Water-Only Bathing – Week Five Results

Following my decision to take on an adventure with washing only with water for two months, this is my fourth week of the experiment. Here are my results and observations.

Caution: These posts are shamefully candid.

Day One: No sooner than I’d written up last weeks results, I was back into the shower. I was hot, I was sweaty, I was stinky and I knew exactly where I needed to be. Once again, the sunlight streamed in a little and once again, I felt at one with nature. How can such a simple thing make you feel so darn relaxed?

Post-shower sparkly feelings lasted all of ten minutes. No further explanation required.

Day Two: Finally! We have batteries. “For your friend?” Matt asks rather smugly. “They are”, I shoot back, “but not the one you’re thinking of”. That silenced him.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my hair is in a bit of a worse state than what I thought it was. I think, in lockdown, I got used to raking it briefly and tying it back, and now, all of that hair abuse has caught up with me. Not to worry, once you know that you have a problem, you can start doing something about it.

Day Three: For the sakes of keeping this post PG, let’s just say that another shower was required ahead of a family visit. Once again, a quick hair brush and spray of perfume and it’s as though nothing happened. I also don’t feel like I smell bad anymore, I’m more confident and relaxed. Am I starting to trust in the process? Maybe…

Day Four: Guess who forgot the bidet? Oh bother, still, it didn’t bother me like it usually does. I mean, it bothers me a little, but not in the way that I feel quite so dramatic about it. I don’t feel as clean, but I certainly don’t feel dirty either. I do feel a bit begrudging though, and like everyone knows and is now judging me. Do I stink?

I spent the evening working on my hair. I won’t win if I ignore the problem, though I have noticed that my hair is slightly wavier and shinier without any product on it. I didn’t know I had slightly wavy hair, it’s normally almost pin-straight!

Day Five: I don’t know what possessed me, but I thought I’d start working out again. I’ve been shamefully lazy for several years because of my mental health and this time, I decided to turn all of that around. There’s no denying it, I had fun! I’m exhausted, but I had fun. I decided to take a leaf out of Christian Grey’s handbook and go for a post-workout shower. There’s no way that I can wash off the stink using only water, is there?

Son of a… it works! It really, really works. Even I’m struggling to believe that it’s possible, but it works. I feel frankly fookin’ fantastic, too. I’ve come to know my fragrance name at last as well, it’s Neutral. Just skin! And it’s kind of oddly sexy…

Once again, post-shower sparkles didn’t last. I really must upgrade my husband’s dinner sizes.

Day Six: Workout number two down, another shower down, though this time I managed to dodge out of my betrothed’s path before anything became of me. I’m beginning to experience Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, which under the circumstances, never fails to make me smile. I also found out about a few fitness buffs who haven’t been working out because it’s too warm. That’s kinda cute – I did! Crack open the window, turn the fan on, fill up your water bottle and get on with it đŸ˜‰

I’ve had another break-out on my face. Yes, it’s sore and yes, it did bleed. Do I exfoliate, or don’t I? My skin doesn’t seem happy, regardless of what I do. Maybe I should start up a nine-step beauty regimen, after all?

Another two handfuls of dead hair out while watching Bob’s Burgers, though, for it’s part, it does just seem to slide out. I’m actually starting to get that flicky, floaty, whippy hair thing going on, whoop! Go me. I’ve also noticed my dermatillomania has settled a bit, though whether that’s because my scalp feels less dry or because I feel better psychologically, I’m undecided. Either way, something works.

Day Seven: Another workout down, though I did break today into two, more manageable ten-minute sessions. It still kills me, but it kills me a little bit less and doesn’t take up quite so much of my “other stuff to do” day. I didn’t get my yoga session in, but that’s okay. I’ve worked out at least. Life gets in the way sometimes. Shower after was a quick five minutes, and I love that. Within an hour, I’ve worked out, showered, dried, dressed and rested for twenty minutes. Beat that for productivity.

That’s it for this week – be sure to check back again next week for week six!

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