What’s Your Kink? Rope Bondage

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As we get a little bit deeper into our “What’s Your Kink?” posts, today we decided to up the ante a little bit and share with you a slightly more advanced, slightly more difficult form of bondage. Unlike cuffs, rope bondage requires you to use knots, but only certain knots, not just any ol’ knot you happen to know!

What is rope bondage?

By its proper name, rope bondage is really known as Intricate Rope Bondage, or “shibari”, which translates quite literally to “tied up” in Japanese. Famed for its elaborate patterns, fancy knots and secure holds, rope bondage is a popular choice amongst bondage and BDSM enthusiasts. 

Why might someone be into rope bondage?

Reasons vary, but popular reasons can include enjoying the tight “hug” of rope, to the way it feels against the skin or its importance in a particular roleplay scene. For some people who fear they might break out of a pair of bondage cuffs, rope can also feel a little more resilient and with it, lessen their chances of escape. For individuals who crave the feeling of truly losing control, that can feel very, very sexy indeed. 

A side note on the “feel” of rope here, there are different types of rope, so if you’re using rope as part of a sexy roleplay, just keep that in mind. Cotton rope is soft, sensual and forgiving, where as hemp rope feels more rough and abrasive – quite the punishment for a wriggly captive!

How did you discover you were into rope bondage?

I suppose we could call it fidgeting. I had a length of rope meant for some garden work, and I was messing about with it, looping it around my wrist and pulling it through like the start of some kind of large-scale cat’s cradle. As I wrapped the rope twice around my wrist, I found that something in me clicked, something registered, I gasped softly and my breathing changed. It wasn’t a kink, for me, it was more of some kind of unintentional realisation. I didn’t think to try it out of being kinky, I was essentially just messing about and I enjoyed the way the rope felt instead. My once-innocent self basically fell into rope bondage, which sounds rather dangerous! 

Share with us a hot memory featuring rope bondage.

No memories as such, but I do love a good self-tie sesh. Armbinders are my fave, and they really provide me so much comfort when I want to cut. Think about it like wearing a compression sleeve, when I’m stressed and depressed, my forearms hurt and feel tight. When I bind them in rope, for whatever reason, all of that tension gets roped away, and when I take them off, what follows is pure, blissful euphoria. I don’t get anything sexual from rope, what I get is psychological, it’s comfort, it’s stress relief. I think that was why I chose the image I did for this post as well. To me, it conveys the peace of mind that I feel in rope.Unlike a lot of “rope bunnies” though, I’m not much of one for harnesses. For me, I much prefer gauntlets and armbinders. 

Oh, and a funny story (because who doesn’t love a funny story, amirite? 😉 ) I once used the book referenced below to tie a full body harness and rope gag on a Barbie doll, using white packaging string. What did I do with poor Bound-Up Barbie, I hear you ask? Why of course, I suspended her from Matt’s bedroom pendant lampshade! Yes, he was still living with his Dad at that time and yes, I didn’t sit right for a week. Would I do it again? Probably 😉 

Do you have a favourite toy for rope bondage?

If we’re talking toys, then it absolutely has to be cotton rope because it’s oh so soft and sensual. Really though, before you go ahead and buy your rope, you need to read and learn, and where better to read and learn than with a brand new book

What advice would you give to someone into rope bondage?

Woah there, horsey! Look, I’ve already said above that we’re starting to get into things that are a little bit beyond testing the waters. As well as our normal guidance on communication, please, please, for the love of all that is holy, please do not use any knots or ties on a person until you have practiced and practiced and practiced some more. As a “rope switch” myself, I used to practice my knots on the garden gate or on the spindles on the back of a dining chair, even risking my own limbs when I got good enough! Before you tie up flesh, get plenty of practice on something that doesn’t breathe or wriggle.

Also, invest in some blunt end bandage scissors. I cannot express it enough, they are easily affordable and these can quite literally be lifesavers if things do happen to go wrong. Don’t even think of them as scissors, more, see them as a small investment to save your ass from a lengthy prison sentence and an awkward court hearing. Not only, but they’re quite fun to add to your sensation play repertoire or for removing other unwanted garments, but hey, you didn’t hear it from us 😉 

How do you make rope bondage work, as a disabled person?

For me, the biggest issue here is my anxiety. Rope bondage can be a great way to quell my nervousness, but a loss of control can also the devil that’ll quickly worsen it. Communication is the key here, and if you have a partner who is prone to panic, work slowly and take the time to offer plenty of reassurance. Leave elaborate harnesses and suspension aspirations off for now, and focus only on a few basic ties. 

Secondly, be aware of the potential for any medical emergencies, and plan around them. For people with epilepsy or who are prone to confusion and  blackouts, this unfortunately is more of a risk. If your partner uses medication to control their condition, ascertain that they have taken their prescribed medication for that time. Doing so could save you from having to cut through lengths of your favourite rope later on.

Finally, like in my case and as someone who has painful areas, consider how your partner’s condition may impact your rope bondage session and plan around that accordingly. Don’t just tie their wrists and ankles because it looks nice, because their screaming, contorted face will be sure to offset the look. Instead, if there is a place (or places) on their body that could cause pain, consider lessening pressure on that part of their body, or even don’t involve it at all. Bondage and torture is supposed to be fun and consensual, at least it is in this case!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried rope bondage before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not share your thoughts in the comments?

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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