What’s Up, WordPress?: 12/09/21 – Birthday Girl

I celebrated my birthday this past week – and I’ve been one very lucky girl!

Disclaimer: This post mentions topics involving consensual sexual violence. Not suitable for individuals under eighteen years of age. Reader discretion is advised.

Good afternoon Twisties,

This past week has been one of utter chaos. I wished that I had more time to plan and organise and do, but the planning and organising didn’t happen, and the ‘doing’ part very much happened all at once. Monday, the shopping came, Tuesday, I made Brazilian brigadeieros, but realised that I didn’t order an orange to bake my birthday cake. Wednesday I acquired an orange, baked the (carrot) cake and frosted it that afternoon, and then there was Thursday. I pulled it off, just about, and by the skin of my teeth.

A Lucky Girl

I bought some European Football flag bunting to put up and give the place a sort of ‘around the world’ feel. Okay, so it was more like ‘just around Europe’, but at least the thought was there. What was supposed to be purely for decoration, though, would later provide hours of entertainment with a game of ‘guess the flag’ on the night – it’s always the small things!

On Wednesday, I had a delivery. I almost paid it no mind for the moment, it was, I was sure, just something more for the party. At a point when I knew I could leave things alone for a moment, I headed out to the parcel safe. Sure enough, there was an Amazon package for me.

“Shall we see what Mummy has been ordering now, Toady?” I asked Hugo. Why or how he got the name ‘Toady’ I’ll never know, but he is, he’s my Toady, short for “Toady Beans”. Pet parenting in a nutshell, but I digress.

As I tore open the package, what awaited me was an aqua-green spotty bag and an envelope and I knew almost immediately what it was. I laughed warmly when I remembered how Will had begrudged being limited to Amazon’s locker service if I didn’t trust him with my address, and yet having trusted him, he’d stuck with Amazon anyway. So much for being stuck — he hadn’t been ‘stuck’ at all!

Question xx, I began,

Can I open it now? xx

If you want to xx

I loved this about Sir Will. For as rough and tough as he can be, he’s so sweet and sensitive (and funny!), too. There’s no control, he knows how I work: he gives me the ability to choose.

What do YOU want? xx , I insisted – you bought it for me!

Open it now then xx

Sorry if it’s not you xx

But it was me. It was so in every which way bit me. It was like Sir knew – he knew!

Inside the box was a beautiful silver eternity bracelet, finished with a sapphire blue heart charm. Sapphire – my birthstone – he knew what he was doing, they both do. My engagement ring has a single sapphire in the centre of it, too.

A photograph of my silver and sapphire wedding rings from my husband and eternity bracelet from my poly partner
Polyamory never looked so frickin’ pretty!

My initial reaction was one of shock, followed by apprehension. Eternity means forever – fuck! This guy has fallen deep. What would Matt say? What would his wife say? These were big questions.

Initially Matt was reluctant, but then warmed with the promise that I’d start wearing my wedding and engagement right again, too. I never used to, I have long, tapered fingers, so the damn things kept falling off! Fortunately, with the addition of a ring snuggie, they’re now staying just fine. My left hand now represents two wonderful men, and for my part, I couldn’t be happier!

“A ring represents ‘forever’, too” I insisted “it’s continuous, it has no corners. If you twist a ring, you get that shape” I continued, pointing towards the eternity symbol. Somehow, ‘twisted’ perfectly summarised my relationship with Will.

Birthday Celebrations

The party itself largely went off without a hitch, even in spite of my mother turning up half an hour early and my father-in-law having completely forgot. Matt tried to call him three times, each time to no avail. Determined not to be outdone, I tried him for one last and final time and it was me who finally got through. The array of international treats that I laid out were popular, the Swedish Polly and my homemade Brazilian brigadeiros, particularly, were favourites.

“That’s one sexy chocolate!” my brother mused, biting into a brigadeiro.

“I like the way they kind of… take over your mouth” my mother followed up. “Oh, that sounds terrible, doesn’t it?”

Hey, M&S? Eat dirt.

In the back of my my mind, I wondered about other flavoured brigadeiros. Chilli brigadeiros? Spiced orange & cranberry brigadeiros? I was on a roll. They’re frighteningly easy to make, and you know, Christmas is a time for glutton. Just one more thing for me to accomplish in the upcoming months.

If I’d thought I’d gotten away from the annual rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, then I was wrong. Instead of waiting for the lighting of candles, as is the norm, my gang instead burst into tune over a shot of Japanese ramune. I can’t quite remember which bright spark thought it was a good idea, but I think I think it was my mother, and then everyone else sort of joined in. I made a note to repay the compliment for her 61st, and every year thereafter, no matter the circumstances. That’ll teach her for making me feel so damn old!

For my birthday, I also received a brand new Samsung A21S (yes, she’s spoilt!) and two new tank ornaments – a Tardis and a wooden bridge – which my mother insisted wasn’t enough, “you’re just impossible to shop for!” . Not to be outdone, I also spoilt myself to a brand new NICREW 14″ submersible aquarium light, doubling the light in the lounge aquarium and allowing me to create some stunning visual effects. For the Doctor Who geeks among, this one’s for you. I’ll add a photograph of the other tank (wit the wooden bridge) to this post once it’s complete, so be sure to stick around!


Yesterday, I accepted Will as my secondary Dominant. We get along so well and things have been (largely) going so smoothly, it almost seemed rude for me not to. Will understands life, he understands the unexpected and the things that make life not quite so perfect. He also has a wonderful sense of humour, a gorgeous voice and a sensitive, passionate soul. We click together, we work together, we make magic happen. Even if it wasn’t meant to be, I’ve accepted his bracelet as a sort of collar anyway, a sign and a pledge of my ongoing commitment to him, in all things. This is not just a fleeting feeling anymore, this is real love.

That’s it from from me for this week, what’s new with you? Let me know your gossip in the comments below and I shall see you back here for TMI Tuesday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

7 thoughts on “What’s Up, WordPress?: 12/09/21 – Birthday Girl

  1. Happy birthday and congrats!

    What’s new with me? Moving is a lot of work. I had forgotten how much work it was. I am hoping to be completely settled by a week from today. I don’t know that it’ll happen, but it’s my goal nonetheless. Wish me luck!

    1. Thank you!

      Ooh I don’t envy a mover. I’ve done that three times now and it doesn’t get easier! I wish you luck. Actually, luck, and plenty of flasks of hot tea on stand by. They don’t cut the workload, but they help!

      1. Just take it steady. Maybe start with essential bits first and fill in the fluff after, that’s what usually worked best for me in the past 🙂 I hope it helps!

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