Erotic Story: Maid Unmade – Written by Will R

Maid in short black dress hite white feather duster. White text white black background.

A sexy story of a clumsy maid and her erotic fate. Contains scenes of consensual sexual violence. 18+.

Introducing my new contributor, romantic partner and hopefully one day Dominant, Will! Will and I have many more stories lined up, including some that I have written myself. We hope that you enjoy them and we look forward to sharing more stories with you in the future!

Maid Unmade

As I walk through my apartment, I hear a shout and a crash from the next room. I reach the door and look into my study, my prized crystal decanter on the floor in pieces and whiskey soaking into the carpet.

I see your face flicker with fear as you look to the floor. You’re standing in front of me, your back to me and wearing your little maids’ uniform with black leather heels and stockings that cling to your thighs. If you bend just right, I can just just about catch a glimpse of your red lace knickers. 

This is the chance that I’ve been waiting for!

“What have you done?”, my voice is harsh and you spin suddenly at the sound.

“Sir, I’m sorry, I was dusting and just knocked it over”. There is a hint of panic in your voice, you don’t quite yet know how I’ll react. You don’t know that I’ve been secretly leaving things in awkward positions for you, waiting for the opportunity that I now have.

“Do you know what that is worth?”. I glance at the smashed decanter and back at you, letting a hint of fire into my words. You look to the ground, refusing to meet my gaze.

Now for my gamble. I’m about to get everything I want, or lose it.

“Get out, don’t come back.”


“You heard me, get out! I don’t want an incompetent destroying my home!”

“Sir no, please. I need this job, I’ll…I’ll do anything. I’ll replace it. I’ll pay off the debt to you somehow.”

“No payment would be enough, but maybe…I’d have to know that you won’t do it again, but maybe…”

“Yes sir?”

“Maybe payment and punishment? What do you think?”

“And I keep my job?”

“That’s the deal, I’ll take my payment and meet out the punishment, then you can keep your job.”

“Then I accept sir.”

“Good, follow me.”

I turn and head out of the room and down the short corridor to my bedroom. You hesitate at the door as I beckon you in. 

“What, now sir?” you ask, fear again creeping in.

“Take off your panties.”


“I’m not asking again, do as I say or walk out the door!” 

You hesitate, you’re not sure what to do but the look in my eyes tells you that I’m not lying. Your eyes drift to the floor, then slowly and deliberately you reach down and pull off the red lace knickers that I knew you’d been wearing all along. 

“Now your punishment. Come and bend over my knee and I’m going to spank you, hard to make you remember to be more careful!” I beckon you toward me and with a faltering step you get closer, I reach out to you and grab your wrist. 

Holding you firmly, I throw you over my knee and you begin to struggle. You can’t escape from me, I’m holding you tightly over my lap and the more you struggle, the firmer I hold you. I can see your pert arse just over my right knee and the skirt already pulled up from your struggle. I bring my hand down hard on your right cheek, causing you to shout out in pain, then again as my hand makes another strike. Gradually, a red glow starts to appear.

“Eight more little one and then it’s all done.”

I place my hand onto the red for a second to cool it, rubbing it gently to soothe the burn. I then I raise my hand and bring it down again, hard, and then again and again. Each strike brings a flower of red onto your perfect arse and a whimper of pain from between your beautiful lips. 

I stand you up and place you in front of me, running my hands down your arms and taking your hands into mine. As I do,I raise them slightly above your head and place them flat against the wall in front of you. You bend slightly, making your skirt rise again.

“If you want it to stop, all you have to do is walk away” I growl into your ear. “If not, you’re going to ask me to finish – nicely, mind you! So, walk away from your job, or ask me for more. It’s all up to you”. My hand stays on your arse as you breathe deeply and consider your decision. 

“More please, sir” you whisper.

I wrap my arm round you and haul my hand against you, feeling the jolt pass through your body. I see you bite your lip as I spank you again. pausing to watch you wait for the next blow. The pale skin of your arse turns an angry scarlet as I strike again and again, then comes my final strike harder than all the others it lands directly on the reddest patch of skin. You cry out with the pain and lean your head against the wall.

 As you compose yourself, I go to the bathroom and bring back a cool flannel. I place it against your stinging rear causing you to jump at the feeling of the coolness, and  then sigh. After a few minutes, I take a step back and sit in a chair across the room. There I stay, watching you until you turn to look at me.

“What now sir?”

“Now it’s time for payment. Down on all fours and crawl over here to me.”

There’s less hesitation as you get first to your knees and then lean forward to place your hands onto the floor. Slowly, you make your way across the floor, getting closer to me as you look me directly in the eyes.

You place yourself between my legs with your head over my crotch. Tilting your head up at me, I look down into your blue eyes and nod – you know what I want.

Reaching up, you open my fly to pull out my cock lower your head and lick it from shaft to tip. With each stroke  my dick grows and swells under your movement. When my cock is fully erect you push it wholly to the back of your throat, making me groan with pleasure. 

“You’re a good slut, aren’t you?”

You bring your head up, your hand still stroking my hard cock.

 “Thank you, sir.”

With that I lean forward and kiss your forehead then rip open your tunic and red lace bra, exposing your perfect breasts. You place my cock between your tits and move them up and down to stroke me, placing your mouth on the tip to suck my throbbing member.

My balls tighten and you speed up sure that I’m about to cum. You place your mouth on my cock, waiting for my load, Without warning, I grab your hair and pull you up, staring into your eyes as I explode over your tits and face with my warm sticky cum.

There you are, kneeling before me in the remnants of your dress and your underwear, your once-innocent flesh covered by me. I pass you a towel and you begin to clean yourself. As you stand, I see a slight glimmer of wetness on your thigh.

“Will that be all Sir?”

I stand, up my face an inch from yours, my still hard cock gently rubbing against the wetness of your thigh.

“No, not quite. Now, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes sir.” 

I grab you and push you against the wall, my dick slides effortlessly into your warm wet pussy. With both hands pressed into the small of your back your breasts pushed flat against the wall, I thrust deeply into you.

“Ah good girl, you’re so wet. You’re going to make me cum again, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir I want more. please!”

My cock slides in and out of your pussy so easily, your moans a staccato as my thrusts go deeper and deeper. Our bodies rock back and forth, you pushing back onto me as I ram my hips against you.

I step back and throw you onto the bed behind us, spreading your legs wide and pulling you back toward me with your right leg over my shoulder as I enter you again. I watch you grab your breasts and tug on your nipples, bringing a flush across your cheeks. 

My gentle roll speeds up and the thrusts of my cock get deeper and deeper. Your back arches and your hips push toward me, a loud moan escaping your lips

“I’m cumming” you announce and I speed up my thrusts, pushing you closer to orgasm

“I’m cum…,” you start again and as you do your pussy convulses and tightens around my dick making me cum once again inside your warm wet pussy. As we recover from our mutual ecstasy, I lean over and take you up in my arms, pulling you close to me and wrapping us both in a blanket. I lean in and kiss the bridge of your nose.

“Well done. You can break something again later, if you like” I say. You squirm and snuggle up against my chest, look up at me and smile.

“Yes sir, thank you sir” you reply, and there we stay, you pressed against my chest with my arms around you.

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