That Time We Tried Snacks From… Germany

Germany is famed for sausages and beer, but how about other snacks?

Newsflash (will delete this bit in a week or two): Sorry for the slight delay with this post, folks. I lost an aunt yesterday, so I was a little preoccupied supporting Mum. I’m okay, I wasn’t really that close to my aunt (she always judged me because I’m not well-to-do like she was) but my mother isn’t coping quite so well. I’m back to the grind today, though!

The time has come when Matt and I have tasted our last snack tasting box. It’s been great fun and an adventure for sure, but these boxes are not cheap and we’re often left with quite a lot of food! After so many delightful tastings, we’ve decided to give our taste buds a rest and stick to our home turf. Panic not! We still have two more Top Ten British snack posts in the line-up for you!

The last country for us to taste was none other than Germany! Germany has always been shrouded in mystery for me, in the same way that it has been perhaps for many people in my generation. My grandparents, both war vererans, would never talk about Germany and would even forbid it. For this reason, Germany was always a bit of an unknown land. I studied the Holocaust in great detail during my GCSE History studies, but I never really come to know Germany itself. With thanks to things like the German Christmas markets that appear all over the UK each year and apps like Slowly that have connected me to many German friends, I’ve got to know (and love) more and more about this intriguing country. For me, this wonderful snack selection was the very epitome of why I wanted to do these tastings in the first place – I wanted to get to know some of the people that we once regarded as some of our enemies and I wanted us to get to know one another better. I wanted us to focus on our similarities whilst celebrating and sharing our individual differences. I wanted to show that no matter who you are or where you’re from, we absolutely can find something in common!

So without any further ado, shall we begin?

Ahoj – Brause – Blaubeer

We got thrown in at the deep end with this one because it was different to the beverage listed in the pamphlet. Of what little German I know (and it is very little!) then I knew that ‘blau’ translated to blue, so I took a guess that ‘blaubeer’ would translate to blueberry, and I was right! A blueberry soda? That’s a new one on me, but then, new experiences are also what we’re here for.

Winner or Binner? Just look at that colour! Isn’t it glorious? The nerd in me couldn’t help but think of a copper sulphate solution and even wonder if I should be drinking it, but hey, I was willing to put my trust (and therefore ultimately my life) in my German’s friends’ hands. Don’t be fooled! This bubbling blueberry beverage is rather tart, but it’s also incredibly refreshing. I wanted to find more but couldn’t, which is a shame. It’s a Winner for us.

Chipsfrisch Ungarisch

Pepper flavoured crisps? I’m curious. Tomato flavour is something we have in the UK, but red pepper? I’m intrigued. I never used to like red peppers, and yet thanks to Gousto, I now have an affinity for these crunchy, savoury red fruits.

Winner or Binner? Okay, so the flavour of these crisps is actually predominantly paprika, mixed with onion, salt and black pepper. It’s not what I was expecting, but good heavens they are still good. “These won’t last” Matt noted. He’s not wrong. Another clear Winner.

Xox Zwiebels

Ahh yes, a German lesson and a snack in one. I didn’t know the German translation for ‘onion’ until today, but now I do! These baked corn snack snacks are flavoured with real pieces of green onion. All good things for me, but maybe not so much for anyone who happens to get too close!

Winner or Binner? Okay, so these cute little snacks are a lot smaller than the onion rings that we have in the UK, but heck, they’re still good! They’re crispy, light and perfectly snack-sized for parties. Not something to eat before a kiss under the mistletoe, but for a movie night in with friends they’re probably fine. A Winner.

Bifi Carazza

A sandwich as a snack? This is another new one for me, but sure, I’ll go with it. Normally in the UK, sandwiches are a meal rather than a snack, but, you know, we’re open to ideas! This sandwich apparently has salami and cheese in the centre with a spicy tomato sauce. Almost a mini cold calzone, if you will!

Winner or Binner? On initial appearances, this cute little sandwich looks like it could be quite dry. However, the tomato sauce filling (which is more like a typical pizza sauce) offsets that and the generous salami and pizza add their own textures, too. It was too easy to overlook snacks like this one until I remembered that it had reached us all the way from Germany, which is well known for it’s various type of sausage! Either way, we’re giving this another Winner.

Corny Big

There’s no questions asked with this bar; it’s big, and it’s got corn! This is another breakfast bar, but it’s probably one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. This bar hs chocolate chips and it’s dipped in chocolate, so it’s already winning with me.

