TMI Tuesday, 16th Febuary 2021: That’s Life – Matt Answers

Hello all,

Welcome to another edition of TMI Tuesday. It’s been another week working from home though this week, I was invited to go back into the office, After a lot of deliberation and discussing it with the other (better) half, I decided to continue where I am for now. In other news, my old man has finally received his vaccine and he is now hopefully protected against this horrible disease, I am relieved that he has got the jab because of his age, it does give me a piece of mind.

Today’s TMI Tuesday is “that’s life”. I hope you enjoy!

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1. Who do you prefer to discuss politics with?
a. partner
b. best friend
c. co-workers
d. strangers
e. parents

I would say A. Helen and I have different political views which can make a very lively debate in our little flat. However, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to have a different opinion then your partner as it would get boring if you agreed on everything.

2. Which is more offensive to you: book burning or flag burning? Why?

Both a book and a flag can stand for something very important. A flag can represent the colours of a country, whereas a book such as The Bible or The Quran can represent a religion. Neither of these should be burnt as they carry significant symbolism. However, standard published books are now becoming a rare thing, much like the humble CD (remember those!?), they are being overtaken instead by modern technology like Ebooks, Again, I don’t think they should be burnt but I don’t feel as strongly about them as they do not hold as much significance as a holy book.

3. Complete the sentence. Most of all, I want to meet someone who deserves my _____ :
a. trust.
b. loyalty.
c. admiration.
d. love.

In my opinion, trust is the most important part of any relationship. without trust, the other factors in the relationship will not work. Helen and I have a great trust in each other and with it came loyalty, admiration and love. It all takes time but it is worth it!

4. Which kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?
a. Physical/Sexual.
b. Mental/Emotional.
c. Neither is important.
d. Both are equally important.

Being both physically and mentally faithful is important in a relationship. I have been physically cheated on in a previous relationship so unfortunately, I have experience in this. As I mentioned in my previous answer, trust in a very significant factor in a relationship and being both physically and emotionally faithful is a part of that.

5. Would you avoid all contact with an ex if your current significant other asked you to?
a. Yes, of course!
b. No. This would be an unacceptable demand.
c. Only if their justification seems reasonable.

I would say C only if their justification was reasonable. It would take something serious like if the person is a threat to myself, my partner or the relationship. Helen and I have a very open relationship and we have both talked candidly about our relationships so we don’t have any nasty surprises!

Bonus: If you were to die, the person going through your belongings would be shocked to find _____ ?

I don’t have many surprises but I think the only one thing that I can think of off the top of my head is the Werebear I have had since I was little. The one I have is Fang, like the one pn the top right.


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