18th June 2021 – Clockwork

Like clockwork, that’s how it was. Not even arisen, yet ready to ruin my day.

How does it know? Perhaps subconsciously.

What do you want? Apart from my sanity.

Oh anxiety, how I hate thee.

I wrote this short verse with my feelings ahead of a supposed BDSM session tonight. Anxiety is something that I always experience ahead of a session, hence, lit’s ike clockwork. Whilst this verse was written of course with my situation in mind, it is of course applicable to anyone living with anxiety on a regular basis, with or without a known cause. 


4 thoughts on “18th June 2021 – Clockwork

  1. Interesting. I’ve never seen you write in a slightly more poetic way like this but I really enjoyed it and I could relate to a lot of these feelings. Anxiety always seems to strike with the purpose of seperating us from our sanity – yet, sometimes it feels like there’s no real way to go around it – we have to go through it. Thanks for sharing something different yet really interesting.

    1. Thankyou đŸ˜‰ It happens occasionally. I think poetry is something that has to come to me in its own time, I can’t just make it happen at will. I have the poem I wrote for our wedding day somewhere, I will try to find it at some point.

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