Winner or Binner? Okay, so this bar consists of dark chocolate chips, puffed rice, oats and corn flakes, held together in caramel and dipped in dark chocolate. It’s definitely big and it’s also quite rich, but secretly, we think it’s better than Cadbury’s Brunch bars! Germany is clearly on a run with these Winners!


Ahh yes, the humble marble cake. I’ve made a few marble cakes in my time, but I’m really curious to see how it tastes back at home. This cake is marbled chocolate and vanilla sponge, covered in dark chocolate and drizzled in milk chocolate, a classic combination.

Winner or Binner? Unfortunately this cake was slightly dry and the marbling definitely left a lot to be desired. Taste wise in itself, this cake was rich and buttery with a wonderfully chocolatey coating. It’s a Winner overall, but with a drink!


It’s time for a wafer now! This one looks pretty dense, but also chocolatey and moreish with what appears to be nut pieces. I do like a good wafer, so I’m hoping that this one won’t disappoint.

Winner or Binner? Getting into this wafer definitely isn’t that easy, and the initial wafer is quite dry, too. Once you get past that though, the filling is decadently chocolatey and packed with hazelnut pieces. I’ve tried Knoppers wafers from Germany before and I definitely think Hanuta have the edge when it comes to wafer snacks. Yet another Winner!

Pick Up! Blackn ‘N White

I might be wrong, but I think in the UK we have something similar that we call vanilla creams and they come as part of a biscuit selection, typically purchased around Christmastime. This biscuit consists of white chocolate between two white chocolate biscuits, whereas vanilla creams have a softer, creamy vanilla (obviously!) filling. This one arrived quite broken up, so we didn’t mess it around too much.

Winner or Binner? Yikes Germany, I was lucky to have any teeth left after this one! The flavour is great. but the white chocolate is tough! You kind of have to suck on it a bit to melt it. Matt liked it, but I think I’ll stick with my vanilla creams.

Zetti Bambina

Who can resist the classic combination of caramel and chocolate? Not me! This bar promises whole milk caramel and hazelnut pieces in whole milk chocolate. It sounds indulgent! Let’s check it out.

Winner or Binner? Maybe it didn’t travel well, or maybe it settled, but this bar is more fudge-like in consistency with a smooth milk chocolate covering. It’s sweet, with a whole not many other flavours going on. Good for the kids, but not for us. Sorry Germany, it’s a Binner.

Knusper Puffreis

Damn it, Germany! Britain has something very similar which we planned to show in one of our upcoming ‘Top Ten British snacks posts, so you’ve beaten me to the post there. Still though, these are colourful, fruit-flavoured treats are made with rice and corn.

Winner or Binner? I’m so conflicted on these! I wanted to say that I didn’t like them, and yet I also couldn’t leave them alone. They’re a little bit sour, a little bit bubblegummy, and generally very interesting. This time around, Matt didn’t like them, but I did. If you like sweet, tart things, you may like these.

Haribo Vulcano

Volcano -shaped gummies with a liquid ‘lava’ centre? So creative! These gummies have flavours like blood orange and grapefruit, so once again, they promise to be pretty sour.

Winner or Binner? Okay, there was no kidding here, these treats are sharp! The fruit flaours are pretty indistinguishable, which is unfortunate, but they are still sharp and they are still very tasty. Perfect for a movie night in with some Jurassic Park! It’s another Winner for us.

Ahoj-Brause Bonbons

These hard-boiled sweets from Germany are filled with a fizzing powder guaranteed to excite your tastebuds. We’ve had sherbet-filled snacks before, and I could probably reasonably assume these are another. We were sent four yellow and one orange which was slightly disappointing, but hey.

Winner or Binner? Sure enough, no sooner than I popped this lemon confection in my mouth did it start bubbling away with the familiar effervescence of sherbet. I really like these, but we do already shave sherbet lemons in the UK. They’re nice, but I do think ours are are a bit bigger, so it’s a Binner to conclude. Sorry, Germany!

What surprised us most was… there are a lot of sour snacks here! We know that sauerkraut is popular in Germany, but so much sour confectionery too? Maybe stick to scrummy bratwursts if you’re not a fan of pulling funny faces!

That concludes our little taste of Germany! Which of these snacks would you most like to try? Have you visited Germany before or tried German food? Leave your stories in the comments!

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Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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  1. These all looked really good! The only ones I’ve tried are the crisps that are red pepper flavoured- we had them in Kenya for whatever reason and I used to really like them. The same company also has a bunch of other flavours for their crisps and they were all really good from what I remember.

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