Karthika’s Coconut Ladoo Snowmen

Coconut ladoo snowmen on a decorated plate, they have slice carrots for hats and cloves for eyes and arms

A delightfully simple and fun winter recipe, sent to me from India!

Good evening lovelies,

This recipe came from me to all the way around the other side of the world. After our Indian snack-tasting post, I wrote to one of my Indian penpals on Slowly and in her reply, Karthika shared with me this adorable and easy recipe which I hope you will enjoy.

If you’ve never heard of Slowly, Slowly is a penpal app that allows you to connect virtually with people from all around the world. For people like us who are fascinated by the world but unable to travel, Slowly is a great way to meet the world’s people from the comfort of your own home. Over the years, I have made so many great friends and some of them I am still in touch with even today. I have shared recipes, various parts of life in the UK, I have shipped care packages and more. One of my favourite past times is to connect with people and discover that we all have things in common, wherever we are on thw globe!

Kartika explained to me that she made this recipe up for a “Cooking Without Fire” competition. In her letter, Karthika also said that coconut ladoo is not strictly a Christmastime treat, but she wanted to run with a Christmas theme and create these adorable coconut snowmen for the purposes of this competition. This recipe doesn’t call for any cooking or any major skills and in a few steps, you can create your own coconut snowmen, too. Karthika used cocktail sticks to hold these snowmen together, but if you’re worried about sharp points and young fingers, you could always use paper lollipop sticks instead.

And now, onto the recipe!

You will need:


  • 1 tin (400 grams), sweetened condensed milk
  • 4 cups (350 grams) desiccated coconut, plus 1/4 cup extra (40g) for rolling
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
  • Whole cloves
  • Small black candies (we also thought about using nigella seeds or a black food colouring pen)
  • 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
  • Colourful sprinkles


  • Add condensed milk, 350g desiccated coconut and the cardamom powder into a mixing bowl. Mix well to make a smooth mixture.
  • Divide the mixture into six portions and make two tight balls out of each portion, with one slightly larger than the other. The larger ball will be the base of your snowman.
  • Roll and coat each ball in the remaining desiccated coconut powder. Let the balls set for 15 minutes. Grab a clean plate.
  • Sprinkle your plate with any leftover coconut and add on some colourful sprinkles. This will help your snowmen stand out!
  • To assemble, push one large and one small ball onto the cocktail stick, with the larger ball at the bottom.
  • To decorate, add two slices of carrot on top of the smaller coconut ball to make a hat. If you’re using lollipop sticks, use a sharp knife (obviously a task for the grown-ups!) to cut a small hole in the centre of each slice so it can be thread onto the stick. Add whole cloves for the hands and small black candies for the eyes.
  • Ta-da! Your snowmen are now ready!

Of course, there really is no limit to your creativity and if you have the patience, you could even add a tiny carrot nose and a fine sliver for a scarf, if you want to. Let your imagination be your guide!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and adorable recipe. Thankyou again to Karthika for sharing this wonderful recipe with us and congratulations again on winning first prize!

Do you have a recipe you’d love to see featured on my blog? We love trying new recipes so if you think it’s worth a mention, drop it to me in an email. We’ll test out your recipe and if we agree, we’ll feature it in a post!

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Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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