14th July 2021 – Food Glorious Food

All things considered, yesterday was a pretty successful day. Even in spite of what had happened, we are laughing more and we are connecting better. The housework looks more up together too, more so, I think, than it ever has done in several months. I didn’t know that just getting up an hour or two earlier could make such a difference, but now that I do, I plan to do it a lot more often.

I do think that as of late, something in me has clicked, something effortless and uncomplicated. Life used to be a full of stress and undones, and yet, with the help of planning my to-do list the day before and allowing some tasks to carry over, I’m really getting there. It doesn’t all get done? That’s okay, I’m only human. I’m allowing myself to be more imperfect, to be a bit selfish, to be a bit lazy and a bit cruel, too. I wrote not so long ago about not being so ‘nice’ to people, including my neighbours, and there was a time that I would have relentlessly lopped at brambles to prevent them from becoming a bother to anyone else. Not now, not anymore. Now, I simply reroute any brambles back into unkempt gardens. Little by little, I think I might actually be winning.

Yesterday, during a quiet spell with work and during his lunch break, Matt called up some food swap videos to watch on Youtube. I find it interesting, and I still keep meaning to try making our very own funnel cake, too. The videos that Matt watches aren’t snack-tastings, but rather, whole meals swaps.

In one video, it was an American-English food swap. To be honest, I didn’t think an awful lot could surprise me and yet. there is always something more that we can learn. Pancakes or waffles for breakfast, I was aware. I don’t think I could, but to each his or her own. I usually have something that I can eat on the go, with mornings being my busiest time.

Coffee, okay, but Kirispy Kreme donuts? For breakfast? Surely I was missing something?

In the UK, donuts are normally eaten perhaps as a mid-morning snack, with a hot drink, or shared in a staff room. Breakfast is usually cereal or toast, or a cereal bar of some sort, though my understanding is that breakfast cereal is popular on American households, too. Pancakes and waffles are uncommon for breakfast in the UK, they’re usually seen as time-consuming and Americanised. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with America, it’s just that this is Britain, and we have British breakfast foods. Still, .it’s amazing how, across the ocean, breakfast couldn’t look more different.

“He’s got mac and cheese with a pork chop, too” Matt told me.

“With a pork chop?” I asked, I was surprised. Growing up, my Mum always made macaroni cheese as an affordable meat-free main. I like macaroni cheese, heck, I could live off of it with a splash of Worcestershire sauce added, but as a side? My mother would have laughed at me.

“Yes, it’s served as a side in the US” Matt informed me. I think my eyebrows more or less left my forehead at that point, I could never do mac & cheese as a side. As a Brit, it would be like serving fish & chips with my Sunday roast, it’s just unthinkable.

“They’re trying out the worst foods in this one” Matt continued. “The American guy has pease pudding for dinner”. The thought was almost enough to put me off of my own. Taste-wise, it’s not too bad. Texturally it is – to use my native English here – bloody awful.

“He has rice pudding and custard, too. Not together, obviously.”

“Rice pudding is fine under one condition – it has to be warm” I concluded.

“And with jam” Matt added. I agreed.

Growing up, I lived on rice pudding. Homemade rice pudding moreover, usually on a Sunday before swimming, and usually cardamom or vanilla flavour. There was also the time we had ragworm rice pudding, a horrific mistake my mother made by confusing frozen fishing bait for frozen cooking ingredients, a story that we still tease her about. Needless to say, the taste was… unusual.

It’s crazy to think how, across the pond, even if we’re bizarrely alike, in many other ways, we are so different. I look at my “taps” as everyday items that need cleaning, and yet my American friends so frequently find the idea of two taps (why don’t British people just learn to call them faucets?!) so baffling. Most American homes have ceiling fans or air conditioning and yet, in the UK, pedestal fans often sell out at this time of year and almost nobody has air conditioning or a ceiling fan, even if we can readily get hold of both. Americans love coffee and are baffled by the British love of tea, and most British people are gobsmacked that Americans would ever put their tea in the microwave. Americans think we think the world of ol’ Queenie, while British people think ten times more of William & Kate (we love William & Kate!) but can’t understand why Americans get so damned passionate about politics, or baseball, or American football.

Oh, and talking of American football, I’ve never understood why you guys need so much protective gear to play American football. I mean, you have seen Gaelic football and rugby in the UK, right? Those guys don’t wear shoulder pads and helmets and they get pretty beaten up too, I’m just sayin’. I definitely don’t think y’all just a bit soft or anything. Nope, no siree.

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about doing, and that I started planning for after our New Zealand snack tasting last week, is a British snacks post. We’ve tried so many snacks from various countries, but maybe you’re wondering what some of our favourite British snacks are? Well, I want to bring you that post, or posts – probably posts, one post on its own would be hellishly long.

I’m also joining fellow blogger and blogging friend Pooja in rewriting my blogging schedule. Lately, I’ve been cramming a lot of stuff in and it’s been great fun but it’s also been incredibly stressful, it’s been making my hands sore and it might be a bit more than some people want to read from me, too. I hadn’t thought of it at first and yet it seemed that maybe Pooja was onto something!

So, as of next week, my blogging schedule will look like this:

Monday – Weekend update – let’s chat, hang, catch up on the gossip, share the funny bits, the hard bits, all that kind of fun stuff.

Tuesday – Top 10 Tuesday – A completely new (for this blog, anyway!) idea. We’ll share our top tens with you. What would you like to read? Dishes? Snacks? British beaches? Kinky toys? Send us your ideas and we’ll be sure to pencil them in!

Wednesday – Another mid-week catch-up, because why not?

Thursday – Thoughts On… Thursday – It’s back! But with a twist. It won’t be named as such, but it will be my usual, more vanilla posts. Snack-tastings, water-only bathing updates (as it will be for the next five weeks), opinions and more.

Friday – It’s date night or it’s play time! Come hang out with me again for another update. Maybe there’ll be some juicy hints of what lies ahead this evening…

Saturday – Sexy Saturday – Oof! As if that wasn’t enough, Saturday will be when the sexy and kinky stuff happens. What’s Your Kink? 30 Days Of Submission, or anything else bordering onto NSFW.

Sunday – Writer’s Rest – It’s a crazy concept, but I’m actually going to start taking a day off from blogging. I know, I’ll miss you guys too, but it will be good for my hands and eyes. We’ll catch up again on Monday! I promise.

That’s it from me for now, I’ve got a jungle… I mean a garden, to go tidy!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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