Water-Only Bathing: Week Two Results

Following my decision to take on an adventure with washing only with water for two months, this is my second week of the experiment. Here are my results and observations.

Day One – It’s weird how, after mentioning how bizarre I felt about not stinking, today I feel completely fine about having no stink. Ho hum, I’m just an existence, I don’t stink of anything, and that’s okay. Even when I stood out in the garden with the pup, I just… exist. It’s oddly nice, I think.

Day Two – Time for another shower. I don’t feel as spa-tastic as I did the first time, but I do still feel pretty fresh. The boar bristle brush bothers me a little though – poor piggy, turned into my back brush like that. I didn’t realise it at first and now that I do, I feel a bit bad. I’d throw it out if that too wouldn’t make me feel awful. Still, as I scrub my skin with Percy Pig’s coarse body hair, I can’t help but feel like the ultimate apex predator. That sympathy was short-lived.

Day Three -James is visiting today, so I’d better stink of something, anything! Okay, so maybe not Dettol and cooker grease, but what? I relent and give my hair a spritz of Jimmy Choo “Illicit”. The act feels illicit in and of itself, but it also does smell good. It smells more… me?

In a bizarre turn of events, my perfume shelf has fallen. The only one that remained? Jimmy Choo “Illicit”, the one I mostly use. It’s almost as though fate is watching over me once again, how strange?

After washing, I added a little moisture balm to my face. It feels like I’ve made some steps back but it also feels pamperlicious. All of those liquids and potions feel a bit OTT, this new routine is surprisingly simple.

Matt noticed my facial massager for the first time and made jokes about me having my vibrator out ahead of us having company. I mean I suppose it does vibrate and it does feel good, applied to my temples, to relieve the headache he gives me 😉

Day Four – By now I feel like the Queen of the bidet scene. It does add a little bit of delay and inconvenience to my day, if only because our hot water tap takes so long to heat up and takes getting the handle at exactly the right point to kickstart the boiler. Matt’s surprised that one would use warm water for it, I’m more surprised to learn that he in anyway thinks one wouldn’t, though I supposed, an icy cold jet to the rear might just be effective enough to get him out of bed in the morning. Noted.

Day Five – Ack! Guess who forgot the bidet? I feel violated, my tush is just not used to toilet paper anymore. Not as a first step, anyway.

I’ve had a major break-out on my cheek, my face cheek, but all three pimples have come to a head and dried. Did I really purge my skin that fast with just water and exfoliation? Fascinating. Still, I exfoliated it again gently with lukewarm water. Even as a facial massager rather than an exfoliator, I’m in love with this thing. I almost purr as the tiny sinicone nodules vibrate over my temples and buzz sounds in my ears. Personally-inflicted ASMR, who’d have thunk it possible?

I can’t find my hairbrush, and this is frustrating. I was doing so well, I don’t want anymore tangles. Why?! Things were going so smoothly… I’m detecting some hair-stink again too. Trust the process, I guess. I really should try the tea tree rinse sometime though, after all, it may just help. One more thing to remember.

Day Six – Why does the transfer from bidet to bathtub feel so effortless? There’s not multiple steps like usual and there’s no need to get dry, since ‘I’m just hopping straight into the shower. No, I don’t have that spa feeling anymore, but I’m able to enjoy a good sing-song in the shower without the fears of a soap opera. Yes, there’s a joke there. No, I don’t care that it’s overdone.

Holy mackerel, is my skin starting to… shine?! I mean not shine like an oily shine exactly, but it’s starting to look radiant and fresh. There are a few marks from the break-out (purge?) left, but they’re going. Holy heck, this is doing more for me than tetracycline ever did!

I forgot the bidet again. Why do I do this to myself, why?!

Day Seven – Yes, we made the beast with two backs, no, I don’t stink. How is it that I stink less after doing the do when not using shower gel than I ever did while using it? I do have my own fragrance, honeyed, slightly dark and alluring – even I’ve noticed that I develop my own slight sweet aroma when I’m feelin’ frisky. Oh hey, I best wash that off before I unintentionally attract all of the males for many miles to come.

Nope, I still don’t stink! I do, however, smell like laminated desk top again. Sexy.

Finally found my hair brush again! There’s a little work to do but it’s not all stuck up like it could have been, the perks of not adding more product, I guess. My hair is starting to shine too, and not look oily. Just like my skin, it’s a soft, natural shine. It’s also got a touch of an upward flick at the ends, rather than a downward drop. I can’t help but feel a little like an overfed Linda Belcher.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check back again next week for week three!

Until then,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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