TMI Tuesday: 19th January 2021, Helen Answers

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1. When was the last time you tried something new? 

Goodness, probably our most recent snack tasting (coming Thursday!). I love trying new things so I try to make a regular habit of it, but the real beauty of the snack tastings is that you really do try something new every month because it’s a new country every month! Outside of that though, I guess because of lockdown, not for a long time. I really want to try try out airsoft at some point but there are probably far too many rules for my liking!

2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? 

Probably Ant Middleton because of his approach to leadership, and I know that despite his rough, tough exterior, Ant, much like myself, is just someone who wants to get the job done. I have and have read all of Ant’s books, and despite this dreamy macho male image that a lot of women drool over, he really is just a determined father figure who is trying to look after his family and live life to the fullest, and I have so much love and respect for him for that. Whereas Ant was part of the SBS, I have three generations of military family so I am used to barrel-rolling my ass out of bed and getting on with the day without sitting down for breakfast- you ate on the go or you didn’t eat at all! The perk of that though? I have seen some amazing sunrises and lived through some experiences that most people my age probably would have slept through because they wouldn’t have been up in time. It amazes Matt now how I can go from a deep sleep to “we need to do XYZ” without taking that “I need coffee” step in between. Little secret? I don’t drink coffee. Water wakes you up quicker.

3. What gets you excited about life? 

Probably success, and succeeding, but with a caveat. What is success, really? What makes us successful? Success could be ticking all of your to-do list off at the end of the day. Success could be getting that diploma you always dreamed of getting. The key to success is not defining it by everyone else’s standards and expectations, but what success looks like to you. I saw a fellow blogger asking for more follows recently, and I kind of had to wonder why? Why do more follows matter so much? I’ve seen bloggers with hundreds of – thousands of even – followers, and then all of a sudden and for one reason or another, poof! Gone. Your popularity does not guarantee your success, the quality of your work does. Thousands of followers won’t matter if nobody is reading what you write. so instead, why not make them thirsty for more?

4. Are you satisfied with your work? 

Absolutely, 100%. You know, I adore being a blogger. Sometimes I bemoan it, like right now when I have a snack tasting to write up, healthy recipes I want to share and two snack boxes still waiting to be tasted, but you know, yes! I love what I do. I hear from people all the time who love what I do, who like what I write and are maybe inspired in some way, and I love that! Going back, I had two blogs and I used to use my online alias “Elena” because I’d always been told that being kinky was dangerous, and I had another one where I talked about completely vanilla stuff. Now, I’m out and proud of who I really am and nobody really judges me – in fact, most people are even quite interested in what I have to say! Aside that, I am a housewife but I still enjoy being a housewife. I’ve learned lately to slow the f*ck down and stop trying to achieve everything in one day. In a weird kind of way, it actually shows because I’m slower and more mindful in my actions. If there’s junk on the sideboard, that’s okay, it can be on my priority list for tomorrow.

5. What have people most often praised you for? 

You know, I hate to brag, but you’ve forced me. If I had to pick three things, probably firstly and foremostly my writing style. Tonnes of people love the way I write because it’s easy-to-read, familiar and friendly, and I’m honestly really glad because I believe that if you write very boring and monotone like this and you don’t seem particularly lively at all, you will lose readers and followers. I like to incorporate my friendly, relaxed, playful personality in my writings, and I really think it pays off.

Secondly, shh… my desserts. No word of a lie, my mother defines my ginger ice cream as “orgasmic”! Paired off with a lemon cheesecake and.. well.. it’s not hard to see why my family always put me in charge of pudding! Aside that, I do make an absolutely killer clotted cream dairy fudge. For our international friends, clotted cream is an absolute south-west staple. Think heavy cream, but heavier and lighter at the same time. It’s absolutely indulgent!

So the story goes, my mother (who works in a residential care home) asked Matt and me to host a table at their summer fayre. We could do a games table or anything we liked, they just wanted something for the kids. No problem- we got this!

In the end, Matt and I made up some games for the kids as well as selling pre-bagged sweets, but because we only had 14 bags of sweets, I thought I’d make up some dairy fudge as well. I’d never actually made it before, but you know, I thought I’d give it a go.

What actually happened was Matt and I bought home 10 of the 14 bags of sweets that we’d assembled, word got around about my fudge and it was sold clean out by the end of the afternoon. When I made a double batch for the summer fayre the following year, people were buying bags in their multiples! I’m now “the fudge lady” of the family and I get banned from the kitchen at Christmastime because if I make up a batch of fudge, it’s guaranteed to wind up on waistlines. In the UK, we have a kind of fudge called butter tablet and it’s quite hard and crumbly with a sweet, buttery taste. My mother forgoes that now – she prefers my fudges instead!

Bonus: When you think of your home, what immediately comes to mind?

It has to be the fireplace. I’m really, really, really in love with the fireplace. I mean it’s the centrepiece of the lounge and honestly, why wouldn’t you want to walk in to this beauty everyday?

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Don’t forget, if you have any questions for us for next time, leave them down below or drop us an email!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: 19th January 2021, Helen Answers

  1. gemmi72 – Wife, swinger, blogger. An ordinary woman living life one day at a time dealing with the complications of moonlighting as a sex goddess.
    gemmi72 says:

    I love your description of waking up instantly. I am the same! Mr Jones struggles with it. I have found the best way to get him from sleeping to fully active is to start sex with him. He will wake up and get with the program in record time.

    1. Helen @ TKC – It is impossible to become an expert where no manual exists. I am not a BDSM expert, I am simply a writer with more than a decade of experience in the BDSM scene. Knowledgeable and sometimes inspiring, even occasionally actually funny. Broken in body, relentless in spirit.
      Helen @ TKC says:

      Ooh no I could never do that. Mornings are apparently for staying in bed until it’s time for work, or getting some extra sleep. I’m just used to getting myself up and getting on with my own things now, it saves the argument!

  2. Helen @ TKC – It is impossible to become an expert where no manual exists. I am not a BDSM expert, I am simply a writer with more than a decade of experience in the BDSM scene. Knowledgeable and sometimes inspiring, even occasionally actually funny. Broken in body, relentless in spirit.
    Helen @ TKC says:

    Thankyou! We get snack boxes from SnackCrate and SnackSurprise. They’re every month and there is a new country each month. Personally, I prefer SnackSurprise as they’re UK-based and they give to cancer charities, which SnackCrate don’t do. They’re £12.99 a month with free p & p for 10+ snacks plus a drink, or £24.99 with free p & p for 20+ snacks and a drink, and it’sa mix of savoury and sweet snacks. If you’re interested, you can sign up at and enter the promotional code “HELENANDMATT”. It won’t give us anything, but it will give you 15% off of your first box

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