Husband & Wife Tag – Matt Answers The Questions!

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You’ve met me, now you can get to know the other half of Kinky WIth A Twist.

Good evening Twisties,

Since Matt got more involved with my blog, a few of my readers have asked me more about him. To give you a fun chance to get to know more about us and who we are as people as well as bloggers, I thought I’d run him though Tag Question’s Husband & Wife Tag questions. I won’t answer them as I feel like a lot of my readers pretty much know me by now, but I hope you enjoy getting to know him!

1. When did we meet?

At a martial arts grading where I worked. It was cold. November-December 2013 maybe? (Miles out! It was December 2005!)

2. What was your first opinion of me?

That you were warm and friendly, I thought you were a nice person.

3. When did you know I was the one?

I don’t think I can put a time on it exactly, I think the feeling just grew over time (Aww!)

4. How long did it take to plan the wedding?

That’s a difficult one because we delayed it a couple of times, so altogether it took a couple of years. We knew what we wanted, we just couldn’t get the dates to line up for *gestures* various reasons. (This is true. We were going to get married on 3rd August 2012 but we got offered ur first home in June 2011, then I lost 3 elderly relatives in 10 days in December 2011 so in the end, w decided to hold off for two more years so our finances could recovered and my Mum had a chance to heal after losing her own Mum).

5. When did we get married?

May… May 2013? (Yep).

6. How long have we been married?

*Uses paper and a pen* 2020 minus 2013.. 7 and a half years!

Me: Well, 7 and a bit more than half now, but close enough. Still though, you had go work that out?!

Matt: No?

7. How did you propose?

Funny story.. the plan was to ask you in the Indian restaurant we went to, but it was far too busy so I took you for a very cold walk through the park in early February and asked you under the stars. And your response? You squeaked at me then tried to blast your thumbnail off with the champagne cork.

Me: That hurt! And anyway, it didn’t just hit my thumb. It hit the kitchen lightbulb too and plunged us all into darkness, do you remember?

Matt: I do. You couldn’t have just said yes, could you?

8. How many children did I want before marriage?

Kids have always been an issue because of disabilities. I’m going to say 2? (Again, correct!)

9. What does my family think of you?

At first your Mum didn’t like me and it was difficult at first because there were  lot of issues, but we got to know each other better and we get along now. Your Dad seemed to like me, and I liked him, Your brother and I get along, too.

Me: *raises eyebrow*

Matt: We get along! Most of the time.. apart from when he’s showing off.

Me: Get a hobby too, then?

Matt: I do! Football, drinking whiskey and you.

Me: I am not a hobby, Matthew!

10. What does my friend think of you?

Which friend? A lot of your friends are more our friends anyway so that doesn’t really check out. The only friend of your own that you’ve had in the time we’ve been together was Cat, and you two aren’t on talking terms anymore.

11. What is my worst habit?

You’re impatient. You like to get everything done yesterday, you don’t stop and relax (it’s true!)

12. What is my best habit?

Probably your ability to challenge me and make me think differently about stuff.

13. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

That’s a difficult question, but much of it depends on the situation. We take turns, maybe? Kinda?

14. If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?

Not a thing, but I’d add more music to your playlists and give you more diversity.

Me: I like my music!

Matt: Yes, on repeat – repeatedly.

15. Who is the better cook?

Me at savoury stuff, but some of your desserts are out of this world

A tiramisu with a goild poisettia decoration and holly with gold beads. It sits pm a white, gream and gold tablecloth which has gold embroidery at the top.
My Xmas day tiramisu! (my Mum hates Christmasd cake!)

16. What do we argue most about?

We don’t really argue that often, but when we do it’s usually housework. We’ve never fought over the loo seat or which way around the toilet paper goes, but we do have a passive-aggressive fight when it comes to emptying the bins!

17. Have you ever pretended to sleep at to avoid an argument?

Haha! Not that I can recall, I usually try and sort arguments out before sleep.

18. What was our last argument about?

I can’t remember, but probably housework.

19. What was the last text message I sent you?

A bad word! (I dropped the C-bomb on WhatsApp, which I argued is not against the rules because I typed it, I didn’t say it 😉 ).

20. Who is more affectionate?

It’s not very manly to admit but probably me, but when you finally stop and relax? Total snuggle bunny!

21. What is something the I enjoy doing with you?

Snugs, all the snugs (it is true! I am an undeniable snuggle monster)

22. Who is the more romantic one?

Me maybe? I don’t know because Kitten’s like a ninja. She doesn’t seem very romantic and then POW! Super romantic.

23. Who is the funny one?

A lot of it depends. I’m the more sarcastic one but your a lot better at wordplay and innuendos. Plus, you’re one seriously dark motherfucker at times…

Me: (Grins) Sorry, not sorry.

24. Who is more outgoing?

At first probably me, but if you know the person then you’re a pretty chatty Kathy.

25. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?

Probably nowaday, stay in, but when we were younger, probably go out (distant memories of The Apple cider barge spring to mind!)

26. Have you ever lied to avoid getting in trouble with me?

Not that I can think of, but I’m not going to sit here and get myself into trouble! (Hmm…)

27. Have I ever gotten something for you, you didn’t like?

I don’t think so, you’re usually really thoughtful with your gifts so I don’t think that’s ever happened,

28. What is the best gift I have ever gotten for you?

One of the genuinely signed shirts you got me (one was a Newcastle United Alan Shearer number 9 shirt, signed by the man himself!).

29. What is something I cannot live without?

Me! Or your phone… (pretty much!)

30. Use one word to describe me?


31. What is my best physical trait?

Your wet ass pu..

Me: Matthew!

Matt: (laughs) Okay, okay. Your eyes.

32. What is my best personality trait?

Your big heart (Matt wanted that to be the answer to the last question, until I pointed out that a big heart is actually a very serious medical condition).

33. Who is more likely to get into a fight?

That’s hard. My Dad is half-Scottish and I have his temper sometimes, but sometimes you don’t hold back and it can get you into trouble.

Me: Hey now. .. Come on! At least I’m diplomatic?

Matt: *Scoffs* Just about.

Me: * Giggles*

I hope you enjoyed this post. Why not challenge your partner to these questions and leave a link to their ansdwers to the comments?

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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