Erotic Story: Pleasure Bound – Written By Will R

Another beautiful and seductive story from my poly partner and Dominant, Will. Stressed after a long day at work? Let Sir take care of you…

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

Pleasure Bound

You’re about to finish work when your phone goes,. You take your phone out and look at it, it’s a message from “Sir”!  As you read the name your heart starts to race. I’ve been out of town and I’m not meant to be back until next week.

You need to finish before you read the message or you’ll be too distracted. You clean down and finish preparing for the next day, go back and grab your coat before saying your farewells and heading out through the door.

It’s a cold winter’s day outside and the snow hasn’t cleared yet from the previous day. You peel out your phone and finally read the message.

“Tonight 7PM, my place”

That will give you just enough time to get home, get ready and then make your way there if you hurry. You can’t be late; that’s against the rules.

6:57PM you knock on the door and wait. The door opens and there I stand, black shirt, blue jeans with black boots. Silently I watch you open your coat and take it off your shoulders revealing the smart black dress you’re wearing underneath.

I give you a small nod of approval then you speak you opening line

“Good evening Sir”

“Good evening dear, come in and grab a drink”

I turn and walk into the living room; you close the door hang your coat on the hook and follow me through I’ve taken my seat on the couch and made myself comfortable, you come in behind me and walk directly over to the bar.

You know what’s expected here. Picking up the heavy glass tumbler and pouring a measure of single malt whiskey, you then bring it over and place it on the table to my left, before head back to the bar to fix yourself a drink. You’re aware that this is the last piece of control you have today; you can decide on your own drink and how long you’ll take to drink it. You’ve missed me though and don’t want to wait too long, not tonight.

Having fixed yourself a short drink, you take a seat in your chair at the left of me. The routine is always the same, sit in your chair with your posture correct, and sip your drink in silence.

As soon as you finish your drink the night will begin. So, with that thought in mind you quickly drain the end of your glass I can see the eagerness there and I give you a wry smile,

“Stand up, in the centre of the room.” It’s not a request.

You do as your told and stand in the spot, feet ten inches apart and hands down by your side.

I sit there for a moment looking at you and enjoying the view, then I motion and the dress falls to the floor. There your stood in your full matching set of white lace underwear. white bra nestling your breasts, a white lace thong covering your shaven mound and a white lace garter belt holding up your stockings. After a second you start to spin letting me see all of your beauty.

I stand and walk toward you, a length of rope in my hand.

“Hands to the front” again you comply, hands held out from you a couple of inches apart.

I wrap the rope around your wrists, pulling the slightly rough surface across your skin, and pass it around both arms again and again and as I begin to pull them tighter. I hold your hands, keeping them together and watching so there is no burn, making sure your bonds are safe and tight.

Once your hands are secure, I grab the knot between your wrists and guide you over to ottoman on one side of the room.


You clamber up, feet over the edge with your back straight. I stand behind you with another length of rope and proceed to bind your ankles, with the ropes now binding your hands and feet I walk around to face you.

“Are you safe?”

My question is part of the ritual we made but it’s important, this is when you tell me that you’re ready, that all of your bonds are secure but not too tight and that you’re comfortable within the role. That you are ready to give yourself over to me.

I watch you close your eyes and take stock of the situation, checking your bonds, take in a breath

“Yes Sir.”

That’s my cue.

I grasp the hair at the nape of your neck and pull your ear to my mouth,

“Place your hands flat in front of you.”

You don’t move. You stay where you are, on your knees with your back straight. I never ask twice.

I grab the rope around your wrists and pull down, my other hand still holding the back of your neck. I apply gentle but firm pressure until your are bent over and your hands are flat in on the furniture in front of you.

“Now, stay there.”

I slap you arse hard to emphasise the command, and to give a warning of what will happen if you disobey me again.

I walk back to the couch and take another two lengths of rope. I lay them across your back walk round to your face and kneel to look you in the eye.

“I’m going to tie your knees and elbows together, and when I’m ready I’ll going to make your pussy mine and make you cum. Then after that, I’m going to fuck you hard, and cum.”

I move around to your left and bind your joints and then repeat the same on the other side. There you are. immobile and subdued. waiting for me. I stalk around you looking over your body, circling you and watching you want me, your yearning for my touch growing by the moment.

I stand behind you and spread your legs with my hands exposing your tight little pussy. I reach forward and find your clit gently stroking it, my other hand resting on your buttocks. I gently caress it with a single finger, rubbing it in gentle circles as I hear your breath quicken and feel the pulse of your body grow stronger. I pull back my finger and slide it into your wet pussy, stoking inside you as I push in and then draw it out, glistening and slick. Back it slides along your clit, quicker than before/ My hand spreads to grasp your arse cheek pulling you back and forth increasing the pressure on your warm throbbing clit.

