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That Time We Tried… Snacks From France!

A photo of the Arc De Triumph, Champs Elysees, France during the day

We tried snacks from one side of the English Channel… to the other!

Bonsoir,, comme ca va? 😉

A few weeks ago, Wolfie and I received our next snack box from SnackSurprise and inside was another assortment of great snacks that we couldn’t wait to try!

Owing to our geographical proximity, a lot of students in the UK learn French at secondary school, and Wolfie and I were by far no exception. I did have the choice to study the French language even for my GCSE’s, but given my love for studying people, I chose sociology instead. Wolfie was also fortunate enough to visit France with his school. Yours truly, however, has not 😉

I suppose again because of our proximity, the flavours in France and in the UK really aren’t that different. There were some delicious surprises though and I always love reading the facts that come on the pamphlet inside the box. Even if I can’t afford to explore the world, it’s still great to learn some interesting facts about it!

Thanks to the inspiration from one of our favourite Youtubers, Wolfie and I are really excited to add “Winner or Binner?” to our snack tastings. If you’ve never watched the Dope or Nope guys before, definitely check them out. I’ve loved and watched Matthias for many months and he’s a great inspiration for how to run a brand in a fun and successful way, regardless of how big your brand may be. Wolfie loves sliding the snacks across the table to me so that I can photograph them for the blog. Unfortunately, though, neither of us have the camera confidence to film ourselves in action 😉

Alright, let’s get started!

Lay’s Poulet Rosti Potato Chips

In the UK, chips are “crisps” (because they’re crispy!), and in English, “poulet rosti” simply means roast chicken. In the UK, we also have Walkers crisps, not Lay’s potato chips, but they are almost exactly the same thing. Very similar flavour, similar crispiness, a good, all-round roast chicken crisp. Nice!

Winner or Binner? Wolfie isn’t much of a fan of roast chicken crisps so these were a Binner for him. I’d definitely eat them again though so it’s a Winner with me!

Lays Chips L’ancienne

I loved the translation on these. In English, “L’ancienne” means “the old one”, but we knew what was meant! Usually called “ready salted” in the UK, these were a simple, salted crisp. They are a little bit saltier than Walkers, but still nice, light and simple.

Winner or Binner? Perfect pub snack, an easy Winner!

Oasis Tropical non-carbonated soft drink

Compared to the Oasis that I normally buy (the summer fruits one), this seemed quite syrupy. It was refreshing and light, but it was also very sweet. I expected it to taste overbearingly of pineapple and it didn’t, so I was pleased. It’d go well with ice on a warm summer’s day!

Winner or Binner? One of my biggest hates, when it’s hot, is a fizzy drink. I like a flat, fruity drink to refresh me when I’m out and about and Oasis fits the bill perfectly. Another easy Winner!

Whaou! Cracky Crepes

These light and thin crepes are rolled around a line of chocolatey filling and crispy cereal balls. They can be eaten hot or cold and come pre-packed for a perfect breakfast on the go.

Winner or Binner? Unfortunately, we found that the cereal balls were quite an odd experience and seemed a bit out of place. Also, there was a lot of crepe and not so much filling. Sadly, this was a Binner for us.

Belin Minizza

We thought these crackers would just be pizza flavoured, but ooh no, they actually look like little mini pizzas! Topped with tomato sauce, cheese and herbs de province, these crackers are simply adorable. Unfortunately, these didn’t travel too well, but they’re still super cute!

Winner or Binner? Win, win, win! These were as cute as they were tasty. 100% Winner!

Lu Barquette Strawberry

We had to do a bit more translating, but “barquette” means tray, so our guess is these cute little cookies are supposed to represent trays. It seems there are different versions including strawberry, chocolate or apricot, we received the strawberry ones.

Winner or Binner? A good Winner. These were a bit dry but also fruity and summery. Tasty!

La Madeleine D’armor

This spongey shell-shaped cake has a soft, light texture and a buttery taste. Apparently usually eaten at breakfast, these cute cakes would be perfect any time of the day!

Winner or Binner? Although this cake was quite pleasant, it was also quite dry and lacking any real flavour, other than a delicate buttery taste. It had so much potential for some sort of filling but it simply wasn’t there. This was a Binner for us.

Lu Napolitain

This interesting looking cake has layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake with a very thin layer of chocolate filling, a vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Perhaps named from the thin chocolate layer, this cake has a lot going on for such a small treat.

Winner or Binner? We found this cake very sweet and very dry, but also pleasant and very good with a cup of coffee. Another Winner!

Nestle Nuts

A surprisingly light nougat with a row of hazelnuts and enrobed in milk chocolate. What isn’t to like?!

Winner or Binner? We both agreed that the Nestlé Nuts was nice, however, we also agreed that Mars Snickers was better. It wasn’t that Nuts was a bad bar, it’s just that we preferred the one that’s already widely available in the UK. Unfortunately, another Binner for us.

Haribo Dragibus

These cute little sugar-coated candies come in all kinds of fruity flavours. From one of Europe’s favourite confectionery brands, these are a fun alternative to jelly beans.

Winner or Binner? There were some fun flavours in here that I’m not used to. The blue (raspberry?) was fun and popular, and the pink reminded me of a familiar but unidentifiable flavour from my childhood. I liked these so much, I’ve ordered another bag from Amazon. Winner!

NB. I also couldn’t help but think of the Infinity Stones with the colour of these, just slightly and in some way. I know, I know, I’m such a geek 😉


This, apparently, was a bonus item in this month’s box. A stick of dark, chewy, sticky caramel. Simple and cute!

Winner or Binner? This didn’t have as much flavour as many other caramels we’ve tried. It tasted a little burnt and not all that creamy. Unfortunately, a Binner.

What Surprised Us Most Was…

During our most recent snack tastings, we’ve been listening to music from the country at the same time as we try out snacks. That’s all fine and well, except that French is the language of love, and perhaps for good reason! Some of the music sounded traditional, sweet and romantic, and some of it sounded.. well… a little more amorous! Either way, well done France. Your snacks and wonderful music have been enough to entice the romantic in me to cross the English channel!

Alright Twisties, I hope this snack tasting has been exciting for you. Tomorrow I will be back with another TMI Tuesday post, as well as another snack write-up from a country that I am absolutely fascinated by. Where will it be? Leave your guesses in the comments 😉

Until next time,

Stay safe and have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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