What’s Up WordPress?: 16/12/2021 – Christmas Edition

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Hello Twisties,

It’s that time of year again – the tree is up, the cards have gone out, the curtains are drawn and the fire is on. It’s also that time of year when we swap beef burgers for beef stew, days out for days in and cute tees and summer dresses for fluffy jumpers and jeans.

At one time of day I used to hate the winter, consumed by the gloominess of the grey skies and the sense that I’d never see summer (or the joys of summer) again. Two years ago I was clinically diagnosed with SAD, and since then, I try and embrace winter with a good old dose of Danish hygge.

But this year, I’ve decided to get busy with it. What’s more, instead of sitting around aand feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been embracing doing some of the things that I so love, So, what’s new?

I’ve Been Making Our Own Advent Calendars

I’m not quite sure what possessed me, but last year we bought some jute bag advent calendars and unfortunately, a number of the little wooden number tags got lost or damaged. Not to be outdone, this year I decided that I’d make some numbers out of felt, decorate them with some buttons and bows and stitch them on. Unfortunately I’m woefully behind on this project now and so it won’t be ready until next year, but I love the ones that I’ve made so far. “Full of warmth and whimsy” – well, I certainly think they are!

I Got Some (More!) Arrivals

If you know know me, then you’ll know that I keep tropical fish. If you really know me, however, then you’ll know that I also have a tank of blue velvet shrimp, and Twisties, let me tell you, I am mad about my blue velvet shrimp! Unfortunately, I lost a few over the months, but with more confidence and know-how, I wanted to add a few more and get my colony growing. The first ten I ordered were hopeless and died off almost straight away, but the second lot were really healthy and are super active! I’ve also been blanching courgette for them and feeding them twice a week – check out their little leggies in action!

I Made A Christmas Budget (And Stuck To It… Kinda)

This doesn’t sound so much like a big deal and yet, for me, it kind of is. Last year, I just kept buying and buying stuff until I’d bought people tonnes of gifts that I thought they’d love and I had no money left. Well not this year! This year, I set a very reasonable budget, I bought people things that they’d asked for or that I knew they’d love (I did not know that radio-controlled wall clocks were a thing until my father-in-law asked for one!) and I didn’t buy anything else. Well… maybe one thing, but it was still under a tenner!

I Made A Plan To Put Myself First…

Okay, so there is more to this story coming in a moment, but I am really upping my self-care game again. Supplements, taking time to rest, better care of myself, asking for help when I need it… I’m really getting there! Like I say, there is more to this story but you know, life’s good!

Which Involves Dropping One Blogging Day (And Changing Another)…

I know, sorry Twisties, this is kind of the sucky, crunchy part. I’ve been trying to blog for three days a week and to be honest, Saturdays are kind of not going so well. I thought my ‘Share The Love On Saturdays’ posts would be a good idea, but it seems as though you guys don’t really care for them and prefer to read some of my other content (particularly my TMI Tuesday posts!) instead. That’s perfectly up to you, of course – but I’ll probably still backlink if I find a particularly enjoyable read!

Second to this, I’m also making my second blogging days on a Friday, rather than a Thursday. Many of my domestic errands run Monday-Thursday, and Friday is date night for me (or, you know…. maybe occasionally kinky fuckery night). On Friday I intentionally don’t do anything much domestically so that I’m not too tired, which makes it a perfect time for blogging!

But I Plan To Be More Social Instead!

Not so long ago, I gave up on social media. It didn’t work for me and my blog and so I stopped investing my time in it. Today though, I realise what a mistake that probably was. Social media is everywhere, and to connect with the world, you really need to be connected on some platform. My blog is already hooked up to Facebook, but Instagram will be making a comeback. There won’t be anything particularly kinky about it (probably), but I will be bringing you some of my life and goings on… with lots of my dog and my shrimps!

I Dubbed Myself A “KinkFluencer”

Okay, so this was one of those really silly, joking around moments, but then I totally loved how “KinkFluencer” sounded! So now I’m keeping it. First things first, I am not and by no means do I know how to be an influencer, but the number of people who turn to me – an honest, genuine. patient woman – and discuss their interests in kink with me? It’s unreal! I’ve been recently endorsed as someone who can talk about kinky and disability (again, more on that shortly), I’ve been interviewed before to talk about kink and disability. Kink and disability is my niche, and I am all for helping people explore it!

That’s it from me for now, my lovelies! What’s been new with you?

Until next time,

Stay safe and have fun,

Helen xx

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