TMI Tuesday, 04th January 2022

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Happiness is… a new post on TMI Tuesday. 

It’s that time of the week again Twisties, who’s back for another round of TMI Tuesday?

What Is TMI Tuesday?

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1. Do you feel that happiness is luck or is it a practiced mindset?

Happiness is 100% a practiced mindset and actually, it reminds me of a recent post I read from fellow blogger and psychologist Dr Damon Ashworth, who further explains how we can achieve ‘happiness’. Happiness is impossible to achieve because really, we are never always happy or always sad, our emotions are continually changing. For me, the key to becoming a happier person was to practice acceptance of my bad days, and meditation. I also had to learn to make peace with stress and situations outside of my control, and to trust in those who have more influence than what I do. Those are not things that you do once and become happy, they take repetition and practice and so in that regard then yes, happiness is a practiced mindset. That all being said, I definitely need to meditate a heck of a lot more than what I currently do! 

2. If you could transport to the happiest place in the world where would you be?

Ack, decisions. I’m between two places here, no three, let’s make it three, all in England. Portreath beach, Cornwall, which I love. Perranporth beach, also Cornwall, where I’ve been going for many, many years. The front bedroom in my Nan’s-now-Mum’s house, it’s full of childhood and teenage memories for me (though admittedly not all of them are pleasant) and boasts fantastic views across to Wales. I used to love sitting on the bed and watching the ships come in at Avonmouth Docks. I’ll be gutted if she ever decides to sell that place.  

But fine, Portreath, by the harbour.

3. In 2022, what will you do to improve your health?

Matt and I are planning to start aerobic exercise in a week or two. You know that really stupid thing where you see a fitness trend and you think “hey, that looks like fun!”, but then you try it for a week and you regret all the decisions? I’m pretty sure that’s what’ll happen. I saw a video where people were working out with aerobic steps, but also adding some disco music and other moves in to make it more fun. The key with exercise for me is that it has to be fun. If it’s not fun, I’ll probably get bored and give it up in a week or so. 

As for Matt, he’s seen the FITT cube and that’s literally all I hear about now!

4. What is your money psychology?
a. Money worshipper: Those who associate money with security, but in a kind of arbitrary way. The danger is no amount of money is ever enough.

b. Money avoidance: When you tend to think of money as bad, corrupting or just something you do not deserve. This can manifest in many ways, such as, not trying to negotiate a raise at work or avoiding looking at your retirement account.

c. Money vigilance: These people seem really great with their money, but there is a lot of anxiety around actually using it. This type can be great savers but rarely treat themselves.

d. Money status: People with this mind-set see money as a way to feel good about themselves and appear a certain way to others. These folks tend to run up credit card debt, pick up tabs they cannot afford and otherwise mismanage their money — while judging others who do not have the same status symbols.

Right, can I have a moment of judgement here please? Pretty please? I need to get something off of my chest. I know it’s not right to speak wrongly of the dead, but… 

I had an aunt who was a ‘money status’ kind of person, and honestly it just drove me to despise her in the end. Without her husband she would have had a lot less than what she had, but because she had what she had, she used his money to live up her life and to look down on other people. She used to look down on me all the time. She used to go on motorhome vacations to southern France and when I didn’t understand the postcards that she sent me (written entirely in French), she’d just look down on me as though I was too poor to understand a foreign language, even if je parle un peu francais and parlo un po d’italiano 😉 

When she passed away last year, I didn’t mourn her, I didn’t grieve for her, I was just completely indifferent. I didn’t go to her funeral, I didn’t send any flowers, nothing. She looked down on me and she looked down on my husband. I remembered her and I kept my husband in my thoughts, but besides that, I went on living my life. 

Now for some personal tragedy: I didn’t taste real ham until I was seven years old. The first time I tasted ham, I thought that I had somebody else’s lunch! I can’t eat veggie mince anymore either because my Mum used to use it as a cheaper alternative to real meat. To me, veggie mince tastes like poverty. 

So then, I am probably C, money vigilant. I have money, I use money and I spend money, but I’m a devil for deals and a “do we really need it?” argument. I have a little luxury but nothing too extraordinary. My smart home, which probably cost me no more than £1,000 to put together, is about as far as it goes. Part of that decision though was also economics, because LED lighting saves electricity. That we can change the colour and dim the lights to suit our requirements is just a bonus…

Bonus: Do you have any goals for your blog in 2022?

I think, obviously, to see my blog grow. I’m going to be taking part in WordPress’ ‘Bloganuary’, which will see me writing every day this month. How it will go? I don’t know. It might mean a few early starts for me!  

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round! Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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