That Time We Tried Snacks From… Denmark

Boats moored on one of the waterways of Denmark, relates to Danish living

The Danes are famed for being the happiest people in the world, but how happy will Danish snacks make us?

Good evening Twisties,

Today, we’re going to be trying snacks from Denmark. In Britain. Brits don’t generally know a lot about Denmark, and yet, one of the things that Brits are beginning to understand and appreciate (and ourselves included!) is the Danish love for hygge. Hygge is not about expensive candles and cashmere jumpers, it can even be a cheap fleece blanket and a mug of hot chocolate, but more over, hygge is about life and comfort on the whole, whatever the season! My love for hygge all started during one of the bleakest winters and during a battle with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Once I learned how the Danes learn to be happy whatever the weather, I decided that I needed to try and be on board with that, too. Next week, I’m going to share with you my personal 10 ways of embracing hygge. You don’t have to follow my lead, if you’re interested, just make hygge work for you.

Alright, let’s get started!


Champis is another apple-and-orange carbonated drink, a bit like Sweden’s Trocadero, but with a lighter colour.

Winner or Binner? We actually liked the colour of this one, it’s almost like a rose-gold and looks posher than what it is! You could easily pour it into a wine glass and get away with a tee-total drink, if you felt so inclined for whatever reason. It’s lighter in flavour than Trocadero, but it’s still good. A Winner.

Kim’s Snack Chips

According to the leaflet, these potato chips are crunchy and spicy. They certtainly looked crunchy on the packaging so we were keen to try them out!

Winner or Binner? These were definitely crunchy, but they also weren’t spicy. The really tight ridges reminded me of rocchetti pasta and they’re packed with a moderately salty paprika flavour. They do make your lips pucker a bit but if you like paprika (and we do!), these are a Winner for sure.

Kim’s Ostepops

Thes Ostepops are puffed cheese corn snacks. They’re guaranteed to be similar to Wotsits or Cheetos, but how do they compare?

Winner or Binner? A Winner! These are just as good as Wotsits. I used to have a bag of Wotsits after a (horse) riding session, and these took me right back to those times. They’re light, crisp, cheesy – perfect!

Kim’s Nøddemix

The beautiful thing about Kim’s nøddemix is that it just is. It’s not complicated at all, it’s just quite simply nuts and salt – and that works!

Winner or Binner? What more can I say than that these work? They’re delightful, and according to Matt, they’d be perfect with a pint of beer during the football. I love nuts (don’t be rude) so these worked for me anyway, but to get Matt to fall in love with almonds, too? Well done, Denmark!

Tom’s Orangestang

This snack apparently combines Danish chocolate and orange, so I was hesitant. Chocolate and orange can be a hit with me if it’s done right, or it can be a miss if it’s that really sweet, fake, pumped-out-with-citric-acid stuff. This also looks like a KitKat, but flatter. Interesting.

Winner or Binner? Well, it’s not a KitKat as there’s no wafer and the four fingers are individual instead of being joined together. They also have a really good, citrusy orange flavour and a crisp texture – a Winner for sure!

Cloetta Flipper

Okay, so story time – I have a really big aversion to eating anything with a face, and I immediately hated Flipper because I just knew its fate. Basically, if food has a face, then it was also capable of feelings at one time and I cannot shake that thought (curse you, being a HSP!). When I was young, I can remember having a horse-themed birthday cake and one kid shouted out that he was eating the horse’s eye, and I looked down and saw a part of it’s mouth and nose. I immediately felt sad and wanted everyone to stop eating the cake so we could save the pony, I also insisted that after that, none of my birthday cakes were allowed to have animals or people on them ever again. Cute dog-themed birthday cakes are hell for me, and just seeing someone cut a cute dog cake can and will make my eyes water. Going back to Flipper here present though, Flipper is a fruit flavoured foam dolphin.

Winner or Binner? To date, Flipper was the only one we didn’t like. Flipper is crazily sweet, sticky, foamy and marshmallow-like, but also a bit chewy. I thought texturally it (I’m not using he or she, for my sakes!) might be firmer like Cloetta’s Polly, which I love, but that wasn’t the case. Sorry Denmark, this one’s a Binner.

Anthon Berg – Plum In Madeira

At first, I was expecting a whole plum in here, so Denmark, please forgive me for my being a bit dumb! In actual fact, these chocolates are a plum marmalade on a marzipan disc, coated in dark chocolate.

Winner or Binner? The funny thing with plums in madeira is that you don’t know you’ve had them before until you have another one and realise that’s what they’re called! I love marzipan (especially at Christmastime!) and I think the plum and the brandy sealed the deal for Matt, too. Another solid Winner… Can I have another one?

Skipper’s Pipe

A black liquorice pipe with pink sprinkles. Seems simple enough!

Winner or Binner? Can we just take a moment to appreciate this sweet? In the UK, we have something kind of similar called Liquorice Wands but Denmark absolutely thrashed us for the creativity! The only thing I didn’t like about this sweet was that it had a slightly waxy texture, and British liquorice is very chewy. Still though, that aside, it’s a Winner.

Yankie bar

The really funny thing when you try out an international chocolate bar is that you automatically draw comparisons to the ones already available in your own country. To us, this is pretty much a Danish Mars bar, but how close are we?

Winner or Binner? Interesting! So this bar is sort of a bit like a Mars bar, but it’s a bit Milky Way, too. It’s got a nougat more similar to Milky Way, but with the structure of Mars. It’s decadent for sure. A bit sweet, but still a Winner.

Tom’s Pingvin Blanding

According to the Google Lens translator, this sweet name translates to “Penguin Mix”. which I think is pretty cute. In the UK, liquorice sweets are generally just “liquorice allsorts” – cut to the chase and nothing more!

Fun fact: In a bag of British Bassetts liquorice allsorts, there is just ONE all-liquorice Berty Bassett!

Winner or Binner? Soft liquorice, creamy fondant, fruit jellies, what’s not to love? Dare I say it, we thought the Danes had outdone the Brits! A Winner.

Tom’s Guld Karamel

These are smooth golden caramel coated in dark chocolate. Sounds good to me!

Winner or Binner? Oh Denmark, this was a low blow. We can buy these toffees (or at least very similar) in bulk here in the UK, known as “chewing nuts”. Not so long ago, I’d be walking the dogs along the local beach with my Dad and I’d have a paper bag of these in my pocket, so these took me back. Chewing nuts are a little smaller, but they’re just as good. A heart-clenching, tear-jerking Winner.

What surprised us most was…

Geographically speaking, you’d expect the British and the French to have very similar diets, and yet what struck us most was how similar our culinary tastes are to the Danes – even more so than our European neighbours! Perhaps my guilty secret? I was so taken by our similarities, I found myself having a snoop of photos of Denmark to see if it’s somewhere else I want to add to my want-to-visit list (answer: yes!). All this world travel is going to get expensive 😉

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried Danish snacks before? Which of these snacks would you like to try? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Stay safe and have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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