Blurt Boxes Revisited: Are They Really Worth It?

Good evening lovelies,

How have you been feeling in lockdown? Tired? Anxious? Confused.. Maybe also pretty depressed? If you have, you are far from alone. I’ve been feeling a myriad of negative emotions, too. Mostly attached to losing control.

Not so long ago, I decided to give Blurt a little go with one of their mini boxes. Blurt Foundation’s aim is to open up that conversation and to relieve depression by promoting all kinds of self-help and self-care tips and tricks. Blurt provides all sorts of resources for individuals combating this mental health condition, with BuddyBoxes shipped worldwide.

My first experience with Blurt in June last year wasn’t all that good and my £12 ‘Bubbybox Lite’ was delayed without any sort discount or compensation for the inconvenience causeds such and as such, I decided not to return to Blurt. Alas, feeling rather run down in lockdown, I decided to to give them another chance, this time with their regular-sized BuddyBox, priced at £21.50.

I received my box not too soon after shipping, on the 11th June. Unfortunately, much to my frustration, the box arrived once again in a plastic postal bag. This was one of my grievances before given the amount of plastic waste that these boxes are producing. At a time when most companies are reducing the amount of plastic that they produced, these plastic mail bags seemed excessive and counterproductive.

One of my most favourable parts of the Buddybox is the artwork, and each month, a new artist is given the chance to illustrate the box. The artworks always promote friendliness and positivity, which I find quite endearing.

I didn’t feel this box had been packaged as elegantly as the one before it. Last year’s box contained a bunch of items carefully wrapped in printed paper and stuck down with a matching label but not so in this box. Instead, I received a bunch of items tucked tucked into some mildy shimmery navy blue paper.

The first items out were these two cards; one explaining the reasoning behind the items in the box, and the other with a friendly and thoughtful greeting. I didn’t receive a message with the BuddyBox Lite, so even this little touch was welcome.

The next item out was this cute little coconut milk & honey bath bomb. Unfortunately, I only ever have showers and not baths so this isn’t something that I would use, but it stills smells scrummy and it’s perfectly good for sniffing!

It’s the silly goose! Silly goose is something that I call myself regularly, and now with the Silly Goose, it’s something that’s stuck. To me, the Silly Goose also represents the fact that humour can be a mask for mental health issues. Silly Goose now resides on my jacket, and when I’m asked about the goose badge, I explain what the Silly Goose represents!

This gold and brown envelope made me very curious, and when I opened it, I was super-excited by the scratch & reveal gift card making kit inside, complete with a heart-shaped scratch off panel. The hardest part is deciding who to surprise, and what with. What a fun, creative and wonderful idea!

This is the second Mapology Guide I’ve received, and this time, we’re looking at gratitude. This map (which I can’t photograph for obvious copyright reasons!) gives you all kinds of ways that you can express gratitude, one of the best and easy ways to overcome depression. As this is something I do regularly now anyway, unfortunately, once again this map wasn’t so useful for me.

Blurt has managed it again, this time with 99 Things That Bring Me Joy Journal as published by Abrams Notorie. I absolutely love this book! It has a line on the front page for your name, so it is your journal, nobody elses. Each of the 99 topics invite you to list 5-6 items that match the descriptor and bring you joy. Favourite smells, favourite TV shows and memories? It’s all there..

At the bottom of every box is a copy of this month’s Zine magazine, published by The Blurt Foundation. In the midst of the pandemic, June’s issue talks about ways to recognise and rediscover courage and fun, something that many of us have struggled to find when faced with endless Coronavirus news and updates.

Was Blurt’s BuddyBox worth the money?

Before we dig into whether or not these boxes are value for money, it was important to do some basic number crunching. The 99 Things That Bring Me Joy Journal retails at £8.99 on Amazon, and the bath bombs (plus a little bit of packaging) cost about £2 each. There is the scratch card kit, the Silly Goose and various printed publications by The Blurt Foundation, which will undoubtedly cost money.

Unfortunately, my only catch 22 was the Mapology Guides. When I researched these on Amazon, I was astounded to discover that they typically retail at £5 each, not that much cheaper than the book I received last year, priced at £6.99 . I feel like in this regard, Blurt could find a better, more useful resource or addition to these boxes. The little treats and fun bits are a treat and the books now have pride of place on my shelf, but the Mapology Guides are large, expensive not all that useful, compared to the books. That given, I did feel like the £21.50 was a bit steep for the 5 items I received and for that reason, I probably wouldn’t buy one of these boxes again.

Over to you, have you ever tried Blurt’s DuddyBoxss before? How did they rate for you? I’d be excited to hear your stories in the comments!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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