That Time We Tried… American Road Trip Snacks!

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday. It’s a grey, sullen typical November day here in England, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been good. This morning, I went for a dog walk in the rain with my Mum, Hugo and Mum’s dog, Ladye. I was amazed at how busy the park was! People are out and really making the most of socialising outdoors. People stopped to chat and you could make friends with people you’ve never met before. We didn’t care about the rain, we were out socialising and finding life again outside of neverending lockdowns – it was great!

Today and following on from yesterday’s 45 Questions post, I wanted to share with you our thoughts on these American road trip snacks. Some of these I have heard of before and never tried, and others I have never heard of and yearn to source again! I was slightly annoyed at this box because it wasn’t too long ago that we had an American snack tasting, but no matter, this was still slightly different to last time. It’s redeeming qualities, however, were the QR code Spotify playlist that we could scan and listen to. For whatever reason, I was really imagining driving over Golden Gate Bridge with some of the tunes!

Before we get stuck in, I want to highlight to you the vast differences between a road trip in the US, versus a road trip in the UK. From some calculations, it takes about 30 hours to drive from North Dakota to Florida, and about 45 hours to drive across the United States. By contrast, it takes just 10.5 hours to drive from John O’Groats to Land’s End, and about 6 hours to drive from the East to the West coast of England. On average and without breaks, the drive that my family and I take from Bristol to northern Cornwall each year should take about 3 hours. When you compare that to road trips in the United States, 3 hours might not get you very far at all!

Maybe you’re asking, what do British people eat when they go on trips? Usually, a lot of that depends on the weather and the length of the journey that we are making. Sandwiches or soup and a crusty roll are popular choices, and most people can’t make a trip without taking or sourcing a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. For my family and I, there really is nothing quite like a hot cup of Thermos flask tea and a nice slice of buttered bara brith in a lay-by. As my Mum defined us earlier, we are “crazy outdoor people”- that’s what we do!

Alright, so let’s get on with today’s snack tasting!

Better Made Special Potato Chips – Barbecue

Okay, so “barbecue” is a generic potato snack flavour we get here in the UK too and as such, I could not be blown away. These chips reached us all the way from Michigan so we were quite curious to see what they had to offer.

Winner or Binner? The first disappointment was in the fact that the packet was half empty, the second was that they didn’t have an awful lot of smell. Once you taste them, they do have a flavour but it’s more reminiscent of smoky bacon than barbecue. Still a Winner, but maybe not the flavour that they were hoping for.

Chesapeake Crab Route 11 Potato Chips

Okay, so these potato chips don’t actually contain any seafood, which is both a relief (maybe? For the biosecurity guys) and a disappointment. Instead, they are flavoured in the same way that the crabs in the Chesapeake region are, and kettle-cooked for that extra crispy crunch.

Winner or Binner? These had a really strong taste of celery that I didn’t enjoy at all. Mr Wolfie still enjoyed them, but he said they tasted the saltier as you ate more of them. Sadly, a Binner.

Kaimana Tuna Jerky

By now, most people know what jerky is. Jerky is quite simply dried meat, usually flavoured with syrups, salt and spices. This tuna jerky has a sweet, smoky smell to it, very reminiscent of barbecue. We’d never seen tuna jerky before, so we were keen to give it a go.

Winner or Binner? At first, this has a lovely sweet, smokey flavour, but that gave way to smoked fish flavour, which I am not keen on. Contrarily, Mr Wolfie was immediately on his phone and trying to source more of this chewy delight! It’s a Winner, provided you like smoked fish.

Elk Snack Stick

Here in the UK, elk isn’t something we eat. We might have some elk in our zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, but they don’t look at it too fondly if you shoot them and stuff them into a sausage casing. This stick isn’t pure elk meat, it is also made with pork.

Winner or Binner? I envisioned that elk would taste like venison, so I was really worried that it would be too gamey for me. This stick was very similar to Polish kabanos, and I can definitely see how it would transpire into something that would be enjoyable on the road. We enjoyed this, a Winner!

