Helen’s Horrifying Halloween Countdown: Horri-bowls Recipe

"Horri-bowls" halloweem desserts, two wine goblets filled with red ello and topped with green coloured rice pudding and candies

Make these spook-tacular and easy gruesome desserts for your next Halloween party!

Good evening Twisties and welcome to the first of my Halloween countdown posts!

Earlier this year, I shared some of the antics that my family used to get up to over Halloween and some if you asked me to share instructions and recipes. Well lovelies, I do not like to disappoint! This is one of the spook-tacular recipes that I have lined up so share with you over the next month so that you have plenty of time to buy your ingredients in!

Halloween was always a big deal for us growing up and my family was exactly the sort who used to easily spend a few hundred pounds on the occasion, From eerie green lenses on our security lights to dead-people dummies under the car, my family was all in on giving our neighbourhood a fright night to remember. Of course, I don’t suggest you go quite as wild and whacky as we used to, but even if you’re only planning a night in with the kids, it doesn’t mean that Halloween can’t be fun.

My Mum used to make this ghoulish delight and by far, it was one of the most popular parts of our Halloween parties. The other part was the ordeal we used to subject our trick-or-treaters to, but that post is to follow 😉

This recipe is vegetarian but not vegan, however, you could easily make it vegan by sourcing vegan products. I was unable to find any vegan-friendly Halloween themed sweets, but I don’t doubt that they’re out there!

I used half amounts for this recipe as there are only two of us. You can present this dessert in individual glasses if you like or you can present it in a large bowl on the table, if you prefer, the real key is that the container must be see through to capture the full effect. The amounts given here will serve at least 8 hungry faces!

Prep time: 15 minutes

For this recipe, you will need:

  • 500g raspberry, strawberry or cherry jelly, made up to packet instructions
  • 800g (2x 400g cans) rice pudding
  • Green gel food colouring
  • Halloween-themed sweets
  • Strawberry laces (optional)
  • Peeled or tinned fruit (optional)
Sweet arrangement with gummy bones, vampire fangs, jelly-filled gummy brains and chocolate skulls. Also shown are strawberry laces on a granite effect worktop.
I sourced this fun assortment for this recipe!


1. Take your innocent, harmless looking bowl of jelly and mush it up with a fork. Work gently but consistently until the jelly has a slushie-like appearance. You want the jelly pieces to be big enough to have some texture, but still be be small enough that they move around the sweets without the jelly tearing.

2. Once done, divide your jelly between your glasses or pots or pour into your serving bowl.

Two wine glasses containing mashed raspberry jelly.

3. Pour your rice pudding into a clean bowl and add a few drops of green gel food colouring. Give it a good mix and decide whether it’s green enough for your liking. If not, add a few more drops until you are satisfied with the colour, You do not want a dark green here, a light, slimey snot green will have the horror factor we want. The grosser it looks, the better it is!

Bowl pf rice pudding with silver spoon and green food colouring added.

4. Separate your sweets and decide which sweets you want to add to the jelly, Don’t forget to keep some back for the decoration!

Ann arrangement of Halloween -themed sweets on a granite effect worktop.

5. Once you’ve organised your sweets, carefully submerge your sweets into the jelly. Ideally, you want some sweets facing outwards, this is guaranteed to horrify and excite your little ones in equal measure. If you want to move the sweets into a better position, use a clean toothpick or wooden skewer. If you want to add some peeled or tinned fruit to make this dessert at least slightly healthy, now is the time to do so. Extra tip: adding a few strawberry laces can add a vein-like texture to the jelly, guaranteed to make the unsuspecting consumer squeal!

Glasses containing raspberry jelly and sweets on a granite effect worktop.

6. Once you’re happy with your arrangement, spoon the green rice pudding evenly over the top, then unleash your creativity and decorate the top with leftover sweets. It hadn’t occurred to me at first to use the strawberry laces to create tendons from the eyeball, but I’m quite happy with the result!

Finished Horri-bowl desserts on a granite effect worktop.

Here is side-on view that shows the sweets submerged in the jelly. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

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