Blog Update: May 2021

Good evening lovelies,

I realise that this update is ahead of our three month schedule and yet, with so much going on, it really made sense to check in a little earlier. There’s so much to share with you all that we really couldn’t wait until June, so let’s get cracking!

Things Aren’t Working Out…

The first thing that we’ve noted is that you guys really aren’t here for the food, and that’s okay! In order to bring you what you wanted though, we needed to be aware of what was getting read. In order to help our blog grow and to become a success, it really pays to pay attention to what your audience wants to read.

Ever since Two Kinky Cooks began in late December, the interest in food has increased very slightly and then plummeted. Even TMI Tuesday has only seen an incremental increase, which would perhaps have some bloggers questioning whether it was really worth it after all. We really love the TMI Tuesday gang and we have so much fun answering the questions, so sorry guys, but that one stays!

The yellow line that has only grown in recen months is surprising, because to be honest, I’d never really considered myself as someone that anyone would want to read from. I’d always grown up being spoken over or being told that my views or opinions are wrong, so to see that our audience finds me interesting is very humbling.

But what is noteable is the blue line. Even if it’s taken a dip in recent weeks. the sex & BDSM components of our blog enjoy a level of popularity that are unrivalled by other topics. For that reason, it makes sense to make that a core part of what we do.

But Don’t Panic!

We’ve had several likes and comments on our snack tasting posts, and as such, it makes absolutely no sense for us to take those away now. We’re not going to do away with snacks and recipes, we’re just changing the primary focus of our blog.

If we’re being honest, one of the things that really surprised us was how quickly we ran out of food ideas. We talked food, we brought about some recipes and some snack tastings too, but then what? Then we were kind of stumped. Then, we realised, we might have overestimated our ability to continue to talk about food – at least, in great detail!

The problem with being a food blogger is that in order to compete, you really need to go above and beyond. The competition is stiff, and you really need to be that something extra. We aren’t. and so perhaps the best option for us would be to leave the food posts to the professionals while we focus on the core parts of our blog.

So What Now?

If you knew me, you’d know that I could be… well… a tad impulsive. I do things without really thinking them through based purely on what I see to be a good opportunity. Sometimes I spend days or weeks analyzing my decision, but other times I’ll whisper “carpe diem” and dive in with two feet first. This decision to buy our new domain was one such occasion.

I bought Kinky With A Twist because I really wanted to get back to my primary focus, and what I set out to do. I wanted to get back to focusing on kink and disability, kink and mental health and helping people on the whole I wanted to keep writing and talking about all the benefits of of living in a kinky little world, but I want to keep bringing you all of the other added bits, too.

Why the ‘With A Twist?’ Because it sounds fun, it sounds quirky, and to be honest, that’s kind of me. The ‘twist’ also comes in focusing on the psychological benefits of BDSM relationships, rather than just the sexual benefits. We want to share with you all kinds of beneficial tips and tricks, rather than purely erotic details. The problem with Two Kinky Cooks was that it put the two of us in the spotlight, but it didn’t allow us to grow. With a number in your name, it sort of prevents you from expanding your team. With a name like the new one, we have the option to include other writers and bloggers, if we ever wanted to.

Rethinking Social Media

Matt and I are absolutely hopeless at social media, that’s affirmative. I’ve already fallen out with Twitter for notifying me about stuff I don’t really care for, and I’m falling a bit short with Instagram, too. I like to see real, rather than perfectly curated posts. Instagram is full of picture perfection and it’s kind of making me feel a little bit ill.

When it comes to Facebook, we’re still sticking to the big daddy of the social media world, at least for now. Facebook is a great place to interact with individuals of all ages and genders, and for us, it makes sense to keep that avenue open.

Is a YouTube channel on the horizon? Again, I’m playing with some ideas. I’m all too aware that not everyone wants to read lengthy posts, and so instead, I realise that videos might be another possibility. Before I can plug in the microphone and get to recording though, I need to work out if it’s even possible. So far, my microphone insists on making me sound both simultaneously breathless and nasal, so there is a lot more tinkering about to do before I can say it’s for certain. Watch this space, you never know if it’ll happen a little bit later on.

Okay, Panic! (But Only A Little Bit)

This afternoon, I received this text:

Illustrative only.

Our landlord has not received our rent payment? But we paid rent only a week ago, I know that because I’d paid our rent myself! Matt transfers his share of housekeeping to me and I pay off our bills. I checked my online banking and sure enough, on the 27th April, there it was.

So why on earth did we have this text? Maybe it was a tecnical error? A scam? This had to be some kind of mistake…

I called our landlord in a panic and asked for an explanation. In part, a chunk of our debt – £114 – was my own sheer stupidity. Instead of calculating what our rent should be per month, I’d calculated it per four weeks. Although I’d been overpaying slightly on those figures anyway, I was still missing payments for about 10 days.

Realising my miscalculation, I quickly offered to pay off the overdue amount. £114 would sting, but it could be far, far worse. That was when I was told that my £114 wouldn’t be nearly enough.

“You’d be looking at closer to £800 next month to pay off the whole debt and rent.”

WHAT?! How in God’s name is it that high?!

Well, it’s not, but somewhere or another we owe this sneaky little “rent in advance” of £306, plus the outstanding £114.that I’d somehow miscalculated. How it’s taken our landlord four years and several phone calls (about not-rent-related things) to mention that we’re effectively a month behind on our rent, I do not know. We’ve lived here just fine for all of that time and nobody has said anything about it!

Immediately, we made a payment of £185 to more or less half that debt, but that’s obviously still not enough. We wouldn’t normally ask for help, and yet if anyone is feeling generous enough to help us clear this debt a little bit faster, we would be eternally grateful. If you make a donation to us, we promise that we will put 100% of your donation towards clearing this debt AND we will mention your blog on our future posts. There’s absolutely no pressure and we won’t keep bothering you, but we felt that it would be rather disingenuous if we acted as though this matter hadn’t happened to us at all. As a side note, I’m also listing more fishes this week and a few other things that I have to sell on Ebay, so we’re not depending on your support entirely anyway. Once this debt is cleared, I’ll also be sending a rather snotty letter to the complaints department about the handling of this matter and believe me, that’s something that no poor soul wants to receive! I won’t ask to speak to a manager, I’m not a Karen, but I’m admittedly a little bit dangerous with a pen!

Alright lovelies, that’s it for this month and if you’ve been here a while, then thankyou for bearing with us as we’ve tried on so many different hats to try and make our blog work! Of course, there will e be changes over the next few days as we take on the next exciting chapter!

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen & Matt xx

6 thoughts on “Blog Update: May 2021

  1. Thanks for the update! Being new, I didn’t know the whole background, so it was good to learn more about your background. I recently brought on a co-blogger, and it’s awesome. (He happens to be my boyfriend, so that is also fun.)

    I’m sorry to hear about your rent troubles! That really sucks!

    1. My background? A bit like my medical history, my first question is always “how long have you got?”. I’m sure to enlighten and annoy with my tendency to take on new ideas o a whim, that’s for sure!

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