10th July 2021 – A Demand For Denim

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

As a submissive, one of the things that I try to do is that I try and look pleasing for him. If he mentions that my hair looks a little shabby, I brush it out for him. If he mentions that my nails are too long, I trim them for him. If he mentions that he likes a particular look or style on me, I try and adopt it for him. I’m attentive to his wants and demands of me, and I aim to act accordingly.

Matt, it seems, prefers elegance and simplicity. He likes shorter natural (or nude) nails, hair nowhere except my scalp and eyebrows, minimal make-up (though a smokey-eye on a night out can blow him away) and he prefers me in earth tones, particularly navy blue. What I didn’t know until recently is that he has a preference for the bottom half of me, too.

Not so long ago, I threw out all of my jeans. I ordered some in lockdown and they were probably at least four sizes too large. I knew that jeans don’t stretch that much, and I knew that I was extra cuddly. However, it would appear, I did grossly overestimat0e quite how extra-cuddly I am. That, or the size variation between brands was especially generous on this occasion. Dear Lord, what turned up were like clown’s trousers – they were huge!

No sooner than I tried these jeans on, they were down around my bottom again. I liked that they gave me a little room to move, but they were baggy in the extremes on me. The only way that I could wear them, it seemed, would be to wear them with a belt.

So I did.


I didn’t like that these jeans made my butt look saggy. I could dress better than that, and so I decided to put them out for recycling and order something else. In lockdown and after that incident, I started wearing yoga pants and I didn’t ever, ever, ever plan to go back.

The problem with yoga pants is that they aren’t particularly suited to more formal occasions. In a pinch, you can get away with wearing them with a cute hoodie around friends but for dinner with parents. it’s usually best to make a bit more of an effort. It’s good to look put together once you leave the nest, unless your world really is falling apart.

As a sort of compromise, I also bought a couple of pairs of black stretch trousers too, formal ones – they looked perfect with a fluffy jumper. Sorted!

I threw on my kept-for-emergencies pair of jeans yesterday, ahead of my father-in-law’s visit. Matt hadn’t done any laundry and all that was left were my yoga pants. In the end I opted for jeans, paired off with my beloved stone grey t-shirt – simple, casual, elegant.

As I left the room, Matt swatted me across the rear.

“What is it about my ass that you can’t get enough of?! I laughed.

“I dunno, I’ve always preferred you in denim instead of yoga pants” he replied. Wait, what?

“You have to be kidding, right? I threw all of my old jeans out!”


“What about the smart black trousers?”

“They make you look like you’re going to a meeting”. I smiled, it’s a strong look.

Right, well, I that’s now another thing I’ll have to replace next month.

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