22nd June 2021 – Match Day & Macarons

Disclaimer: Although nothing in this post is sexual, it contains details of my life, banter and conversations that happen within a self-described 24/7 D/s dynamic and is aimed at normalising and providing acceptance of those of us who choose to live this way. For further reading on my decision not to provide an adult content disclaimer on my non-sexual posts, please see my post “LGBTQ+K: A Case For “Kinky” As A Sexuality“. Thank you.

Good evening Twisties,

As the sun sets on another productive day, I thought I’d check in and see how you are, how everything is and share with you the things that I’ve been up to. I took a sneaky peek at my statistics yesterday and I was delighted to see that these posts have doubled in readership within a week. If these are what you want, then my lovely people, I’m just going to keep bringing them.

Last night, we tried out macarons. I managed to get a box of 12 mini ones from ASDA, at a not-exactly-cheap price of £3.15. I have no doubt in my mind that they aren’t the best quality, and for the size of them (about 3cm across), the price seems pretty extortionate, too. Even still, at long last, we could finally see what the fuss as about.

And the verdict?

Just “eh”.

I kind of feel like there are a number of foods that are delicious, but they’re “delicious” because they’re trendy. They’re delicious because everyone else is eating them, because celebrities are eating them, and because they said hat they’re delicious, too. I’m not saying that macarons are disgusting, not by a long shot. To me, they’re kind of like a meringue-amaretti-biscuit hybrid and I’d much rather have the meringue, or the amaretti biscuit. They’re tasty if you have a good flavoured filling, but delicious and worth the pomp that they’re often associated with? I wouldn’t say so. They’re a Parisian treat (albeit apparently originally Italian) and, in my humble opinion, a lot of it is about the marketing because of their popularity and wide variety of flavours. The lemon one was good, but then, in my eyes, anything containing real lemon is almost guaranteed to be good.

Today, I’ve done some work in the bedroom and made some improvements in the garden. I noticed the heart-shaped leaves on the vines of bindweed and ripped it out before it could take a hold. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is bindweed. It’s large, papery, trumpet-shaped flowers are absolutely hellish for someone with severe anthophobia like I have. In the sumer-autumn months, when the plant begins to flower, it can make going out for walks inpossible. I hate walking past a hedgerow that is riddled with the white flowers. I’ve also got bramble invading at the end of the garden, which got me thinking…

By now, a lot of my readers think I’m nice, and I am, generally. I’m not someone who goes out of my way to harm others and I’m not someone who generally believes getting in revenge either. However, I can be a bit catty, occasionally cold, often dark-humoured and frequently stubborn, too. I can also be passive-aggressive when aggressive-aggressive seems to be too risky (ie if your neighbours are likely to pummel you if you accidentally knock on the door too hard). I’m not everyone’s person. and that’s okay with me. Some people find me irritating and hard to work with, and others enjoy the challenge or my way of looking at or doing things. I work well with people who know that in order to get beautiful roses, you need a whole lot of sh*t first. Realists, I work well with other realists, because a realist is me.

Over the years, I’ve grown tired of trying to fight back the weeds in my garden. Weeds in a garden are inevitable, but what when your neighbours are doing nothing to maintain their side of the garden, and their weeds are invading into your garden? It seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it? Why should I work hard to keep mine weed-free while my neighbours have an easy ride? Weeds aren’t a reportable offence either, not unless it’s Japanese knotweed.

So I found a little trick, a little trick that, hopefully, will work. At least for me, anyway.

You see, instead of chopping the brambles back time and time again, you simply… divert them. If the brambles grow from your neighbours side, you simply chop them back to about four inches and bend them back the way they came. Hopefully, eventually, the prickly bush will grow back on itself, et voila! Ideally, it stays on their side in future, and your garden stays weed-free.

So with that in mind, guess what I’ve been doing today? Chop, tuck, chop, tuck… A few places might become a problem again but, hopefully, I can get hold of some wood filler for the fence before they do. I plan to add some more weed control membrane too, so eventually, the weeds will be somebody else’s problem. I know it’s naughty, but hey, why should I fight what my neighbours couldn’t be bothered to deal with? If they’re not bothered, then neither am I 😉

Last night, I also checked back with the guy who asked me to send him free fish. I was hesitant to send him some fish anyway, but you know how when your gut tells you not to do something then you probably shouldn’t? Well, that. It’s a bit naughty, but it’s my own little dash of Schadenfreude. Occasionally, I like to check back on his Youtube channel every now and then, if only because I quietly hoped that someone had called him out on his behaviour. I wanted him to come to realise the error of his ways, by asking for free stuff when he was far from a social media influencer. It was some audacity, during a pandemic, to ask for some free fish when small business were already struggling, an action that left me feeling incredibly angry. Maybe that was also why it bothered me so much – I couldn’t see my family, and here was this buffoon asking me to send him live creatures, for free!

