Share The Love On Saturday: On McKenna time, 6, Spanking — Slave Shae

Spanking is a common punishment in kink and BDSM, but what about spanking for humiliation instead?

He smiles, but forges on: “When I spank you, what’s the purpose?” [His Socratic mode.]

“For your pleasure. And my humiliation.”

On McKenna Time, 6, Spanking – Slave Shae

Hello Twisties,

Today’s post comes to you from fellow lifestyle kink blogger, slave Shae. Shae often shares details of her elaborate, openly kinky lifestyle with her girlfriend and Mistress, Amanda, as well as her involvement with Master McKenna, whom is deeply involved in Shae’s training. Shae writes in such a fun, expressive way and I am delighted to share her work (and therefore her lifestyle) with you all.

Today, Shae shares her experiences of spanking for humiliation, rather than for punishment. This was a new concept for me in kink, certainly towards the earlier part of the week (more on that tomorrow ;). This post has been on my mind nearly all week and therefore it had to be my post for today!

What do you think? Have you ever spanked (or been spanked) for humiliation? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time – Happy reading!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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5 thoughts on “Share The Love On Saturday: On McKenna time, 6, Spanking — Slave Shae

  1. A blog post from Bill might follow.
    To me spanking roughly falls into 3 categories.
    Punishment, Play, Humiliation.
    There can be a transition of elements between all 3.

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