Helen’s Horrifying Halloween Countdown – Life-Size Clue

A revolver in a wooden box surrounded by a pearl necklace and perfume bottles, suggests murdery mystery clue game

Your very own murder mystery evening, made simpler and family friendly!

Good evening Twisties,

Over the past few days, you might have noticed that things have been a little bit quiet on my blog. Well, in between seeing my father-in-law, meeting with my Mum’s new cat, Bendith, and fixing up the comments, I’ve also been busy interrogating my mother with the how-to on setting up this game and getting busy making some playing cards myself. Now that I’ve got all of the bits and pieces, I’m ready to share this fun game with you!

Hands up, how many people have been to a murder mystery, and how many people have played Clue? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes to both, and unfortunately, just sometimes, the murder mystery isn’t the classy h’ordeuvres and ballgowns evening you’d imagined that it would be. Have no fear, if you’d ever fancied your own murder mystery without the headache of planning a murder (a pretend one, anyway!), then Life-Size Clue is the game for you.

As it stands, the one and only time my Mum ever held this game, I actually solved the case. It was a complete fluke, I just took a stab at a card combination and won. Of course, being the daughter of the event organiser, a lot of people insisted it was a fix!

Question Mark Cards With Red DIe.

Now that you’ve decided to hold your very own game of Life-Size Clue, you can decide how formal (or not) the evening is going to be. If you want a swanky affair then go for it, or if you want party food and silly costumes, that’s all up to you.

At the moment, maybe you can’t have friends visit due to the pandemic. If that’s the case and there are enough members of your family, why not turn it into a fun family game for Halloween?

Players: 6+

You will need:

  • White card stock
  • Printer paper and ink
  • Pens or pencils
  • Felt tips, colouring pencils, crayons or some digital knowhow
  • An envelope
  • A die
  • A main prize
  • Some mini prizes, for creativity (optional)


Decide what rooms you want to be part of your game. If you don’t have enough rooms, consider walk-in closets or hallways as rooms. Your guests don’t need to be able to enter them, even just meeting at a door will be fine. Make sure your game areas are tidy and accessible so that nothing and nobody gets hurt or broken.

Teddy Bear Victim Card Life Size Clue Game

Before your guests arrive, create your “suspects” cards and create a short narrative about your victim. Your suspects can be your guests or they can be completely made-up. Get creative and give them fun names, too! Use any medium you like. I used Canva for mine.

Designate 6-9 rooms or areas and create cards for them, too. In Clue, there are 9 rooms, but my Mum only did it with six and it was just as successful. Again, get creative with your names!

Lastly, create six weapons cards. If there is something that you might find in your home that could be used as a weapon, feel to include it. I swapped the rope for a laptop charger, the lead pipe for a squeaky dog toy and the dagger for a bread knife.

Life Size Clue Cards.

If you have time, create A5 sized signs for your “rooms”. This will help your guests move around as the game plays out.

Life Size Clue Signs.

Shuffle your cards in their individual categories (suspects, rooms, weapons) and place one of each in an envelope. Place it out of sight of prying eyes!

Create your own answer sheet and print off six copies. Place them aside for later.

How To Play

Divide your guests into six teams. Shuffle the remaining cards together and divide them between the teams. Each team takes it in turns to roll the die.

When a team rolls a six, they are permitted to guess the location, suspect and weapon used. To make this game a little more dynamic, have your guests meet in (or just outside of) the suspected room.

Once there, anyone who has a card that matches those proclaimed can make up a story. Award a small prize for extra creative aliases!

Have your guests mark off any incorrect answers and continue with gameplay. Don’t forget to move around your home as you go, this is what makes Life-Size Clue so fun!

Continue with game play until one team makes a correct guest and solves the crime. Don’t forget to award them a prize.

Life Size Clue Result.

Have fun!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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