Two fingers now deep into your pussy, so warm and wet. I take them out and lick you off of them, before plunging them back and starting to work your clit. I stand, my hand still on you, my other reaching round to wrap around you throat. I feel your pulse in your neck as I push my other into your pussy, you moan loudly your body giving in to the pleasure of my touch. Just on the edge of climax I withdraw my hand and let you go. Your breath heavily as you try and push yourself onto my hand to finish off.

I stand and walk around you, my hand traces over your lips, letting you taste your pussy. You lick my fingers eagerly for the taste. I grab your hair, pull your mouth to me and kiss you. Then grabbing the bonds on your wrists, I flip you over onto your back.

Pushing my face between your legs, I start to lick your warm wet cunt, lapping away at your clit and teasing my tongue over it. I slide my two fingers back into you and push up against the wall of your pussy,. rubbing itfirmly as I reach up to your breasts and tug at your pink little nipple.

My tongue on your clit and my fingers caressing you. You start to moan and shiver and as your breathing quickens, I push firmly against your clit and increase the pressure in your pussy, with a loud moan and a stiffening of your body you try to pull against your bonds.

“No, you’re not finished yet”

I tell you and continue to rub your clit with my fingers, you try and buck your hips but I press down and hold you still.

“You’re going to cum again!”

Now my fingers and tongue are on your clit pushing you harder and further. Your clit throbs under my ministrations, your back arches and you try to roll away before I grab your ankles and hold you steady for me.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

You shout as your legs shake and body gives in to another orgasm.

“Well done, I knew you could”

I say as I stroke your hair while you try and catch your breath. I let you lay there for a minute to recover, then with your breathing back under control I place you back onto all fours running my hand over your wrists and ankles before examining your other joints to make sure they’re not digging into you.

“Now, we need to talk about your behaviour. Ladies don’t use the kind of language you just used. And to make sure you remember-”

I slap you hard on the arse, leaving a red print on you. A small squeal escapes your lips.

“Three times wasn’t it?”

You know if you don’t answer it’ll be worse.

“Yes Sir!”

“Good girl”

Another hard slap straight onto the same spot, followed by the final one immediately after. I watch as the red glow deepens on your right cheek, before I press a cool towel to take away sting.

“In a minute my girl I’m going to fuck you, but first were going to try something new.”

I stand next to your head and wrap a black silk scarf around your eyes and tie it tight.

There you are held down all in the dark.

You feel the grip of my hand at the back of your head then my cock pushed against your lips. You open your mouth and lick and suck me until my cock swells inside your mouth, my hand guiding you up and down my length.

I step back away from you and you feel my hand tracing from the back of your neck down the centre of your back you feel my powerful hands on both your hips and can feel my hard cock resting on your arse.

I pause there for a moment just long enough to make you wonder …

Then I push the head of dick into your pussy, feeling the warmth of you before pushing deeply into you.

Sliding the length of my cock in and out of you pulling your hips back towards me. Pushing deeply into your cunt I see your head drop down. then grabbing your hair, I pull you up forcing your head back and there keeping your back straight. Building my rhythm sliding deeply in and pulling back inside you. My hard cock fills and stretches your pussy pushing deeper and deeper into you. I start fucking you hard grabbing the ropes to pull you further along my cock, my balls slapping against you with each thrust until I’m about to cum.

Then with a sharp smack across your arse I step back and pull out of you.

You feel my hand grab the bond at your knee and elbow suddenly finding yourself on your back your head hanging over the edge, still blindfolded you can feel my presence above your head the suddenly your feel the lines of warmth landing over your face and body as I cum over you.

The blindfold moves and you see me above you my hard cock in my hand still stroking gently as I look down at you.

My hand finds your hair, lowering your head and opening your mouth so I can place myself inside. sliding it into your mouth as you suck and lick me clean When I’m finished, I pull back and bend down to kiss you on the forehead.

I reach down and undo the binds on your your knees; you stretch and move them to get some stiffness out of the joints. Pulling your ankles in front of me I release them and stow the ropes. I pull you to your feet and undo the last rope.

Taking you be the hand I lead you silently to the shower and place you under the warm water. Taking a soapy flannel, I clean you carefully, making sure to remove every trace of me. You take the flannel and return the favour, washing my naked body from head to toe.

Stepping out, I wrap a large warm white towel around yo, pulling you into an embrace as I do.

After a minute we go to the bedroom and place ourselves under the heavy duvet, you place yourself against me, pressing your naked body against me, my left arm your pillow and my other arm draped over you, holding you close. Minutes later your asleep, breathing deeply and safe and warm with me.

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