Share The Love On Saturday: What Qualities Do You Try to Teach Your Children? — Damon Ashworth Psychology

What values matters most to teach children in your country? Dr Damon Ashworth explores them here.

Deep in the World Values Survey results, there are some really interesting findings to me based on how people from each country answered questions. Some of the most fascinating ones were around values that parents consider important in trying to pass on to their children. There were 11 values that parents were asked about, andContinue…

What Qualities Do You Try to Teach Your Children? — Damon Ashworth Psychology

Hello Twisties,

This week, I wanted to share something a little different (and equally interesting!) with you in this rather intriguing piece from Dr Damon Ashworth. In his post, Dr Ashworth talks about some of the qualities that parents try to teach their children in various countries across the world. Isn’t it amazing how the values that we are taught appear to vary, country to country?

Growing up in the UK, I was always taught the importance of sharing (especially with my younger brother!), respect, charity and honesty. In the UK in the late 80’s and 90’s, popular TV shows like Barney The Dinosaur and Playdays taught us some of these same values and I can remember working alongside my grandmother in a charity shop as my first ever job. When I asked about getting paid, I was told that my only reward was the satisfaction of my good deed and a cream donut if I was lucky. Needless t say, I soon learned a lot about giving without expecting in return!

For me, parenting is also a core component in my love for psychology. My father was a children’s social worker in a children’s care home and he knew quite a lot about psychology. When I was a little girl, I used to get badly bullied at school and my Dad would ‘pull away’ (reiki energy pulling) the bad thoughts and free my mind. Over time, I trusted him more and more and I wanted to be just like him and his knowledge of peoples’ minds. I can remember the first book that I ever picked up – a book on body language. I studied it in great detail and took a psychology class at college. Over time, I read more and more about psychology and I am a self-professed regular reader of Psychology Today. I love it, I live for it, I love understanding why we are like we are and why we do the things we do!

Enough from me! What about for you? What basic principles are most taught in your country? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time – Happy reading!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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