12th July 2021 Pt 2 – The Night We Met

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence and sexual activity. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

Contains some strong language.

“I had a weird dream last night” Matt said as he sauntered into the lounge. I stopped my work to listen to him.

“I was at a pub and there were people there and an old lady with old lady with three Jack Rusells. I wondered for a moment whether he was dreaming of Bobby’s owner. She’s old and she has three Jack Russells, including Bobby.

“I’m not sure where you were,” he said, “I think you were at home but you were sending me naughty texts.”

“Yeah?” You might not have been entirely dreaming” I said with a smirk on my face.


At about half 12, I decided to take myself off to bed. I was trying to develop better habits and routines – bed earlier, up earlier. Monday had been something of a write-off, but Tuesday didn’t have to be. A little bit of self-discipline, I told myself, I could make Tuesday even something of a success.

“Right, I’m off to bed” I said, pulling myself from the sofa. I’d made a to-do list for Tuesday, and now was the time to go and get the energy that I required to do it all. After my nightly routine though, I had other ideas.

In lockdown, self-loving had gone on the back burner. It was almost impossible to fit in the time to explore my own thoughts and fantasies and to dive into them unabated. No, I decided, tonight I would. Tonight, I would let my imagination go, once and for all.

In our dynamic, masturbation is not forbidden. Matt knows that I have a higher sex drive than he does, and sometimes, the only way that I am able to think more clearly and get things done is to get out the thoughts and fantasies that have been keeping me. I’m used to “utility wanks”, but never anything that has truly allowed me the time and privacy to explore my own imagination, a chance to fulfil my wildest dreams.

I laid in bed for a while and let my mind do what it wanted to do. We’d go with whatever, we’d do whatever. Whatever came to mind, it could happen – No fears, no limits, no insecurities. This was my fantasy, not anyone else’s.

I started with playing with my breasts, the breasts that I so loved. Small, perky and sensitive, they really don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. They like being treated as much as they like being mistreated. No nipple biting though, that’s a major no-no.

I pulled on my nipple firmly and I gasped and moaned with ecstasy.

“Fuck, Sir. Please.”

In spite of being able to have anyone that my mind could have imagined, my mind stayed with Matt. Moreover, my mind had Dominant Matt, in our bed. to be exact. Mostly my Dominant Matt anyway, though perhaps with a dash more confidence than usual.

“Do these get mistreated enough?” Fantasy Dom Matt asked.

“No, Sir” I replied.


“Patient appears to have sensitive breasts. Further exploration will be required.” Fantasy Dom Matt noted, I squirmed and whimpered.

“Sir, please. I’m getting wet.”

For whatever reason, the third-person speech pattern does wicked, wicked things to me. Objectification, it seems, is a major kink of mine.

“Yeah? Look at that fucking round belly. It’d be even rounder than that with a baby inside of it.”

The breeding kink, something we both shared, and loved. Even if a real pregnancy wasn’t part of it for us, practicing was undoubtedly fun. I’m also not generally for degradation, but whatever, my brain is my brain.

For some reason, hoods came up, too. Leather hoods, to be precise, even if I was a bit hesitant about them. I’d explored Spandex and latex hoods before, both unsuccessfully, both left me feeling incredibly anxious. Not so much because of the sensory deprivation element, but because I couldn’t breathe freely through my nose. For me, not breathing causes immediate panic, and that is not something that I enjoy.

Would a leather hood be any different? I was curious. I’d always loved the bag-and-goggles I’d seen used on SAS Who Dares Wins. and I’d loved the way the recruits are reduced to mere numbers. Just sometimes, my kink knows no bounds. Whatever, again, now is not the time for questioning things.

Something took my fancy about being left naked and hooded in the corner of the room, my mouth and breasts available for his enjoyment, a mere object once again. Somehow, as if my magic, Fantasy Dom Matt had added another woman to the room. In my fantasy, my mouth wasn’t only for his enjoyment but for hers, too.

I’ve never slept with a girl, but I’ve never ruled it out, either. I had crushes on girl pals in my youth and I enjoy the taste of my own femininity, too. My lack of experience with other women comes down to my reluctance to do anything where drinking and drugs are involved and perhaps, anywhere that I might be putting myself at risk of an STD. Boring as it seems, logic doesn’t let me forget about the risks. Performing cunnilingus on another woman though was something that I had perhaps long wanted to do, perhaps under the right conditions.

In my fantasy, she and I were both Fantasy Dom Matt’s submissives and Fantasy Dom Matt had no qualms in making us stand back to back while he swapped our “giving” and “receiving” roles. We weren’t only for one another to enjoy, but a performance for him too.

I enjoyed the thought of watching another woman fellate Fantasy Dom Matt, or by now, my husband again. It was something that I loved to do for myself, and I’d so wanted to see him with another woman as well. Even if he is mine, I’d be all up for sharing him for one very wild night of fun.

I fell back onto the bed with a smile across my face. Finally, I’d gotten some of these thoughts out of my mind. Finally, I’d explored them, even if they hadn’t stayed the way that I imagined that they would, they were exciting and interesting nonetheless. With my hands cleaned of my deed, I wondered about texting Matt. Do I? Don’t I? Sometimes I do, but what if he doesn’t like this one? It was more intense than usual and in the end, I opted not to.

“I thought as much” Matt said as he came to bed, “I knew you’d still be awake.”

“Imagine that?” I mused.


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