What’s Up, WordPress? May 2021

Hey Twisties,

Following the popularity of my last “What’s Up, WordPress?” ramble, I decided to stick with them from here on out. I thought it would just be something that I do and sort of forgot about given that it’s not really relevant to the blog, but it keeps coming up as one our most read posts! For that reason, I decided to bank on that success and merge our blog updates and life updates into one. So on that note, umm… what’s up, WordPress?

Around here, things have been kind of slow this month. You may remember that I’ve talked here and there about the mental image of a cantering horse and its symbolism in my life in terms of making progress, but not very fast? Well, that horse is cantering more now than ever. I have some stuff done, but heavens above does it feel like I’m doing a lot and not going very far!

So what’s been going on?

The “Bill” Is Settled (And I Got Some People In Trouble)

Whew! Do you remember a few weeks ago, I told you about our small debt? Well, first of all, we stopped calling it a debt, because “debt” is such a negative, dirty word. Instead, we called it a bill, and then we thought more proactively about how we were going to pay off said bill. We were working hard to try and find solutions, and my mother insisted that we allowed her to help out. I really didn’t want to because I believe that if she wasn’t around, we would have had to struggle and if you depend on the bank of Mom & Dad, then it can kind of become a habit later on. As strange as it sounds, I actually wanted to struggle, I actually want to learn to budget better and to become more resourceful, what will I learn if I just depend on Mum? Well, she begged me to let her, and with a “if this was me, you would want to help, too”, she had me where it hurts.  Damn her, we really are too alike sometimes!

With the “bill” paid off, I agreed that I would formulate a complaint about the way that the situation was handled. We hadn’t received any mention of owing any money before, and to suddenly hear that we owed almost £400 (along with an “action plan” that warned of repossession of our home if we didn’t pay up) was quite a shock. I laid out the three points that I wanted to make, submitted it on our landlord’s feedback form, and expected nothing further.

But the next day, I got a phone call. Far from taking an attitude with me, the gentleman was actually deeply apologetic.

First of all, it was agreed that the text that I received should never have been sent. He’d taken my complaint up with the contact that was provided (who, apparently, is the Rent Accounts Manager) and it was agreed that the message was “unprofessional”, “aggressive” and “needed urgent reformatting”. He mentioned that my account shows that I am someone who normally pays our rent (albeit not quite enough, at least not until now) and it was clear that we were paying, or trying to pay, and so threatening us in such an aggressive way was unacceptable.

Next, our Estates Management lady got hauled over a barrel, because why hadn’t she communicated the debt to us? I was kind of peeved about that because she and I work well together in other areas, maybe she forgot?

Finally, my suggestion of a monthly rent rate as well as a weekly rent rate was hailed as “a very good idea” and “will be mentioned at the next manager’s meeting”. Again, really? Really?! It’s taking a tenant to come up with ideas like this, that they seemingly hadn’t considered before? I should start charging an hourly rate for my time.

Long story short, I may be nice and harmless most of the time, but you better believe that I know how to whoop some butt when it’s called for 😉

I’m No Longer The Crazy Fish Lady

Don’t worry! I haven’t given up on keeping my fish, it’s just that I’ve had to give up breeding and selling them. I raised some and sold them, and that went great, but then I raised some with the intention of raising them to adulthood and selling them once they got their colour, but they didn’t sell. Worse still, I had quite a few “drops” (batches of babies born from livebearing fish) between times. I estimated that I had about 30-40 fry to give away, but I couldn’t have been more wrong – I had 170! I managed to find new homes for them all, but I’ve had to give up on the idea of selling them. Fortunately, I do get still get plenty of requests for the fry (when I have them) but selling them just isn’t really working out. Instead, I’ve turned my fry tank into a shrimp tank (with 3 male Endlers for some colour and mid-level movement) and I will be getting some more shrimp in a few weeks time. There are also two additions, Lucky and Rebel, who are still swimming around, eating powdered fish food and waiting to grow up. They managed to evade the net several times, despite me netting out their brothers and sisters, so I gathered I’d let them grow up and settle in. Can you say “soft”? 😉

A Current Social Media Hiatus

At present, we aren’t using social media at all. When it comes to our blog, the only social media thing we use is the Facebook feed, linked through WordPress. Because of our niche and because of the strict rules that many social media giants have around sex and violence, it can be quite difficult to talk about our kinky lives without putting ourselves at risk of a ban. Not only, but a few weeks ago, I left Facebook after my mother encouraged me not to share my blog on my Facebook. I left that night so that I could live without feeling like I was hiding a huge part of myself, and I worried that I would miss Facebook afterwards. Instead, I felt free, and I felt free to live and to enjoy life. Instead of having to appear interesting, “normal” or feeling the need to check in, I was free to be me and to appreciate the small things that I’d normally miss while I was checking Facebook. We’re testing right now to see how well our blog can do without social media, or whether social media connections really are necessary for our success, after all.

I Really Am Back In Control!

No, not like that, but in terms of the other things that needed to get done. The note I’ve been meaning to write for PIP about my injury last year, given that I’m still experiencing pain when walking. I’ve also got the letter written regarding our plans for a conservatory, and I’ve drawn up the the floor plan to go with. I’ve also got on top of the housework and finally started to turn my attention to the garden, and it feels good! Just finally being able to get into a made bed instead of diving under a pile of everything that’s already on the bed like I had been doing for the past few weeks, it feels good. I’m still not “there”, but I’m getting “there”, wherever that may be!

