Water-Only Bathing – Week Four Results

Following my decision to take on an adventure with washing only with water for two months, this is my fourth week of the experiment. Here are my results and observations.

Caution: These posts are shamefully candid.

Some of you reached out to me about this experiment after my week three results, so thank you – I’m so thrilled to be the human guinea pig! I’m just kidding, of course. If your curious enough – just try it! One month in and it’s been life-changing for me, I hope that it will be for you, too 🙂

Day One: Hmm…. my face does not feel as oily today, so that’s good. It’s a little oily, but it’s not too bad, perhaps it’s recovering after the abuse that I’ve been putting it through? I did some reading today and exfoliating two-to-three times per week is recommended, and overdoing it can cause oily skin. Wboopsies…

Day Two: I did not exfoliate again today, I feel bad but it feels good. I might give my skin a sort of reset for a few days and see where we go.

I’m sure the bidet has lost power, maybe? Could just be my imagination though.

An evening with the family. You know, I still don’t feel stinky in social situations…

Day Three: Ooh it’s warming up! I don’t want a hot shower, but also, does anyone realise how flippin’ refreshing these soap-free showers actually are? No faff, no fuss or multi-part routines- just wash away the pong, scrub my scalp aaand we’re done. Easy!

Matt mentioned a ‘disco-fanny’. I’ve had to go commando because of a mild heat reaction caused by wearing black underwear in 30°C weather, but I washed, dried and treated it before getting dressed. I don’t have, do I? He doesn’t think, does he?

Apparently I don’t smell, but still. I shall exact my revenge, don’t you worry about that – fool me once, shame on you…

I decided to scrub my teeth with bicarbonate of soda tonight, apparently it’s more natural. It can’t be too bad, can it?

Ack! What did I just do to myself? Why is it so bitter?! Nope, the chemically laden mint stuff stays, absolutely no compromises there, ever!

In a bold move, I decided to take a whiff of my armpit. Surely by now I must be honking a bit? It’s 22°C out there! Okay, I do, but very, very slightly, and certainly not enough for a larger lady who has been ‘glowing’ all day. I consulted Google for answers. Apparently, antiperspirants change the bacteria on our skin, making us stink more. Fascinating!

Day Four: Ookay, the bidet is officially losing power. Don’t give out on me now, little guy – I need you!

Shower and shave time again, I feel so un-sweaty and clean! Disco-fanny… ha! Well if it stinks then maybe he won’t want anywhere near it. How does ‘ever again’ sound? I won’t of course. Maybe…

Day Five: I’ve had to abort the bidet for the time being, it just doesn’t jet like it used to. For once, I feel uneasy. There are reports of panic-buying because of the ‘pingdemic’ and we only have one roll of loo roll left. I was feeling internally smug earlier about how I won’t be impacted by a bog roll shortage, but now I feel as though I spoke to soon. I need myself some in-case-of-emergency sh*t sheets! Oh god…

I’ve had a whitehead breakout! Nothing major but they are a little bit sore. Exfoliated them away without real incident, two bled a tiny bit. Might just be wear I’ve made my face too oily over the past few days. Still, lessons learned.

Day Six: No more breakouts! That has to be a good sign. I’m considering just… you know. not exfoliating? Or often? Sacré bleu, I know. Maybe I’ll just go back to a washcloth. Yes, that sounds more my style. Au revoir, vibrating exfoliator. I’ll miss you!

Yay! I found my wide-toothed hair comb. We’re about to make some serious differences right here…

Day Seven: Yay, shower day! I almost want to dance under the rain shower, the… you know… shower rain? At least, that’s how it feels! After a hot and sweaty day, shower rain feels so promising. Hmm, now that gives me an idea – what about washing my hair outside in the rain, sans-product? What a way to overcome my astraphobia! Time to Google…

Apparently, it’s not a good idea – but I so wanted that earthy experience! I feel deprived, can’t I just filter the gunk out of rainwater, or won’t it be the same? I can’t deny that I feel a little bit sad. I wanted to be at one with nature, without giving someone a reason to call the authorities.

I’m well and truly back to bog roll – I do not like bog roll anymore, it feels so violating and unclean. I want to jump back into the shower and scrub away the unclean feeling. After so long with the bidet, what I’ve done to myself feels like one of those times again. No amount of showering can undo this feeling. I’m unclean!

Before sleep, I relaxed on the bed wearing only my smalls and Matt asked me to put my arm down from above my head. Once again, stinky insecurities immediately set in, though he assures me that it’s not that. I check my armpit, fearing that I may have a mane growing from under my upper limbs – nope, it’s not that either. Apparently, my having my hand above my head is giving him nefarious ideas. Oh hey…

That’s it for this week – be sure to check back again next week for week five!

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