Bondara vs Lovehoney: Are Their Sex Toys Better?

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

In the UK & USA, sex toy distributor Lovehoney has a far-reaching reputation for excellence in service and quality products. As my preferred source of all kinds of perverted goods, they are my absolute go-to. However, amidst the pandemic, Lovehoney have done away with their priority shipping service, which left me shopping around for other sources for all of my kinky needs if I needed to purchase something only days before a scene.

One such source of these delights was Bondara, who are big enough that they could afford themselves an advertising banner on Google. Curious and noting their offer of Royal Mail Guaranteed By 1 PM shipping, I decided to give them a whirl.

Bondara also guarantees discreet shipping and their delivery times have so far matched Lovehoney’s. Next Day By 1 PM really did happen, as it did with my other order a few weeks later. So far so good, Bondara were matching up to their leading rival. But what were their products like?

Bondara Matte PU Black Vented Ball Gag

I have to be honest, this item looked and felt cheap. For someone who has been in the lifestyle now for more than a decade, I was a little ashamed to have it in my possession. I wanted something that I could breathe through (and would lead to lots of drooling, gotta love me some humiliation!) and I needed something quickly, but at what cost? Quality. Bondara doesn’t stock the expensive, better quality items that Lovehoney does, and unfortunately, what you don’t pay in money, you also don’t get in quality. The straps have a soft lining, but how soft that will be after ten or twenty minutes in bondage is questionable.

Bondara Stainless Wartenberg Pinwheel

This exciting little implement made me perk up an eyebrow. I love pinwheels, so the idea of five pinwheels? Too good to be true. Unfortunately though, that was where the excitement ended, and the single wheel pinwheel that we have purchased from Lovehoney seemed sharper. A side by side close inspection of the pins showed that the pins on the Bondara model are ever so slightly thicker and perhaps even slightly rounded, blunting sensation somewhat.

Silicone Intimate Pleasure Spreader

Oh sure, it looks like a pair of door hooks, right? That’s as far as the innocent goes here. The intimate pleasure spreader is something I’ve seen before, thought unthinkable and promptly shut off.. but then it happened. I don’t think this toy has anything much to do with Bondara, only insofar as that they were stocking it. Lovehoney stock them too, but given Bondara’s shipping times, Bondara won me over. I do prefer Lovehoney’s pinky-purple version to Bondara’s black version, which can look like a mass of unshaven pubic hair at first glance, from the photos. Bondara weren’t any cheaper than their rivals either, so again, no points there.

Overall, who fares better?

For me, there is one clear winner. Although Bondara can proudly advertise their fast shipping, the quality of Lovehoney products is worth the wait. Bondara is undoubtedly cheaper, but unfortunately, it also shows.

Shop With Bondara If..

You’re New To BDSM

If you’re just finding your feet, Bondara is the place for you. With toys at affordable prices, you can pick yourself up a basic bundle like this one for as little as £40, though I hate faux leather floggers with a passion for their ability to cut the skin. Regardless, for a night or two and for provided you don’t get too carried away, it’s a great way to see if you want to step further into our wicked world.

You Need Your Toys In A Hurry (And You’re Willing To Compromise)

Well Bondara doesn’t offer anything that a hardened flogger enthusiast such as myself would be proud to possess, they do have the basics should you need them on a whim. Condoms? Vibrators? Butt plugs or PVC bedsheets? Bondara’s got your back.

You’re On A Budget

So you want to be kinky, but some of the bigger things are out of budget right now? Bondara can help with that. With most prices under £20, you can finally afford more than one toy with your £50 maximum spend.

Don’t Shop With Bondara If..

You Can Spare A Few Days

If you can wait a few days to cough up on quality, please consider other suppliers instead. Bondara has you covered in the event of a surprise kink sesh, but they wouldn’t be my personal go-to choice for all of my deviant supplies.

Quality Matters To You

Good quality toys don’t come cheap, lovelies, and Bondara is no exception. They’re fine for starting out, but don’t expect it to look like something that a seasoned kinkster would own, and also probably, don’t expect it to last. If you want real leather with good aesthetics, you need to be willing to pay real prices. On average, expect to pay at least £15 for real leather, and at least £30 for something that looks impressive.

On an important safety note, I also feel the need here to get down on my knees and beg you not to whip one another with faux leather floggers. Faux leather is PVC leather or polymerizing vinyl chloride, a type of plastic. It is cut with sharp blades, and sharp blades can leave sharp edges which, with enough momentum, can slice and graze your lover’s skin. Some people like causing a few grazes in an intense scene, but if you’re just starting out, it’s the very last thing that you will want to do. If you’re just beginning, I urge you to consider something soft like rubber or suede. This 10-inch rubber flogger from Lovehoney is great for starting out, it’s affordable, easy to handle and delivers quite a delicious sting – trust me!

So there we have it lovelies. Bondara is great and has its perks, but it hasn’t outrivalled its larger competitors. It’s great if you’re starting out or you’re on a budget, but if you can afford better, definitely do buy better.

Over to you, have you shopped with Bondara before? How was your experience?

Have an awesome Friday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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