What’s Up, WordPress? 19/09/2021 – A Brief Break

Taking a brief hiatus doesn’t mean a complete break from blogging, but it’s still sometimes necessary.

Good evening Twisties,

How is your day going? How has your week gone? This week has almost flown me by after last week’s party. The bunting is down, the lounge is restored but everything else? Well, that’s all happening in drips and drabs.

On The Home Front

Now that ill and I are beginning to settle ourselves into a bit more of a normal on who and what we are, it’s been a good time for Matt and I to take a look at how things are at home. One of the first thngs that we realised on Monday was that we would both like to hire in a professional gardener once a month, just to cut the grass, trim back the hedges and uproot any weeds. Usually the gardening falls to me,. and between running the home, a blog and and the garden, I just can’t do it all!

One of the other things that I considered paring with is our wooden dining table. If I’m brutally honest, Matt and I are so incredibly lazy when it comes to dinner time, and we often eat in front of the TV. It’s a bad habit to get into and I know we need to change, it’s just that the sofa is nearby and there is nearly always something o the TV, so it becomes the preferred option. Personally, I never used to like eating in front of the TV, but what do you do if you can’t beat them? You join them!

“No, we need to get into better habits.”

“We will once we get the conservatory?” I argued. Admittedly, I just wanted a bit more space by my desk than what I currently have.

“Will we? Really? Or will be still be doing the same bad habits?”

If we don’t change, we both knew the answer to that. It turns out, I now get the blame for a bad habit that he got me into. Married life logic – wives can’t win, either!

Taking A Brief Break

Last on my list of important things for today is my plan to take a brief, two-week break from my blog. It’s not really going to be a hiatus because I still plan to do TMI Tuesday (what? It’s fun, and it’s a great way to network!) and I will still be doing some background work, but I plan to take the time to sort out my SEO edit any dead links (there are hundreds!) and get my blog looking much better with Google. By doing that, I hope, my blog will finally start doing much better. I also have the letter about the conservatory to finish (it’s still not done!), a firmly-worded email to send about the deteriorating state of my neighbour’s garden (again) and notes to do for Matt to hep him stay working from home, on top of planning content, housework and all of the other fun things. Have faith and patience, I will be better better than before, I just need to work in the background for a little while!

That’s it from from me for this week, what’s new with you? Let me know your gossip in the comments below and I shall see you back here for TMI Tuesday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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