TMI Tuesday – 31st August 2021

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What instrument did I used to play when I was in school? What is my kitchen speciality dish? All will be revealed here.

Yep, it’s back! I used to be involved with the TMI Tuesday crew but seeing my stats tank, I decided to give it up and focus on better writing. You know what was even worse for my blog? Giving TMI Tuesday up! With that in mind, I’m going to be mixing TMI Tuesday on alternate weeks with Top Ten Tuesdays, so you’ll always have something a bit different to read 😉

It’s only going to be me taking part in the questions from now on (tracking down men and interrogating them is often difficult, though I did try!). As always, if you have anything you’d like me to answer next time, leave your questions in the comments or alternately, drop me a message.

What Is TMI Tuesday?

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1. Shower or bath?

100% showers, I just have this thing in my mind whereby baths are wallowing in my own dirt and muck and… yeah, no thank you. If I’m in a rush, it’s a brief shower. If I’ve got time, I love a good, long, hot shower for plenty of thinking space. I also have a playlist on my phone called ‘shower music’ and I hook it up to my waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker for the ultimate indulgence. It’s the best place to be to put the world to rights!

2. Are you a good cook? And if so, what’s your specialty?

I think that very much depends on perceptions of what a ‘good cook’ is, but I know my way around the kitchen, yes. Do I do posh nosh? No, absolutely not. I’d like to call my style of cooking more pub grub, but perhaps also independent, not chain. Burgers are my speciality – beef burgers with a hint of spice, seasoned chips and of course tempura onion rings. Also, I make a good tiramisu and I can make meringue, and I also make pretty good pancakes. I’m a devil in that once I get an idea, I just run with it. Not so long ago I made a Mediterranean-style turkey burger which I paired off with caramelised onions and red bell peppers, mayo and slices of chorizo – trust me, it was good!

3. Is there anything you regret not doing?

Not being there when my father passed away is undoubtedly the biggest regret that I have, and probably ever will have. It eats me everyday. Even if my family have assured me that they were glad that I was not (they think it would have traumatised me), you know, my Dad was always there for me and I loved him deeply. Can we just skip on from that one now, maybe? It’s hard for me, and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer on my first day back.

4. Who was the nicest person you worked for?

Oh my goodness, Clare. Clare was the Practice Administrator in the healthcare centre where I worked, and even if she wasn’t the big boss, I was responsible to her. She fought my corner and she supported me so much. Whenever I had a panic attack getting to work, she’d just tell me to calm down and take my time. One day when we had moderately heavy snowfall, even as I was plodding my through and determined to get to work, Clare just called me up and told me to go home, get warm and stay safe. It was my job to hand over birth and death records too, and she used to get so excited about babies! Absolutely golden woman, I miss her.

5. Do you play an instrument?

I used to! Way back when, I used to be a drummer for my school band, I had a Yamaha keyboard in my bedroom and a piano in the dining room (I know, posh bitch 😉 ). I was so determined to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise (fond childhood memories!) until my mother sold the damn thing. I’ve long dreamed of taking up the violin or the harp but a harp would probably take up the entirety of my lounge and my husband refuses to contend with the headache that I’d likely cause while trying to get a few good notes out of the former. Ahh well, a girl can dream!

Bonus: Do you dream?

Yes! I analyse my dreams too, and there is one that sticks out particularly in memory here. I had this dream that I was on a island’s beachy shore and there was an inflatable obstacle course on the sea, but to get off of the island, you had to complete the course. I tried several times but I couldn’t beat it and eventually I just gave up and was kind of in a mood and just kicking at the sand. Anyway, something caught my attention and when I crouched to pick it up and it was a gold picture frame with a photo of my Dad inside. I was really confused what it meant but I analysed it and basically, obstacle courses and hunting for treasure sort of went together – I was feeling challenged by this huge obstacle of grief and trying to find answers to coping with it. The gold is symbolic of something valuable and important, and the focus of a picture frame is someone who is on your mind, ie my dad! Our minds are truly incredible things.

Oh, and I’m an avid daydreamer too!

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! join me next week for the next round!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – 31st August 2021

  1. Good to see you again.

    I don’t do burgers of any kind but your burger does sound delicious.

    Your pancakes look like crepes, and they are making my mouth water.

    Your dad. I get that. Sorry for your loss.

    I love the harp.

    Another TMIer plays the drum and keyboard and organ too!

    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you! It’s great to be back.

      My Mum doesn’t do ‘buggered up meat’ either. They’re not for everyone, and that’s fine.

      Haha thank you! I do try to keep them thin and crepe-like, I think it makes for a better dish, I normally fill mine with diced apples, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon for breakfast. It’s quite a healthy start, too!

      Thank you, I have responded to your other comment on grief and loss of parents.

      Harps are beautiful. My mother’s friend’s daughter had one and I knew there and then what I wanted/ They’re huge, but oh so elegant.

      Haha really? I didn’t play the organ though, I played the piano. Very similar instruments to look at but one is wood and the other is percussion/string 😉

      Thank you, you too!

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