Water-Only Bathing: Week Three Results

Following my decision to take on an adventure with washing only with water for two months, this is my third week of the experiment. Here are my results and observations.

Caution: These posts are shamefully candid.

Day One: Oh well, here goes nothing again. By now, this experiment is beginning to drag on me and the newness is beginning to wear off. Water-only showers don’t feel as sparkly as they once did, they feel more like showers, odd showers. I did, however, have a pamper evening afterwards and tidied up my eyebrows and dry heels, that’s an unusual one for me. I’ve also noticed that towels don’t need washing quite as much after my shower as there’s never any residual shower gel or conditioner on them, it’s all just water.

Day Two: Definitely detecting some hair stink today, still not much I can do about it though. I mean I can, I have the tools to do it, I just don’t have the time right now. I feel a bit stinky and gross too, and my hair is definitely starting to look greasy.

I got a pimple on my chin. The exfoliator did get rid of it, but it throbs a little. Did I exfoliate too hard? No blood though, so I guess not.

Day Three: Nope, I stink, so it’s back into the shower we go. You know what? I’ve changed my mind on these showers. They do feel therapeutic. Fuss-free and simple. No, I need more of this, not less.

So help me God, why does my father-in-law have to be on the other side of the door when my portable bidet is in full swing? I’ve never intermittently wiped my own arse before, and yet this is a stop-and-start dance to quell the sounds emanating from inside the bathroom. Why is this thing so loud?!

Day Four: I cannae be fluffed with anything today, not after last night. Damn this experiment.

I’m so over this bidet now. I spend far too long waiting for the water to warm up!

Nope, I am being conned, I’m convinced of it – my face feels oilier than ever! Does this exfoliator even work? Maybe Matt is right after all, I feel like I’ve been tricked into buying an adult toy. Maybe if I press a bit harder… Okay, that kind of hurts, and my face is red. Maybe I should be gentle. Oh well, time to go join Matt on the sofa.

Dear God… did I just relax?

Day Five: I’m trying to find the willpower, really I am. M’kay, quick scrub then. I suppose that feels better.

The bidet is recommended (and illustrated) for… ahem, front-bottom use for ladies, and I just gave myself a UTI using the portable bidet on my front-bottom. Now I know why you shouldn’t douche! Well, that should calm him down for a few days…

I relaxed this evening, again. OH. MY. GOD!

Day Six: At this point, I feel like I could prepare a cake tin with my face. Okay, so that’s a super gross analogy, but it’s so damn oily, although less so on my cheeks. Maybe I should invest in a moisturiser for oily skin? When I have the money. I’ll add it to the list for Monday.

I do feel slightly better. Not perfect, but better. Plenty of water seems to have helped. Top down for hydration in future I think, rather than bottom up.

Day Seven: Sweet Lord, I think I made the water too warm. I feel as though these posts too should have an adult content warning for what I’ve just been through.

I enjoyed cleaning the bathroom today. Wait, do people do that? Can I say that? I feel as though I turned the bathroom into my own spa, rather than just some room with three porcelain goods which accommodate some form of basic need. Eh, whatever, I look forward to my shower later.

Okay, nope, I’ve changed my mind on these. After a hot, balmy day, a cool shower before bed feels good, relaxing even. Again I don’t feel spa-tastic, but I do feel different, calm, like I’ve just got out of a swimming pool. Flashbacks to my local leisure centre pass through my mind and I miss swimming but still, it feels good regardless. I also gave my hair a really good scrunch through in the water for even longer than usual and I do think it stinks less. Tonnes more dead hair came out though. Where the f*** is it coming from?!

I’m low-key fed up now of exfoliating my face every day, so I just washed it with a clean bath sponge and some water. Ooh, this feels naughty, good though, practical. Exfoliating every day did feel still too much like a beauty regimen for my personal tastes, but I could get used to only doing it on certain days, like you know, the days when I feed the tropical fish. Fish & Face days? I’ll take it.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check back again next week for week four!

Until then,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

5 thoughts on “Water-Only Bathing: Week Three Results

    1. Thank you, yes, it felt very strange at first but it’s honestly been very interesting. I’ve rethought water, beauty regimens, everything. I’m going to do a write-up at the end of the two months but I think this experiment has gone far beyond just cleaning with water now!

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