First things first, this photo does not do this cookie any justice. This thing is huge! This cookie is topped with rich chocolate and white frosting. It’s dense, but hopefully, it tastes good.

Winner or Binner? Whew! American friends, you’re killing me! In the UK, things with this much icing on them are almost unseen, unless they’re fairy cakes or Mothering Buns (a Bristol speciality!). This cookie was incredibly sweet, too sweet for us. Sorry! It’s a Binner.

Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines

Fudgy, chewy caramel meets irresistible sweet pecan nuts, what is not to love?

Winner or Binner? Oh America, if ever there was a way to lure the Brits into doing all of your dirty biddings. How could you? Send me creole pralines and I’ll do almost anything you ask. This was incredible. A dentist’s worst nightmare, but a steadfast Winner for me for sure!

Goo Goo Cluster

Exactly as it says on the packet: Peanut, caramel and marshmallow nougat, covered in milk chocolate.

Winner or Binner? Dang America, what’s with the sweet stuff? I mean, we have Snickers too, which are kind of similar as we can agree, but this just seems insanely sweet. We think it could work though, maybe, if the nougat was swapped out for a wafer. As it is though? It’s too sweet, sorry. Another Binner.

Idaho Spud

All the way from Idaho, this candy has a marshmallow centre with a chocolate coating and covered in desiccated coconut. It hadn’t travelled too well, but the taste is what really matters.

Winner or Binner? Okay, so it isn’t too sweet up to some others, but we weren’t digging the marshmallow in this one. It’s firmer, foamy and almost jellyish with a bizarre aftertaste. I wanted to like it, but the aftertaste and texture was what put me off. Another Binner.


Okay, so I really like the packaging on this bar. It has a really zany yellow and black check pattern that kind of seems retro and makes me think of New York taxis. It smells really creamy too, but with a distinctive saltiness from the peanut butter.

Winner or Binner? Yep, we could get on board with these! The creamy taffy and the salty peanut butter is a really good combination. It seems like good road trip food, not too sweet, not too heavy. A Winner!

Marsha’s Homemade Buckeyes

As somebody who gets weird about eyes, the hardest part of this treat was getting past the idea of eating something that was said to look like an eye. Get past that and it’s not hard to see why these peanut butter-chocolate treats would be popular.

Winner or Binner? Eyes aside, these are definitely good. They’re sweeter than Reese’s and slightly denser, but they’re good. Personally, I wouldn’t eat them on the road, though. A Winner.

Cactus Candy

You had me at prickly pear. In my kitchen, I have a bottle of Maltese bajtra (prickly pear) liqueur). It’s very sweet and very milk, but prickly pear is a flavour you come to love. I was curious about the sugar coating on this candy though, maybe this would be slightly different?

Winner or Binner? Okay, so the flavour of prickly pear is there, but the sugar coating kind of takes it over. It’s tasty, but again, so sweet. Still, I like prickly pear. A Winner.


Okay, so strictly speaking, this wasn’t in the box and the box and therefore shouldn’t be included. However, it was recommended to me as a favourite road trip snack by an American friend of mine, and so I thought I’d include it! This bar has a really interesting honeycomb-like texture filled with smooth peanut butter, covered in toasted coconut.

Winner or Binner? At first, I said this bar was like “eating gravel”, but they do grow on you! I liked the structure of this one, it’s crumbly and fun and creamy and slightly sweet. I can see how the peanut butter and sugar would give you lots of energy, too. A Winner.

What surprised me most was... How much chocolate Americans eat on the road! Goodness, American friends. In the UK, it’s generally said that chocolate will make you feel sick so we opt for very light foods and flavours. I really liked some of these treats, but I certainly couldn’t imagine eating them on the road!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post. How many of these treats have you tried? Why not let me know your thoughts in the comments?

Until next time,

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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