When I looked at the chap’s platform though, I immediately smelled a fish (pun fully intended).

The chap himself seems rather illiterate, far too illiterate for the somewhat comprehensive email that had been sent to me days before. In his videos, he requires prompting from his partner in most of his videos, and the channel itself is run by a young couple. That was when my suspicions grew – was she emailing around people and companies in the name of scoring free fish and goodies, not him? I knew  that something didn’t feel right to me!

Having watched a few of their videos now, I’m satisfied that I made the right decision for my fish. They appear to have all kinds of issues (white spot and ich are mentioned in two videos, and fish loss comes up a few times, too) most likely linked to overstocking, introducing diseased fish, improper care and, possibly, improper water changes. Shipping fish would have been costly for me anyway, an expense most likely not offset by exposure on their Youtube channeI. Additionally, heaven help me if I hadn’t shipped these fish with a heat pack and all of the other things that people expect, and that you can kind of get away with if you know your stuff isn’t going on Youtube. No, instead, I gave my fry away to some very grateful people and kept a shoal of five males for myself, five males which now contently swim around in my now shrimp tank. I still raise my fry on for a week or two, then I give them away for free without shipping them all over the country. Even in spite of my occasionally mean streak, giving 60 young fish – entirely for free- to a man with a large tank and terminal cancer seemed worth it a couple of weeks ago. In that moment, it wasn’t about giving anything to get anything in return, it was about giving to give, pure and simple. His gratitude and pleasant conversation was more than enough of a payment for me. I’ve also got a chap on standby who has and raises Sky Blue Endlers so hopefully soon, we are going do a ‘fish swap’ and see what breeding our strains can produce. An exciting neon green Endler strain, maybe? We’ll see.

This evening, we also watched the Czech Republic – England EUFA game. Now, I’m not generally a football fanatic, but when it came to tonight’s game, I had to get my butt on the sofa, hence the late post.

In the Czech Republic, I have a Slowly penpal called Peter, and Peter and I have a great and wonderful connection. It’s ruthless, full of tormenting, ridicule and sheer mercilessness that has lasted ongoing two years, but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because at the heart of it all, we really care about one another, and if either of us were ever in a really bad situation, the other would genuinely be concerned. We talk food, family, culture, traditions, history… you name it. However, any sports game where our two countries play one another, the tormenting comes out to play.

So naturally, after our 5-0 victory against the Czech Republic in 2019 and our 1-0 victory this year, I had to send Peter a little message. Along with a picture of a football goal net, I included a friendly little note:

Just for the future, I have found a picture for you so that you know what to aim for. The ball must go in here for you to win, ok? Don’t worry, we can show you 😉

And you STILL think I’m a nice person? 😉

5 thoughts on “22nd June 2021 – Match Day & Macarons

  1. I agree about macarons, I always used to want to try them when I was younger because they show up a lot in a show I like but I could still never picture how they could be that tasty. After a character had a scene where he drank a certain type of drink in a popular romcom – it started to sell out that same month. Sometimes food is just all about the hype. Wow, that’s crazy, you’re completely right – live fish shouldn’t be free! I’m sorry that you came into contact with those iffy content creators. That seems like a clever trick for weeds. We get weeds here too but I think my father doesn’t mind going out in the garden all the time – I think it’s kind of therapeutic for him. I can understand why you would struggle with the constant weed work though. I really enjoy these types of posts too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, I found that true of bubble tea as well. I didn’t like it the first time and then I ordered it in and it was oh so sweet! I know it’s a cultural thing in Taiwan and that’s great but the Western hype is all about the sugar rush, most people our age couldn’t find Taiwan on a map if you paid them!

      I do heck back on them occasionally, Matt calls them my “friends” now haha. They got sentt a tub of maggots yesterday and aside saying that the seller recycled his packaging, he saod absolutely nothing about the health, colour, size etc of the maggots, certainly nothing that you would expect from a content creator supposed to be promoting a company! Haha.

      As long as your father is happy, that’s the main thing. I do most of, if not all of the gardening myself, so anything that reduces my workload is key for me.

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