And Finally…

If we could be so cheeky, could we please ask you to check out our brief survey? It’s five quick questions that will take about a minute of your time and your opinions will massively help us to really understand what you want to see on our blog. At the moment, it’s all guesswork based on stats and analytics alone but sometimes, you really need to hear it from the horse’s mouth. It’s all confidential, so nobody but us will be able to see your answers.

If you’d be so willing, you can get involved with shaping the future of Kinky With A Twist here.

Alright lovelies, that’s it from us for now, but be sure to check back tomorrow for our second-to-last snack tasting… maybe 😉

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx





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9 thoughts on “What’s Up, WordPress? May 2021

  1. Congratulations on settling the bill! I know that you’re a fighter, but sometimes there’s no harm in revieving a little help and not having to struggle with something for once. And besides, it seems as if you did a lot of struggling when it came to getting justice for how you were mistreated regarding the notice of paying it. Get it girl! I’ve never known anyone that breeds fish, it must’ve been fun. Fish are definitely my most likely pets for the future since they’re relatively low-maintenance compared to a dog or cat and are very pretty. Good luck with the shrimp! Social media hiatus’ can feel very relieving, I’m glad that you’re enjoying yours. I’m also happy that things seem to be going a little better for you. How can I access the survey? I’ll definitely contribute if it helps. [btw, I really enjoyed this style of post too, it was really great getting to see more of your day-to-day life being shared]

    1. Thankyou! I know, but that’s my problem. Honestly, I think it kind of comes back to some issues my brother had after we lost our Dad, about all the things he used to ask Dad for and the guilt he felt for taking advantage once Dad had gone. I think for me, if I don’t ask for help, then I won’t have to live with the guilt of feeling like I didn’t appreciate someone enough. If I tackle my own problems, then the only person I need to thank and praise for my hard work and dedication is myself. It sounds kind of strange, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. I wouldn’t say as I struggled to get justice, I just punched out a complaint and sent it. I love writing and when I have a reason to write, I find it pretty easy. When I’m given a reason to seek justice, well, it becomes that much easier to make a compelling case! Haha. I think a lot of it comes down to writing styles, and I do get a lot of comments of my assertive writing style. I’m a nice person really, honest!

      Some fish breed easier than others, so with livebearers (guppies, mollies, swordtails, endlers) you just put a male with a female and pretty much let them do their thing. For egg-laying fish, the process is a lot harder and is usually something that only an experienced aquarist can do. I think an aquarium would be great for you and they can be very therapeutic, not to mention that it can be great fun to pick out decorations for your tank and decide how you want it to look. You could have a talk with your mom and sister about getting a small tank maybe? I do a 15% water change once a fortnight and it takes me about 10 minutes to do, plus a pinch of food once every few days. Believe me, they’re much easier than the whining puppy who is sat by my feet, wanting and waiting for me to play ball 😀

      I’ve underscored the link to the survey so it should be easier to find. I had a look at the post myself and I noticed that it’s not very visible. I was kind of tired when I published it so I just proof-read it for typing errors and published it, I didn’t notice that the link wasn’t very clear, my bad. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post, too. I’ve been thinking about how to expand more on the British life thing given that my second most popular posts is this one: https://kinkywithatwist.com/2020/11/19/45-questions-american/ . As I’m sure you can appreciate, there is a lot of curiosity about life on this little island, which I find frankly absurd, given that so many people want to escape it 😀 One of my ideas would be to pinch Pooja’s ‘What I Eat In A Day’ idea and share a look at what I eat, as a British person. I think sometimes we get associated with miniature sandwiches and beef Wellington, so I’m sure that’d be quite a shock to some people!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply, you didn’t like my first comment like usual so I didn’t get a notification and weren’t aware that you had answered with an answer to my survey question. Otherwise I would have already filled it out, had I known. I completely understand your want for independance and I’m sorry that your brother felt guilt after your father’s passing. It makes sense for an adult to want to fix most of their problems on their own. I just meant that a little help here and there is okay. We may not have a tank but we have a pond outside. It may be slightly harder to see the fish, but it was still fun picking them out in the gardening store and giving them all names. The only issue is, we often have to shoo cats away in case they eat them and we sometimes get huge water birds in the garden that try to take a few nibbles. That British post idea sounds like a good one – go for it! It sounds like a fun read.

    1. Sorry! WordPress has been a bit weird lately and I think a plugin conflict is to blame, that’s why I can’t wait to get rid of them. I used to have a ‘like’ button on my PC, but for whatever reason, now I can only get a basic view of my comments with no like button at all! I know what you meant Simone, don’t worry 🙂 If you’re having problems with cats and birds, you can get some pond protectors from garden centres, or even from Ebay or Amazon. There are various ways that you can go about it, either by a net which you tie across the top of the pond, or some plastic sort of grids (they’re quite hard to explain) that you can float on the surface o the water. Depending on the size of your pond, it shouldn’t be too expensive plus, if you give a little slack in the net, the neighbourhood moggie will get their paws wet when they try and walk across it and the grids won’t hesitate to dunk them in either – no water-loathing moggie will want a repeat of that in their future! I’m definitely thinking along the British idea, thankyou 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you got the bill settled. It sucks that you had to go through that though!

    It sounds like things are coming together for you. I’m glad. 🙂

    1. It’s a pain in the bottom and it’s set me back on my plans by several weeks. On the bright side though, 23 blue velvet tropical shrimp turned up yesterday. I swear that they have nothing to do with me, maybe 😉

      Slowly but surely. As my father would always say, slow and steady wins the race 🙂

    1. No worries, I hope it helps. He’ll want something to hold it down too, either something to weigh it, or you can use a staple gun if your pond has a wooden frame 🙂

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