acknowledging the update, perhaps a little more loudly than I would have liked.

“What?” Wolfie asked.


“Nothing, Daddy”, I tried for indifference but he was onto me. My nervous upward inflection had given me away.

“Bullshit, what is it?”, I gasped.

“It’s nothing, Daddy” I tried again. Time for my ultimate weapon: Play cute and distract him. This had to work.

“Nothing to see. Just an innocent little flowery lump, see?” I said, pulling the floral printed duvet up over myself and laying perfectly still.

Innocent flowery lump. Please let me be an innocent flowery lump.

“Well you’re a flowery lump, anyway” he said with a chuckle.

“An innocent flowery lump!” I insisted, flipping the duvet back down so that I could glare at him once more. I’m innocent!

“Would an innocent flowery lump let me use her holes like you did?” He challenged.

“Well no bu-“

“Would an innocent flowery lump put her foot on the edge of the windowsill so that she can take it deeper?”. I squeaked at him, he laughed.

‘Not such an innocent flowery lump then, are you?” I pouted at him. As I moved to turn over and turn my back to him, he caught me again, taking the air out of me once more.

“You’re up to something, Mrs S, I can tell” he said sternly, I ran my tongue across my teeth while I considered the implication.

“I mean, it’s always possible…” I began.

“Exactly, so what are you up to?”

“Hmm? No good… Mischief… I’ll let you choose.” I said as I moved to turn away again, he pulled me back and lifted my chin. Now we were seeing eye to eye, quite literally.

“What is it?” He demanded again.

“A surprise.”

“Is it something to eat?”, he knew I favoured trying culinary delights.

“I wouldn’t advise it, no”, he cracked a slight smile.

“Okay, something for tomorrow night?”

“Oh, this is like a game of kinky Guess Who!” I laughed, but my humour was short-lived.

“It is? Okay, so that one stays up”. Hey! I didn’t say we were playing!

“Is it clothing?”, he asked.

“Of sorts, yes.”

“Is it for your butt?”. I gasped again and shook my head, “No Daddy, that’s now off-limits”.

“Since when?”

“Since last time! You did things to my butt and it hurt. You try it, we can swap?” I offered with a smile.

“Not happening. Maybe it just needs more lube?”

“Burgundy!” I declared, I still wasn’t sold.

“Okay, so not for your butt. Is it insertable?”

Oh fuck…

I broke eye contact to momentarily consider my next move.

“You’re thinking too much!” He commanded, lifting my chin again.

“Daddy…” I whispered.

“So what made you buy it?”

Shit, how do I answer this one?

“You’re thinking too much again!” He insisted, lifting my jaw again. Ouch, damn him. This kind of hurts.

It’s kind of hot, though…

“Willingness to please, I guess” I offered.

“Willingness? How do you mean?”

“That your slave was aware of, ‘willingness’ only has one definition, Sir” I offered, trying to stifle my smile. His laughter met my own.

“You redeemed yourself for that cheek by concluding that with ‘Sir’ ” he laughed, “Well done”.

Without warning, he rolled and pinned me once again.

“Right you, talking time. What have you been buying?” He wasn’t asking, he was warning. I felt him kiss me through my underwear and I growled. No! Tomorrow, not now.

“Are you going to tell me?’

I remembered the one trick every crook plays, and I deployed it for what I thought would be my own benefit.

“No comment”.

“Haha! So that’s the game you want to play? Okay then…’ I felt him shift his weight between my thighs and I knew I was about to leave the room dishevelled and rather tired. Why oh why do I do this to myself?

“Last chance…”

“No comment”. It was out before I could even consider the ramifications.

Wolfie dragged his beard up and down my inner thighs and he kissed and bit them, too. If there is one ordeal I can’t stand, being teased is it. A woman who is in control gets what she wants, when she wants and quite often, exactly how she wants it. Not having control is just the height of my frustration.

“Wolf, eat me, please” I urged. He moved over my sex and attacked the other side, laughing all the while at my threats of retaliation.

“Nope” he whispered against my soft, warm flesh.

“Argh you fucking…” I growled at him between gritted teeth, “I’m gonna have your fucking balls on a fucking plat-“

Ding dong. The dog went mad and there was somebody at the door. Had we disturbed someone with my growling and laughter?

Sensing my chance, I dived up and grabbed my jeans from the bedroom floor. By the time Wolfie returned to the bedroom with his newly delivered Amazon Prime order, I was dressed and just fixing myself up.

“Oof, lucky” he said, acknowledging my quick actions. “Until tomorrow” he warned.







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