Low Engagement? Try This Now

I want to thank PoojaG of LifesFineWhine for this great tip because without it, I may never have seen the problem!

Quite recently, I’ve been all too aware of how often I post, of how many followers I have and how low the engagement is on our blog. What gives, and why do we have (did we have!) 336 followers, but very little engagement at all? I was confused, why was this happening to us?

In her recent post, Pooja mentions a number of ideas to boost your engagement rates, many of which I had already been implementing to be honest, with not too much success. I hold my hands up here and say that my record for engaging with other blogs is absolutely abysmal, but we’ll get onto that in just a moment. One of Pooja’s most extreme ideas was to delete some of your followers. I know! But hear me out.

We’re not talking about just any randomly picked (and unfairly subjected) followers here,Twisties, we’re talking about spam accounts.

We’re talking about names that you thought were real bloggers, but wait, what’s this? They’re not real at all! They’re selling sketchy programmes with almost no other content on their site at all. How did that happen?!

I know, I got caught out, too. In a big way.

In fact, having scoured through my followers this evening, I came to discover that nearly half of my readership weren’t real people at all!

But what’s more, as I scoured through, I came to discover other blogs that I hadn’t been visiting, and maybe should have been visiting. I came to discover other bloggers that made me chuckle or smile. I found other bloggers that deserved my time and my engagement as much as they had given me theirs, other bloggers that I had shamefully overlooked.

So to them, I say thankyou. Thankyou for sticking by me and my failures as a blogger. Thankyou also to The Wheelchair Teen, who reminded me again earlier on the importance of engaging with other bloggers.

Going through your followers may seem harsh and seeing how many followers you really have can even feel quite daunting, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. In the long run, it’ll be far better to connect with people who really read and enjoy your content instead of trying (and failing) to reach out to someone who didn’t actually exist at all.

Until tomorrow!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

10 thoughts on “Low Engagement? Try This Now

    1. It’s made such a difference already. I was very careful not to delete anyone who hasn’t blogged recently, but might still be reading. I’m really glad that engaging with other bloggers has been beneficial for you, it’s always nice when you find the special ones that you can engage with regularly in the process. Thankyou for stopping by 🙂

  1. I read Pooja’s post too, it was very good advice. My older sister had already been a blogger for seven years before I started so I was lucky to have her advice about these things when I began, but not everyone is that lucky. It’s very selfless of Pooja to share that advice to help fellow bloggers out in the same way my sister did with me. You’re welcome for the reminder, it was almost ironic that Pooja’s post came out so soon after I mentioned it. I wish you and your blog all the best!

    1. Pooja is great and I love interacting with her, as I do regularly. You’re completely right, she is completely selfless, even when she has a lot going on, that’s admirable. You are very lucky to have a sister to help you. I’ve mostly been going it alone, though Bill has been helping me a lot too because he has done a lot of writing online. Thankyou for your kind words, I wish you every success too!

    1. Oh you are telling me! I’ve been trying out a new approach to cleaning so that I can better manage my time, but I’m still not convinced it’s working. If I can make it work, I promise that I will share!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words- so glad my post helped! Deleting followers does sound very extreme but as you saw it’s also extremely helpful. When you get rid of the bots you understand your real engagement rate and it clears up your reader so you can engage with actual bloggers instead of spam posts. I have been getting rid of spam/bot accounts for over an year and it has helped so much in the long run.

    1. You’re very welcome 🙂 you’re a pleasure to interact with and you deserve all of the followers and reads that you can get. You’re absolutely right, and I saw my interactions soar through the roof. In 5 days I’ve had 9 comments – that almost never happens!

      1. Aww you’re too sweet!

        I’m so glad to hear that and once the algorithm picks up on the interaction it’ll start pushing your post towards a larger audience and you’ll see even more interaction!

      2. I can be, but I think most people who have sat opposite me in the boardroom would disagree with you 😀

        Aww don’t say that! I’ll never get anything done! Haha

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