TMI Tuesday, 19th October 2021

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What makes you happy right now? Tell us for TMI Tuesday!

Good evening lovelies!

Do you know what time it is? It’s your favourite time of the week. It’s TMI Tuesday!

What Is TMI Tuesday?

TMI Tuesday is a series of questions generated by TMI Tuesday Blog. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to share some personal thoughts and experiences. It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the answers of the author –  and that’s part of what makes this tag so awesome! 

How To Play TMI Tuesday

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Send Me Your Questions!

Do you have something you’ve been itching to ask? Maybe something food-related, something a little bit kinky or something completely random? Have fun with it, then be sure to check back next Tuesday for my answer!

1. Tell us 7 things making you happy right now, and why they make you happy.

1, My colour-changing desk lamp – I learned today that green light can help with migraines, so it’s set to ‘forest green’ instead of ‘warm white’. I think it’s helped a little.

2. My husband, Matt – He swapped out the colour-changing bulbs that were responsible for my migraines. Lesson learned, don’t buy cheap LED light bulbs!

3. My little Jack Russell, Hugo. He’s fluffy, friendly, and very energetic! He’s also a total Mommy’s boy 😉

4. My brother, Mally, and his beautiful, highly sentimental late birthday present for me – A beautiful, genuine sapphire (my birthstone) necklace from Flawd with such a sweet message!

He calls me “Skizzy”, I call him “Baby Brugger”… we’re close!

5. It’s 10-minute Moroccan lamb & courgette tagine for dinner tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve had that one, but it’s delicious!

6. My computer chair (really a dining chair) is broken. Thanks to my Dad, I have the know-how to be able to fix it, I just needed to buy some longer pins. Result? Instead of paying £110 for some chairs to be delivered tomorrow, I paid £10 for the nails from Amazon, so that I can fix my chair tonight. Thanks, Dad!

7. Our bedroom is tidy and got vacuumed before sleep last night… gotta love my robovacs!

2. Tell us 5 things you learned last week.

  1. You can’t fake dauphinoise potatoes – sorry, Mum!
  2. Sometimes you just gotta slow the heck down and breathe
  3. AI can be a source of evil, but it can be a source of good, too
  4. A few lungfuls of fresh air really can cure your darkest thoughts
  5. Failing that, shake it off with Taylor Swift. It’s foolproof, though you might look like a fool in the process!

3. Tell us 3 things that stand out for you in 2021.

  1. Meeting Will – that has to go at the top of my list! He just… he gets me, he’s like me, he understands me and all of my complexities. Whatever it is, we make pure magic together.
  2. Embracing polyamory – because you really can love several people all at once!
  3. Sorry to lower the tone, but losing my Aunt Gil about two weeks ago – Aunt Gil was my Nan’s youngest sister on Mum’s side, so that’s that side of the family now completely gone. Aunt Gil always lived above her means, and I don’t. I often felt judged by her, as though she looked down on me and my making do with what I have. I was just indifferent when she passed away, even if I was always fond of her when I was younger. My Dad always said “no matter how rich you are, the size of the hole is the same”, and that still sticks with me. My parents always raised me to be humble.

Bonus: What is the #1 thing you cannot do without in life?

100% my boys! Matt, Will, Bill… They’re all complete nutters, they’re all complete sadists and they’re all a (proverbial!) pain in my ass in their own little way, but you know what? I wouldn’t change them for the world! They keep a girl laughing, keep a girl smiling, keep her own her toes… well at least they can dream of it, anyway 😉

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round! Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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