4th Blogiversary – A Lookback (And Four Blogging Tips To Celebrate!)

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Four years and counting!

Hello Twisties!

It’s hard to believe that, four years ago today, I started blogging here on WordPress. What started off as a mere little pet project went on to become something that I love doing and even aspired to turn it into a career. I started off as someone with no clues. dreams or aspirations, to someone today who has a mission she wants to achieve, and principles for achieving that. To come this far in four years feels like something! Here’s a quick lookback at the domains that I have used until I got to where I am today:

Thoughts & Musings Of Mrs Wolfie – Right in my early days, this was the blog name that I used. My blog was something of nothing, an assortment of thoughts and not much more than.

Ten Shades & Me – After the Fifty Shades trilogy, I spotted numerous similarities between the antagonists and ourselves and I banked on that as a way to educate people in BDSM. Although the blog was quite popular, it overemphasised who we really were and the other facets of our lives. 

Big, Bold & Bright – An enthusiastic and outward-looking blog dedicated to mental health & self-esteem. Widely accepted, but struggled phenomenally when I tried to keep kink away from my blog for the purposes of my social media. Ditched when I realised that it sounded more like an advertising campaign for a tooth whitening company.

Thoughts Of Mrs Wolfie – Adopted for about three weeks. Cleverly thought out with the argument that “if you’re thinking about visiting my blog then you are having ‘thoughts of Mrs Wolfie'”. Alas, didn’t really advertise what my blog was about. 

Two Kinky Cooks – I partnered up with my husband to combine our love for kink and food. The problem was, we had quite a bit about kink, quite a bit about life and not a lot about food. Not only, but despite initial hopes, the blog became my own project. Ditched. 

Kinky With A Twist – I realised that there was a niche for kinky disabled bloggers to lead and inspire others with health conditions who are also interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Whether a lifelong disability or a time-limited injury, not a lot is available for enjoying kink with a health condition, and I wanted mine to be one of those voices that made the seemingly impossible, possible. Not only, but being a woman in my early thirties, I realised that my blog could also appeal to a younger audience, too. Here’s hoping for the future! 

Of course, choosing a good domain name is never easy and in fact, it can be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a blogger. Here are four valuable tips that I’ve learned over 4 years as a blogger. 

1. Don’t Rush To Pick Your Domain Name

Write ideas down, play with them, brainstorm variations… check if it’s even available! Just because you had an idea, doesn’t mean to say that it’s the best idea. Hold off for a few days, a week, maybe even a month. If you’re still settled on it, then get it. 

2. Once You’re Settled On A Domain Name, Stick To It!

I had 637 followers when I left Ten Shades & Me, I now have 184. If you think you’re popular and a lot of your followers will be loyal and follow you over to your new blog, I have some bad news – a lot of them won’t. I learned that the hard way.

3. Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of SEO

I’m still pulling a lot of my old work up to scratch on the SEO front even now. It’s a lengthy process when you have so many posts to get through, but it’s worth it. Good SEO is driving my traffic up on Google and getting my blog more views. Don’t believe me? Here are my clicks for last month. What more proof do you need? 

Clicks in December 2021

4. Don’t Be Shy (And Put Your Best Face On)

You never know when commenting on other blogs will draw traffic to your own. Readers see your avatar, they see your comment and they may want to read more of you. Being kind and  being informed are what get you noticed, so whatever it is that you know something about, share it in the comments section, and share it well.

And a bonus…

5. Don’t Stretch Yourself On Social Media (If You Don’t Want To)

Look, I get it if you think that to be successful as a blogger then you have to be everywhere, but that’s just not true. If you use social media and you enjoy it, great! If, like me, it’s just not your cup of tea, then relax  Focus on your content and your SEO, and let Google do the  hard work for you instead. 

That’s it from me! I hope this year will be full of a great many more opportunities and I shall look forward to celebrating five years with you all in 2023!

Until next time, 

Stay safe & have fun, 

Helen xx

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