Raunchy Ramble: Late Nights & Early Mornings

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

I woke just before the clock struck 8am. Slill drowsy, I sat up on my bed and looked to Wolfie, who was already sat up, writing notes and focusing on a call. I smiled at him softly then picked up my phone to message him:

We shouldn’t have done the thing last night.. So sleepy today! x

The vibration caught his attention and Wolfie looked up, After reading my message, he put his phone back down and nodded at me.

“Yeah, I am absolutely shattered today” he said, having finished his phone call.

“Nothing to do with me,” I purred coquettishly, “I definitely said ‘don’t let me keep you up’.”

“By that time I was already ‘up'” Wolfie shot back, I smiled. He wasn’t angry, not really.

The night before had been completely innocent, a long-awaited steak for dinner and a four-episode marathon of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It was unmistakable and undeniable, Spike really is my latest flight of fancy. It was his nonchalance, his coolness in spite of his blackened heart. Any man who could act so cold (and the key really is just acting!) would be sure to grab my attention. I’m just a stickler for the old good cop, bad cop routine.

“See? I told you he was a goodie pretending to be a baddie” I said as Spike snapped a demon’s neck. “They all do it, pretending to be bad but they’re nice on the inside. They all do, they all do… “. Wolfie shot me a look and I met it with a smile. He knew exactly what I was getting at.

The weeks when Wolfie works the early shift are perhaps the hardest of all for our love life. 7AM starts usually mean a 6AM getting up time and a 10PM bedtime. As a rule of thumb, on that week, we go to bed at the same time as the dog does. Not only, but even with a 6PM dinner time, it still usually means that dinner hasn’t fully gone down. When we try to sleep at 10PM, we’re usually still wide awake.

And last night, we were still awake at 12AM.

We have an agreement in our marriage that, if one wants and the other doesn’t, it’s quite fine for the one who does to… take care of themselves, as long as they clear up. With that in mind and owing to Wolfie’s early start, I decided that I would help myself settle later on.

“Okay, well, goodnight then, Mr W” I whispered, “I love you, sweet dreams”.

“I love you, too. Goodnight, Mrs S” he said, kissing me softly. Instinctively, I returned his kiss.

“Mrs S, behave” he growled lowly.

“What?” I grinned, “you kissed me first… you started it.”

” I have to sleep.”

“Okay, well, goodnight then” I muttered between kisses, “don’t let me keep you up”.

I didn’t stop with the feathery light kisses, of course I didn’t, I knew exactly what I was doing.

“Fuck it” he growled, placing a hand on my shoulder and pushing me back onto the bed, “I’m going to be a very tired boy tomorrow.”




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