Blog Update: March 2021

Goodness, what an intense and exciting three months it’s been! We started off with a hit-or-miss idea in November last year and in just three short months, our blog has taken off better than ever before!

A lot of you have shown great support for Matt, which is great and I thank you for that. Matt is still quite new to the blogosphere and a lot of WordPress’ features continue to amaze and baffle him in equal measure. We haven’t found anything for Matt to write as of yet (though I did try 😉 ) though he does, of course, continue to be involved in our snack tastings and TMI Tuesdays.

I do have dates or estimated dates for our guest posts elsewhere as well, and I promise that as soon as they are live, I will share the link with you. I’m an odd bag of excited and nervous about these posts, which is probably not something I’ve felt since we moved into our home!

So let’s have a talk about what else is going on..

Taking Ourselves Off Of Twitter

I literally couldn’t wait to announce this one, we’re removing ourselves from Twitter. I gave it a go but I’ve long found that it’s a) full of drama and b) it annoys the hell out of me, generally. I don’t care for immediate notifications about this personal opinion or that life event of someone that I’ve most likely never met or spoken to (sorry if that sounds a little harsh!). I’m really happy that you had a safe delivery and I’m so sorry that your granny died, but I Just. Don’t. Care right now. I want to be able to read about it (and maybe respond to it) in my time and on my terms, not Twitter’s. The hashtags don’t make sense for me either, and I can’t ever keep on top of what is or is not trending right now. I’m a leader, not a follower. I watch and do what I want to watch and do, not what’s trending in the moment!

Identity Change On Instagram

When it comes to Hugo though, a lot of people adore our tan and-white cloud, and who can blame you?! You want, and we’ll try and provide. You’ll be able to find Hugo’s Instagram page under Hugo Bartholomew, as well as his own Insta hashtag, #hugobartholomew!

Will The Dog Go Digital?

I’m umming and erring about this, because again, while I want to make sure we’re bringing you (and people, more generally) more of what you want, we also want to do this out of love for Hugo, too. We want to respect and treat Hugo as a dog first and to ensure his happiness and welfare, rather than fall into doing silly or viral things with him for the sakes of attention and likes. Right now, much of it depends on the technical side of recording and whether we really feel we can make enough content to make it viable. There is such a thing as overstretching yourself…

Focusing on Facebook

If there’s a platform that we love for interaction, it’s Facebook. We can add pictures, text, links, videos.. you name it, we can add it, and we can have real conversations with you, too. Do you want to chat with us? Get regular life updates from us? See what goes on behind the scenes? Head on over and join us!

Slowing It All Down (But Only Very Slightly!)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been hammering it at three posts per week, and that’s been great for our blog but kind of sucky for life elsewhere. By the time I’ve finished one blog post, I have to hammer out the next to keep consistent with the current Tuesday, Friday, Saturday plan – and it’s breaking me! I want to keep bringing you more of what you want to read, but I also need to slow down a little bit for the sakes of my content and my home!

Over the past few days, I’ve been running my blog through Grammarly and honestly, it winds me up to see some of the ridiculously tiny spelling and grammar mistakes that I have made, and for that, I can only apologise. Genuinely speaking, I think it’s from being so on the go and rushing to get content out, as well as having a dog who is like a rebound coil of energy, who barks and makes me jump and makes me forgot what I was writing!

From now on, I’m going to be sticking to Tuesdays and Saturdays only, and alternating each week between food and thoughts, and BDSM. As our blog grows, I am very humbled that I can make important decisions like this that allow me to slow down somewhat and focus more on delivering what matters most.

Even More Recipes & Reviews!

In our last snack box, we cooked up the malvapoeding recipe. Well, soon after that, we had our next SnackCrate box, so that gave us yet another recipe to cook up and show off! We really enjoyed cooking it up, and I even snapped a bunch of photographs which I plan to add into a post and share with you when it goes live this weekend. We’ve also had a little delivery (that’s not a floor mop 😉 ), so that’ll be sure to get written about soon. I want to bring you more toy reviews, especially with kinky disabled people in mind, but it probably won’t be a fortnightly or monthly thing – for obvious storage reasons!

Alright lovelies, that’s it for this month, but be sure to join us again on the weekend for that aforementioned snack-tasting and recipe. See you Saturday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

2 thoughts on “Blog Update: March 2021

  1. Twitter can be quite toxic sometimes so I definitely understand your decision. I look forward to more recipes and reviews!

    1. Thankyou Pooja! Yes that’s what I was finding, there’s just so much drama and if you have the wrong opinion then… ! I will be bringing another recipe tonight. I had to take a few hours off because today is the two-year anniversary of my father’s passing so I’ve had to be there for the family, as well as taking some time for myself.

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