TMI Tuesday, 2nd February 2021: Would You Rather? – Helen Answers

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

I hope you’re all well. After a 5am start, it’s safe to say that I am about ready for bed, however, where would I be if I didn’t pop by for today’s questions? Sit tight, and I hope you enjoy!

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And now, on with today’s questions.

1. Would you rather go on holidays to the beach with no bathers or in the mountains with no jacket? 

This is a really interesting question, because in the UK, bathers means something completely different to what it does in the informal sense, so I’ll give you both answers.

The British definition of a bather is someone swims in a body of water, be it a pool, a lake, or the sea. When you say a beach with no bathers to a British person, we’re thinking of a beach with nobody else, a deserted beach, and that sounds heavenly. Whenever we go on vacation, we actually go low season to avoid everyone else. I love it, it’s usually blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain and the only people you really meet are mad enough to also be on vacation when it’s quiet, it’s blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain, and those are the kind of people I love. They’re real, they’re hardened, they make friends with people they’ve never even met before and I love that. When it’s raining so hard, you have rivines of rainwater running from the peak of your raincoat? When it rains so hard, it rains uphill? Yeah, that’s living. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as a good, hard.. rain.

If, however, we mean the informal definition, as in no bathing suit, then yeah, sure, bring it on. I used to be a naturist anyway so being naked 100% does not bother me. It’s also kind of a sexy little confidence boost when other people check you out.. anyway!

2. Would you rather not be able to eat chocolate for a year or have to eat your least favourite vegetable every day for a month? 

We’ll call it motivation, but if I can have chocolate for eating peas? Bring it on. I absolutely detest peas, they’re a vegetable and no vegetable should be sweet (unless it’s carrot, in which case gimme by the truckload). Peas and then chocolate? Eh, I can be highly motivated when it’s something I want, so long as it’s good, silky smooth chocolate, none of that waxy, grainy, only good for the kids stuff. It really bugs me how every roast dinner comes with peas, but if you ask for kale or spinach, people look at you like you’re speaking another language. Leafy greens are much better for you and crispy kale is amazing!

3. Would you rather only be able to have sex for five minute increments on any given day for a year or only be able to have sex for five hour increments the rest of your life?

I’ll take the five minutes, everytime. Making love is cool, but to be honest, I get bored way too quickly, and I think after five hours, I’d probably be falling asleep. Even our kinky sessions only last an hour, two tops, so for sex to go on for five hours? Yeah, no. Plus, it’s only a year, and I’ve survived now three lockdowns. I’m pretty sure that a year of quickies will be no big deal 😉

 4. Would you rather not be allowed to touch your partner’s genitals except with your own or have the reverse applied to them? 

Oh I love to tease, so absolutely the reverse. It would drive Matt insane when I sauntered through the flat after a shower and he couldn’t devour me, and I love that frustration, that tension.. it’s hella sexy.

5. Would you rather go on a hike barefooted or spend the day at a water park fully clothed? 

I’ll take the fully clothed water park. I don’t like water parks personally because I’ve injured myself twice at water parks, but I also got part of my Girl Guide canoeing badge by swimming the length of a swimming pool in my clothes and trainers, so my clothes wouldn’t stop me. I love swimming, clothed, partially clothed or even completely naked – I’m like a dolphin!

I have a huge phobia of walking barefoot. If anyone manages to find the sharp bits that are lurking in the carpet or the grass, it’s probably going to be me. A little secret, I actually find men who walk barefoot oddly sexy. Like.. you have the confidence to do a thing that I wouldn’t dare to do? That’s sexy.

Bonus: Would you rather receive an alert every time your parents have sex or have your kids alerted every time YOU have sex? 

Loads and loads of people are squeamish about knowing that their parents make the beast with two backs, but I honestly don’t have an issue with it. When I was a little girl, one of the upstairs floorboards passed under my parents’ bed and under my bed and when they did ‘bedroom gymnastics’, my bed would also move a bit. The way I see it, I’d much rather and my parents made the beast with two backs than spent their time trying to kill one another. We had violent neighbours when I was young, so I’d much rather know that my parents were slamming bodies than slamming doors. Unfortunately, my father is no longer with us and so this is purely a hypothetical situation, but even still, I think, as weird as it sounds, those little updates would actually make me quite happy. I come from an amazing, open and supportive family, we don’t get weirded out knowing that the other has a love life.

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Don’t forget, if you have any questions for us for next time, leave them down below or drop us an email!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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